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Riding around the Lady in Black doing the Beauty Queen Wave

Jimmy & I were out of town this weekend and not at a race!  While at lunch we were talking with another couple who were race fans.    Ya’ll know how race fans are; it’s like we wear a big R on our foreheads & we seek each other out.  Their names are Matt & Tonya Wizorck and they are from Aiken, S.C.

They have gone to between 12 & 15 races.  Their first one was at the Rock (Great place to get your first race in).  They went to the spring 2003 Darlington race with Matt’s 30 year old brother, Joey and Matt’s Chief’s son, Chad Coleman (Matt is a fireman for Montmorenci Fire Dept). Chad was 14 at the time & at his first race.  Boy was he excited. 

Well. Tonya was very pregnant at the time with their now 2 month old daughter Kamryn.  As it happens at most tracks, they got parked on the opposite side of the track from their seats.  They started trudging in the direction of their seats.  Soon though Tonya’s pregnancy got the best of her and she told Matt she didn’t think she could make it to the seats.  Matt being a fireman & her sweetie came to the rescue!  He got the attention of a track worker and the next thing you know they were all loaded up on the cart for a ride to their seats.  Not just a ride BUT a ride on the track to their seats!  The Wizorcks with Chad in tow rode on one of the greatest race tracks on the circuit.  People were waving and snapping photos.  Jimmy & I got a laugh out of this because all race fans have a story they will share with you if you just take the time to talk to them.

When back in our room, I told Jim that I should have asked if they did the beauty queen wave.  Tonya had the looks of a Southern Beauty Queen with her dark black hair & porcelain white complexion.  I could just see her in that golf cart doing the beauty queen wave to the fans in the stands.  Having a writer’s imagination, I envisioned that they were childhood sweethearts, she the beauty queen; he the knight in shining armor. 

Well we ran into them again and guess what?????
They started dating right out of high school.  He is obviously a knight in shining armor being a fireman who puts his life on the line when ever he gets the call. She just looks like a beauty queen.  But the best part…..They all did the beauty queen wave while tooling around the Track Too Tough to Tame!  Can you imagine Chad’s excitement at being at his first race and riding on the track waving at all the fans?  It sounded like Tonya & Matt were pretty excited too and who could blame them!       

So it just goes to show that no matter where you are there is probably a race fan close by with a tale to tell.