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Dale, The Daytona Dream & Bad Bob

In January 1998, a good friend of ours past away and was cremated.  We called him Bad Bob because when he was bad, he was very bad.  He was a big Dale Earnhardt fan.  On the Wednesday before the 500, I had a dream that I was sitting around talking to Bob.  In my mind's eye I could see him plain as day.  Legs crossed, Coors Light in his hand, cigarette dangling from his mouth as we talked.  He leaned over to me and looked me in the eyes. 

"Jo Ann, you & Jimmy need to go to Daytona this year and take some of my ashes."

I told Bob "the 500 is too expensive and we were going to the Rock next week. Would that do?" 

"NO." exclaimed Bob.  "You need to go to the 500 because Dale is finally going to win.  I want you to put some of my ashes at the start/finish line while he is in victory lane." 
Then the dream ended.

I told Jimmy in the morning about the dream. 

"What do you think?" I asked. 

Well Jimmy had been to Daytona 500 too many times to count.  He was there for 2 Earnhardt heartbreakers. 

"I am not going to Daytona to see him win the 500 again.  He's cursed. He's not going to win" came Jimmy's response.

Well, a friend of ours called that same day asking if we were going to Daytona because he had a favor to ask us.  If we were going he would pay for our gas and give us some cash if we towed a car down there for him.  It seems as if the racin' gods were trying to tell us something.

We left on Saturday afternoon with a vial of Bob's ashes.  We wanted to get to the track in the early Sunday morning hours.  The car we were towing had to go to a trailer park 5 miles from the track. Everything went smooth and we arrived at the track around 6:00 A.M. We found tickets between the flag stand and turn 1 in Seagraves.  Great seats, great price. 

The race it's self wasn't too exciting.  But what an ending.  Earnhardt was leading.  Rusty and Jeremy were hooked up nose to tail trying to get around Jeff Gordon and Bobby Labonte.  Jeff and Bobby did all they could to hold up Rusty and his teammate.

Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500!  Every person in the stands was cheering!  At that moment, we were all Earnhardt fans celebrating with him and for him as he spun doughnuts in the infield grass.

Jimmy and I made our way to the start finish line.  We could see Dale in victory lane celebrating.  I opened up the vial and poured Bob's ashes into my hand.  Then I blew them onto the track at exactly the start/finish line.  Next to me some fans asked Jimmy what I was doing.  He told them the dream story and explained that I was doing what I promised to Bob in my dream:

Bob got a blow job while Dale danced in victory lane!