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The 2003 Bubba Olympics from Charlotte Motor Speedway
Triathlon Champions: The Dublin Dukes
Destry & David Harding, Andy Hall,
Leon Crane, Jason McNew & Tim Hall.
By Jo Ann Hlavac

Over the years we have seen many forms of athletic events in the Bubba Olympics.  Following is a list of the different competitions we have witnessed over the years:

Horseshoes (number 1 event) 
Bocce ball
Half rubber
Wiffle Ball
Football, baseball, softball and Frisbee throwing
Drunken tent staking
Drunk downhill bicycling
Drunk walking
Drunken campsite hunting
Parking your motor home, car or truck in the mud WITHOUT getting' stuck
             (BIG EVENT at Charlotte this year) 
Chess (only saw this once in the Pocono infield BUT I had to add it)

This year we were treated to a group of guys that out did themselves competing for the Triathlon Championship.  Having no idea they were being watched & judged by Laidback Racing, they began their quest towards the championship on Saturday with a game of Wiffle Ball.  Now remember that Charlotte had around 6 inches of rain by Saturday afternoon and mud was plentiful.  It started with just the Dublin Dukes playing but by the end of the afternoon, many males camping at Randy & Emily's were participating.  We lined up our chairs at the top of the hill to watch.  Laidback Racing and their neighbors just knew that they were gonna slip, slide and fall in the mud.  However, they stayed on their feet except when they had to slide on purpose to be called safe at the plate.

Sunday broke cloudy and wet.  While drinking our coffee, we were looking around at the campers.  Laidback, who has eyes like a hawk, noticed something brewing in the valley below.
"Hey, look at the guys by the red cooler in the valley.  They are up to something," exclaimed Laidback excitedly.
"What the heck are they up to?" I asked.
"Well, it looks like the guy in the red shirt sitting in the chair is timing something that is coming down the trench in the ground.  It looks like they are boat racin'."
We go tell our neighbors that fun is a brewin'.
Finally, one of our neighbors gets out his binoculars and takes a look.
"Oh yea," he exclaims "they are racin' something and the guy in the chair has a stop watch."

Well. Laidback Racing is not one for sitting idle while fun is a brewin' so close to home.  We load up the Little Brown Truck to get a closer look.

What we find in the valley are race fans making the best of a bad situation.  It seems that during the monsoon, the water had formed a river that ran right underneath their camper and cut their camping spot in half.  They borrowed their neighbors shovel and began to dig a culvert to divert the water.  Afterwards, they popped open a few beers to quench their thirst from having to dig trenches in the humid Charlotte air.  One of the guys tossed his can and it floated in the trench.  They decide to see what else would float.  It was the birth of the "Bubba Bottle Cap Boat Race".

First, they all constructed their boats from an assortment of caps, duct tape, band aides and Sharpie markers.  Beer Bottle tops, water jug tops & Orange Juice tops were some of the chassis they used to construct their vehicles.  One even looked like a WOO car complete with a wing on top!  There was even 1 multi-car team in the group; The Band Aide Team.  Laidback even constructed a "boat" using melted wax in the hull for weight.

The track even had sponsors.  They included Krispy Kreme, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Suntan Lotion, Gatorade, A1 Steak Sauce and of course, Winston.

Qualifying was completed with Destry Harding in the #00 taking the pole with a lap time of 10.77.  Leon Crane had a great showing with a lap time of 11.46.  Heat races were run with the early rounds going to Leon in the #8 with 3 wins and Tim Hill AKA Dale with 2 wins.

However, the overall winner was Destry Harding in the Band-Aide #00 boat.  When asked about his great comeback he replied, "Track conditions are key.  When the water was higher, my boat had less down force and more drag.  Once the water recessed a little, the track came to me and that ole' #00 just took off."

The final leg of the Triathlon was a new event called "Bubba Downhill Belly Skiing."  Yes it is just what it is called.  They started at the top of the hill, got a runnin' start and belly flopped to ski down the slope.  I believe that once again Destry won the event.  Boy, ain't he a heck of an athlete? 

LAIDBACK RACING proudly salutes The Champions of the Bubba Olympics 2003
representing the DUBLIN DUKES from Dublin, Virginia:
Destry & David Harding, Andy Hall, Leon Crane, Jason McNew & Tim Hall.

You guys were the greatest!  We know that your family, friends and hometown are all so proud of their favorite sons.  These guys took something bad (loads of rain) and made it fun.  They came to Charlotte to eat, drink and have fun.  Heck, 2 of them didn't even go to Sunday's race; they were only there to have fun with their buddies!  They epitomized the REAL RACE FAN; 6 Bubbas & one Bubbate, 1 pull behind that should only have slept 4, 3 trucks, plenty of food, drink and fun.  They let nothing stopped them from having the fun they came to Charlotte to get.