DNF is not in his vocabulary or Laidback is a Driving Mother fu*%#%

If you have read Jimmy’s bio you know that one of his jobs is that of driver.  Now let me tell you, he will drive and drive and drive.  But that isn’t all he does.  He drives real good.

Below are two different stories that illustrate what I am talking about.

The time the LBT tried to jump ship.

We were on the way back from the spring Richmond race in 2003.  We were plugging along making great time in Frankie’s “Da Bus”.  Of course, Jimmy was driving and we were towing the Little Brown Truck on a trailer.  Frankie and I were sitting in the back.  Frankie was napping and I was reading the paper.  A trailer comes by that is carrying a SCAA car sponsored by Krispy Kreme.  All of a sudden, Da Bus felt odd.  It was swerving back and forth.  I saw Jimmy turn the wheel in the opposite direction of the swerve.  It felt like a tire going down.  It didn’t help.  I looked up and saw Jimmy looking in the rear view mirror trying to figure out what was going on to cause the swerving.  He was still trying to correct the problem by turning the wheel. 

I stood up and look out the back door window to see how the Little Brown Truck was holding up to the erratic swaying.  Much to my surprise, the Little Brown Truck is not in sight!  All of a sudden it shot in to view from somewhere on the right and crossed over to disappear somewhere on the left. 

In a calm voice I exclaim, “Something is not right with the Little Brown Truck”. 

The swerving wakes Frankie who is looking out the back window too.

Jimmy said, “What do you mean?”

I reply as calmly as I can “I see it, I don’t see it and then I see it!”

The Little Brown Truck was bouncing from side to side on and off the trailer!  Jimmy starts slowing and all the while he is still driving into the opposite direction of the swerve, which is a different way with each bounce of the LBT.  We get pulled over with the LBT still on the trailer.  We get out to look and see a strap that holds the LBT in place has come loose.  We had loaded some things in the back of the Little Brown Truck that were now gone.  There were scrape marks above the door of the Little Brown Truck from where it had scraped the asphalt.  The metal side rails were broke on one side and dented on the other.

Frankie and I looked at each other and said “that Jimmy is a driving motherfu$#&!

The Blown tire at 80 miles per hour.

We are heading to Charlotte for the All Star race.  Jimmy and I are in the race wagon and Frankie Kevin, Shelia and Big Al are in Da Bus right behind us.  We have just filled up with gas and will be at Charlotte within a hour. Jimmy says to me “I think I have a tire going down.”

At that moment we hear a loud pop followed by the Race Wagon riding very erratic.  Smoke starts filling the Wagon.  I say my typical “Something is not right” in my calm emergency voice.  As Jimmy keeps control of the Race Wagon he gets it pulled over to the side of the road.  As we get out we smell gas!  The tire has come apart and the debris has cut not only the holding tank but has cut the gas line where it connects to the tank!  Gas is pouring out.

But that Laidback, he is one cool customer.  He calmly reaches into the Race Wagon and tosses Al the Fire extinguisher.  He also grabs an empty Parmesan cheese container and a rag and plugs the loose gas line to stop the leak.  He repairs the line and we still have a quarter of a tank of gas!  Kevin looks at me and Frankie and says “That Jimmy is one drivin’ motherfu#$&*

Amen Kevin Amen!