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Visitin' with Chocolate Myers, Billy Ingles and Jason Leffler.

In the Rockingham Fan Recap, I wrote about John Robinson and his brother Mike Crowe.  Well I got an email from John I had to share.  

.....Also wanted to write and tell you about a story from yesterday at Humpy house.  We had got a voucher in the mail advertising 20 dollars off of a ticket for the nextel all-star race and so we took off to get them but we checked to see what tickets they had left and then we wanted to walk out to the stands and look at our options.  They said there was still snow on the ground and they wouldn't open the gates but we got in the car and rode and rode around until bang, we found a gate open down at the condos.  We went back to the ticket office and told the girl we found a gate open and had picked out our tickets.  WOW!  You should have seen her face, like how did you do that,
ha ha where there is a will, there is a way.

Also went by the race shops and went to the Net-Zero, Haas shop and literally ran into Ward Burton and Jason Leffler.  Man Jason is about 5.3 and 110lbs.  Also Billy Ingle from NASCAR This Morning was there.  Of course I had my Jeff Gordon attire on and he really picked on me , along with Jason by saying "we sell Jason Leffler gear, don't we Jason".  Anyway really got picked on and it was cool and fun.  Then we took off to Welcome to the RCR museum and as my brother was looking at a Kevin Harvick jacket, Chocolate Myers walked by and said to my brother and I "you are looking at a better jacket than what he has on"  looking at me and then said he was picking around.