I received an e-mail from Craig Carringer about the Real Race Fan page.  He had a few to add and I thought they were great.  So being the ingenious Bubbate that I am, I kinda turned it into an article.  (Hey, I have to get Both Bubbas Race Ready for "Da Rock" so I'm allowed a little short cut aren't I?  Besides Bubba Frankie is bringing some of the Stingrays Hockey Players and I know those boys can eat so I'm gonna be real busy this week!) 
Below is his e-mail with a few sentences of my own thrown in (mine are in red):

My name is Craig Carringer and I work at Joe Neubert Collision Centers / East.  I now do a weekly 1 hour radio show (listed below) on NASCAR with a local sports talk radio
personality because he found out I was a REAL FAN who would not "smoke screen" NASCAR & tell it like it is.  We are simulcast on 11 stations in East Tennessee.  
It is very cool as we take callers with a local sports writer from the Knoxville News Sentinel!
We have the last three weeks pulled Jim Phillips out of the "wood work" calling in,
I am sure you recognize his name as the pit reporter from MRN radio.
He lives here in Newport Tennessee @ the North Carolina border.

I am only 43 years old but remember being @
Bristol when they had concrete stands on both sides. BEEN THERE!
Bubbate loves the concrete seats… get all the room you want
because no one else likes to sit there.

I remember being @ Charlotte when they had two towers,
the Chrysler & the Ford. BEEN THERE!
I remember being at Charlotte and sitting on the grassy knoll
where the Diamond Tower now sits!

I remember being @ Darlington when the backstretch, (now the front) was all covered in tin roofing & the tower @ the exit of then turn four was covered the same way.
Bubbate can’t believe that the Brasington covered grandstand is no longer covered.  BUT heck, I’ll sit there now because it is the best seat in the house just was way too loud!  Ain't it funny how race tracks don't realize they have "flip flopped" the track and the most exciting racing is still where turn 4 used to be?

I remember being @ Talladega before restrictor plates when the GREAT BOBBY ALLISON tore down the fence. I ran out of beer! BEEN THERE!
Wish all fans could remember BRP (before restrictor plates) then they would know real super speedway racing!  Also wish they coulda seen the GREAT BOBBY ALLISON race.

Oh yeah, & the 212.809 thing- Was there with the field all above 200 mph. Jimmy "Smut" Means with a provisional start @ 43rd @ 202. BEEN THERE!
DANG!  All 43 cars faster than 200 MPH.  Oh the good ole days….Eh Craig?

Well, if any of you other race fans want to contribute something, email Bubbate here.

You can hear Craig at the stations listed below:
Every Thursday 5p.m. to 6p.m. EST. in racing season at:

WKVL - Knoxville
WGAP - Maryville
WATO - Oak Ridge
WLOD - Loudon/Sweetwater
WMTY - Knoxville/ To The Cumberland Plateau (going towards Nashville-{Crossville-Cookeville}