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Bubbate & Bubba's Bravos & Boos from The Mother's Day Southern 500
(with pictures) By Jo Ann Hlavac 05/12/05

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the third race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, The Mother's Day Southern 500 at the legendary Darlington International Raceway.  (Photo inks are in green). Hope ya’ll enjoy! 

To read more about the fans in this article and our Darlington adventures, come back Friday for our  “Fan Recap from the Darlington Raceway Parking Lots (with pictures)”.

Bubbate & Bubba's Bravos to:

...the race sold out 1 week in advance and a waiting list for tickets.

...going to the transporter parade with Brenda "Junya"

...moving David "Duct Tape" Owens RV at least 12 feet and him not realizing it and to all the good jokes we cracked on Thursday about it.

...Brian and Jaime walking all the way from Camp Darlington to say hi. a community dinner with Mary Lynn Thursday night.

...Brenda "Junya" and "Texas" Kevin Howard coming all the way from Texas and going to Talladega then to Darlington.

...watching the sunset over Darlington Raceway.

...a Washers Game and Hillbilly Golf game at the same time.

....Jimmy for getting Laidback Racing on TV.

....Laidback's RV parts and repair.

...our neighbors at Pop's, Mike, Judy and Dylan, being in their usual spot. 

...the Darlington Fanz Group and their support of Darlington

...drivers all speaking their minds about Darlington staying on the schedule.

...the Cleveland Boys, Scott and Chris White, Jim Schaffer and Jason Todd, for making Darlington Raceway their first race. (hey Ya'll email me I lost the email address you gave me)

...hearing how Pop Odom's Pop was the first Pop who camped race fans at the first race.

...Navy Paul's wife Angela making it to the race.

...Kathy and John McCabe coming all the way from California to show their support of Darlington.  A double Bravo for Kathy chasing down the Little Brown Truck.

...all the fans in Section U of the Colvin Grandstand for singing the National Anthem so respectfully.

...driver's moms giving the command.

...Pattie Petty throwing the green flag.

...a track that eats up tires so bad that a piece of rubber debris the size of a large pea flew into my seat in row 15.

...Mark Martin for overcoming his spin to finish 4th.

...the fastest car winning the race which doesn't always happen at Darlington.

...Darlington Raceway for being the Lady in Black who is Too Tough to Tame
and that being enough.

Bubbate & Bubba's Boos to:

...hearing that Bruton sabotaged the transporter parade by giving free tires to teams testing at Charlotte if they did not participate...Bruton you oughta be ashamed!

...Little Frankie being left home.

...Jeff Green and Michael Waltrip...I don't care who started it.  They need to get a grip.

...NASCAR for not parking Waltrip.  What the heck good is it to penalize a driver 1 lap when he is already so many laps down?

...the same thing for Busch.  If that had been Harvick or Stewart they would have been parked.

...some members of Navy Paul's pit crew for going real fast early, using up their equipment, not saving their tires and hitting the wall in Pearson Tower.

...Mayor Carl's $2000.00 ice maker that wasn't making ice but it sure was good for a few jokes over the weekend 

This week some things deserved a bravo and a boo:

BRAVO to Frankie finding his scanner but
BOO that it was on Tuesday after we got home.

BRAVO to being asked for my first autograph by Fred Slope but
BOO his wife Diane wasn't there.

BRAVO to Kenny Schrader in second with 2 laps to go but
BOO to getting sent back to 18th.

BRAVO to Gordon for apologizing to getting into Edwards and complimenting his save but
BOO it happened to begin with.

BOO to the driver who threw out his water bottle and it's holder on the back stretch and to NASCAR for missing it for 100 laps but
BRAVO to the fans for cheering when they picked it up.


"That ditch bitch ain't getting my ass tonight"  Doug McGill

"My pit crew ain't saving their tires.  They aren't gonna last for the long run."  Navy Paul

"My pit crew will outlast your pit crew.  We've got age and wisdom on our side"  Race Mama

"I don't want any sunscreen.  I wanted to get burnt so my wife will baby me when I get home."  On of the Cleveland boys  (the really white one in this picture)

"Hey Carl, for $2,000.00 I'll not only make your ice, I'll make your drinks too."  Race Mama

"I hit the wall so hard I thought Dale Earnhardt was still racing."  Randy

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