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Mad Mikie's Rants & Raves
by Mad Mikie (Mike's Page) 11/02/10
sponsor, the black wrapping was taken off to reveal the souvenir hauler done up in the new colors and sponsor. Fans swarmed the trailer and bought all sorts of souvenirs. They nearly sold out. Well, the race sponsor went and complained to NA$CAR about it as they were extremely unhappy. Funny, they don’t complain about the other energy drink souvenir haulers at the track.

Then there was the deal with Robby’s truck. Yes, Robby did get his personal truck back. But here’s the strange thing about that deal. The truck was parked next to his motor home in the driver’s motor home lot. That lot has strict access and control to it. And who controls the access? NA$CAR and their I$C minions. So the towing was done at the behest of NA$CAR for the race sponsor. What didn’t get mentioned was that Robby’s 2 golf carts were also towed. It ended up with Robby having to park his truck and golf carts outside the track. Why? If you guessed NA$CAR and the race sponsor you guessed right. It seems that neither happened to like the fact that Robby had decals for his new energy drink on his truck and golf carts.

Then came the deal with the free samples of Robby’s new energy drink. It seems that Robby’s business partner was trying to give away free samples until he was stopped by NA$CAR. He couldn’t give away free samples except to his friends. I’ve been to several races in the past where other energy drinks were giving away free samples and they weren’t either one that’s currently involved in Cup racing. So why stop Robby’s drink from being given away for free? Once again, NA$CAR and the race sponsor. While I didn’t get to see what was said on some of the Speed TV shows I did get some e-mails about it and the Speed TV folks gave Robby’s Speed Energy drink rave reviews. It appears to have a much better flavor than the existing ones we see sponsoring some Cup teams. I’m not much of one for energy drinks because I’m restricted on my caffeine intake but I know the ones I’ve sampled in the past have left me wondering what’s so great about them because their taste left my taste buds in a quandary and had my heart beating like a drum set during the drum solo on Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida. For you young folks, it’s a song by Iron Butterfly known for the drum solo back in the day. I’ve got a copy on CD I listen to from time to time. Fond memories. But I digress. If Robby’s found a way to improve the taste, then bully for him. It seems that some of the media folks outside of the Speed TV crew who tasted it give it two thumbs up because of the taste.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what was going on in the garage area. It seems that anyone who was wearing Speed Energy swag in the garage area had somebody from NA$CAR, either an official or their Media Police, following them around keeping an eye on them. Apparently, the Speed Energy swag was selling quite well at the souvenir trailers and a lot of fans were wearing it in addition to Robby’s crewmembers. I guess NA$CAR wasn’t happy about all the swag that they weren’t getting their cut on. Not to mention the confusion of who was a fan and who was a crewmember. You know how Mr. Magoo’s vision is.

There also seemed to be a lot of politics going on to prevent Robby from running, period. NA$CAR was pulling non-existent rules out their backside, same place they keep their heads, in an effort to keep Robby’s car from taking the track with it’s new color scheme and sponsor on the car. Well, we know that failed as Robby was able to qualify and race. There was also some chatter on the radio which NA$CAR didn’t find humorous either. So when Robby was told by NA$CAR that he finished 24 th, he went to the White Elephant and had a confab with Mafia Mike and fiends, went through the videotapes, and then proved that he did indeed finish 18th. But it didn’t stop there. Guess who the lucky driver was whose car got hauled away to the R&D Center along with the race winner? You guessed it. Robby Gordon. So there’s a lot of politics, harassment, and bovine fecal matter going on regarding Robby’s new sponsor and energy drink.

One of the other things not being mentioned by the lamestream media was that once the race started, only people who had cell phone service from the Cup Series sponsor were able to make any calls, text, etc. It seems that once again the NA$COW’s, the portable cell phone towers used by the Cup Series sponsor, were cranked up blocking service from any other carrier. I haven’t heard of any complaints or lawsuits being filed yet about this
from the Talladega race but imagine being at the
track and missing a call about a family member
or loved one being killed or injured and not being
able to get a call or text about it because the
NA$COW’s were blocking your cell phone
carrier’s signal. This isn’t the first time it’s
happened either. It’s happened since the
NA$COW’s started showing up. The first time, it
was almost hilarious because it blocked the
signal of Mafia Mike’s cell phone and he had to
borrow a cell phone from a driver whose phone
would actually work despite the NA$COW’s.
When Race Mama, Laidback, and I were at
Martinsville about 5-6 years ago, we sat 3 foot
apart and tried calling each other. Guess what?
We couldn’t call each other because of the NA$COW’s. Once the race was over, everyone was able to use their cell phones again. And naturally, both NA$CAR and the Cup Series sponsor deny that it has anything to do with the NA$COW’s and the FCC won’t do anything about it because they’re undermanned and underfunded. So now you know a little more about what was going on at Talladega that the lamestream media hasn’t bothered to mention.

November 11th, Armistice Day to us old timers or Veterans Day to the younger folks, is coming up. So take a few minutes out of your day and remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for us in keeping us free and being able to enjoy what we have. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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After an exhausting stay and trip back and forth to visit my dad and help him out, I apparently missed some controversy that happened in and around the tracks the last couple of weekends.

First off, let’s talk a littler bit about the controversy at Talladega involving Robby Gordon. By now folks know about the unveiling of his new energy drink, Speed Energy, and some of the controversy. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Robby’s souvenir hauler showed up at the track wrapped in solid black, just a couple spots down from the race sponsor’s souvenir hauler. Once the announcement was made about Robby’s new