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Mad Mikie's Rants & Raves
by Mad Mikie (Mike's Page) 08/06/10
crowd at the Cup race to the crowd at the inaugural Truck race there, the Truck race actually looked like it had more fans watching it at the track.

BSPN did something smart for a change. Besides the couple of Cup drivers who were showing the proper respects for the flag during the National Anthem, they showed some of the troops who were there saluting the flag. And the guy they had do the National Anthem actually did it right. None of this “making it your own” stuff or distorting it so bad it wasn’t recognizable.

The rain delay at the beginning just made things seem longer than they really were followed by the red flag for Sadler‘s wreck and yet another rain delay. And you could tell from some of the pre-race, rain delay, and post-race comments from the drivers that they’re watching their P’s and Q’s so they don’t get slapped with one of Dean Wormer’s Double Secret Probation fines. Talk about sending out a mixed message. “Have at it boys. Be yourself. Fans want to see some emotion”. Then when the drivers do, they get slapped down. “You can show emotion. Just don’t tell the truth”. Like they weren’t telling us anything we didn’t already know. And you can bet the journalist who furnished NA$CAR with Denny Hamlin’s Twitter messages is going to have a tough time getting anybody in the garage to talk with him now and in the future.

One thing I have said before regarding Pocono that I’ll say again. Let the teams be able to shift again. Back when the drivers were able to shift, the racing was more exciting. That always made for the possibility of engines and transmissions blowing out. That amount of uncertainty that seems to be missing nowadays with the engines and transmissions being almost foolproof. It’s really contributed to the racing at Pocono being little more than a single file parade for the most part. Once things settled down after a restart, it’s a single file parade with whoever has the clean air being able to run away from the rest of the field. We saw that when Johnson had the lead and we saw it at the end when Biffle had the lead.

I’m actually surprised in a way that there was only one Ms Terry DeBris caution. That came out after Jeff Gordon got the lead from Jimmie Johnson after both of them had put Jr. a lap down. I was expecting one at the end when Biffle had over a 5 second lead. But then I remembered that Pocono has no lights for night racing and between the sun setting and the rain clouds, they couldn’t afford to manipulate the race with multiple GWC finishes to achieve the desired outcome. So the Cat in the Hat got the win they’ve needed all season and Biffle got a win he’s deserved for a while. And yes, I’ll admit the timing was a bit suspect on the win too with Roush being in the hospital. Some call it a “sympathy win”. Before the weekend, I had e-mailed a few folks and said that either Hamlin or Johnson would win because of the way the media coverage during the week was going. And had there been lights at Pocono and no rain clouds around, that may have very well been the finish since Hamlin was making his way up there after getting new tires. But between the lack of lights and trying to finish the race before it rained again, Biffle got what was overdue.

Probably the most exciting thing during the entire race had to be Elliott Sadler’s wreck which BSPN managed to miss for the most part. You’d think that with as many cars on the track that have cameras they’d have gotten more footage than what they did. But no, we got to see the nose impact the inside retaining wall and that was about it. The engine came out of the car along with a lot of the front end parts. And while some folks say it’s the design of the car that kept him intact, there have been similar wrecks before with the old car that drivers walked away from because of the seat, seat belt, helmet, and HANS device. So to say it’s totally the design of the Car of Travesty is wrong. If not for the seat, helmet, and HANS device, Jeff Gordon probably wouldn’t have walked away from the wreck he had at Pocono several years ago when his left front brake blew apart in the old style car.

Sadler admitted that he was sore from the impact but that it was mainly from the seat belt design which knocked the wind out of him. It took until Monday after the race to find out that it was Dinger getting into Sadler that caused Sadler’s wreck.

Bush the Elder’s wreck, which occurred ahead of Sadler on the track, came about because of Johnson getting into Bush’s rear bumper, which Johnson said on the radio was an attempt at bump drafting. Based on Bush’s comments after
coming out of the infield care center, he begged
to differ saying it was Johnson driving over him. I
guess they’ll be texting each other this week
before they sing Kumbaya together next
weekend at Watkins Glen.

Fan comments on the race at The Daly Planet
run the gambit from some folks liking the
coverage to some folks detesting it. One thing
that seems to be consistently sprinkled
throughout the comments for the BSPN coverage
this year is about Crusty and the product shilling
for the fuel. Eliminate those two problems and
maybe there would be less criticism of the
commentary. A variety of comments regarding
the missing of Sadler’s wreck. It makes for some
interesting reading overall. LINK

And in some apparently related news due to fan complaints regarding how boring the racing is, I found this:LINK

Makes perfect sense to the Beach Boy Bubbas.

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Between the rain delays and red flags, Pocono left something to be desired. Add to it the fact that the carbon copy cars and lack of performance didn’t help things either. And you really have to laugh at some of the comments by the Booth Buffoons. They talked about how the number of fans in the infield has increased this year. They also failed to mention that the fans are prisoners once the race starts and can’t get out. They also didn’t do themselves any favors with the overhead shots from the blimp either. You could clearly see just how empty the grandstands were and I know, the excuse of the economy and the weather have been served up. But when you compare the