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The racin’ gods – a series of race fan fables.

At the Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 in Darlington S.C. on March 16, 2003, something so special occurred it deserved a special article.  Many were written by so many writers who at heart are race fans.  So I also wrote one titled:
”The racin’ gods had a poker game & smiled on the real race fan”.  

I had the title before Ricky ever finished his victory lap and had most of it written in my mind before we ever left the track.  It was extremely popular with the fans.  Some wrote to tell me they cried when they read it & others told me they laughed the whole way thru it. 

Then at the Last Labor Day Southern 500,  something special happened again and I realized that the racin’ gods had to have another poker game.  At the Last Fall Rockingham race once again, something special happened.  So I wrote a third article. 

I realized that this would be a continuing title for articles when something so special occurs that it can only be attributed to the racin’ gods. 

One simple tribute to something special has ended up being a fable that’s next chapter will come when the racin’ gods decide. 
Hope ya’ll enjoy the chapters that I have written so far. 
Racemama Bubbate  
”The racin’ gods had a poker game & smiled on the real race fan”. 
Chapter 1: Carolina Dodge Dealers 400, Darlington S.C.  March 16, 2003

Chapter 2: Last Labor Day Southern 500, Darlington S.C.  August 31, 2003

Chapter 3: Pop-Secret Microwave Popcorn 400, Rockingham N.C.  November 9, 2003

Some Fan comments on the racin' gods fables:
..just want to thank you for a fantastic article.  Certainly puts a new spin on things.  I am glad the racing gods and the boys didn't take Monday off for the Busch race which was almost as exciting.
Thank you Camille for the compliment!

GREAT WRITING,  I laughed all thru the article.  I do not think anyone could have said it better.  Keep up the GREAT work.
David O. Elgin TX
Thank you David for the compliment!

Wow, you are a BRILLIANT writer.  Speaking the truth on behave of the fans, keeping our heroes with us.  Keeping Dale in control.  Keeping them with us.  Thank you.
Sandy in Nashville #3 forever
Gotta keep our heros with us Sandy.....Thanks for the compliment.

You really should write a book because you most certainly Paint a Beautiful Picture !!!
Thank You !!!
Ray T.
As a soothsayer I predict I will write a book in my future

Some of your articles made me cry - Darlington 1 & 2.
Charlotte C.
Those racin' gods can make the strongest person cry!

Wow…great article Jo Ann…I must admit you brought a tear or two to my eye.  Keep those great articles coming…see ya at the track!
Lee, Sumter SC
The racin' gods can bring mere mortals to tears...

Thank you...this was wonderful and yes there are tears in my eyes.
Love the racin' gods’ chronicles!  They will be the lead off stories in that book I told Ray I saw in my future!

I love your articles and hope to meet up with you at the track someday.  I haven't been a race fan for very long but I've read everything I can get my hands on (including your great info)
Anyway keep writing the great articles  I'll be in NH this weekend for the race and hope the racin' gods are there.
Dianne C.
Laidback Racing loves all real race fans, new & old alike.  Heck some one has gotta replace the fans who have gone on to the Big Race Track in the sky!

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