The weekend that produced the story below also produced 2 other stories.  Whenever it rains at the track, there are more stories to be told.  It must have something to do with having nothing to do but drink & watch the rain.

   All real race fans share certain traits.  One of those traits is that race fans help each other out.  It does not matter which driver you support.  The bottom line is that at the race track before the race, we all belong to 1 team:

Fun, Friends & Firewood

We knew it was going to rain. Like Larry Mac, we always watch the weather channel before we go to the track.  Well, that and it always rains at the spring race at the Rock.  We were in for the long run.  The guys next to us, who I called the Meat Men because they cooked ever meat known to man that weekend, were staying also.  The rain started in Rockingham Saturday night.  Sunday at around 3:00 they finally called the race until Monday.   All around people were breaking camp and heading home.
All REAL RACE FANS know to take Monday off in case of rain!

Jimmy decided we needed a fire for the night.  Around he went gathering still smoldering coals from camp fires that were abandon.  He piled them up and gathered up small, wet twigs.  We had some newspaper and the guys next to us had lots of empty beer cases to help it along.  Soon we had a fire.  Jimmy gets on the bike to go on a fire wood search.  He comes back with a load some departing fan gave him.  Soon we would need more.  Off he went into the night on the bike.  He was gone awhile so I got on top of the motor home to watch the traffic and look out for him.  Soon I see him coming my way.  The baskets are loaded.

I yell down that it looks like a good haul.
He replies "wait until you see what I have on the golf cart following me". 

Behind Jimmy, pulls up a golf cart with 2 guys in the front.  On the back are a wood pallet and a set of wooden steps!  Seems they all found a construction site. Jim told the guys they could have the steps because he couldn't get them to stay on the back of the bike.  They refused to let him try to bicycle with the pallet.  They were afraid he would get hurt.  They told him that since he
gave up the steps they would drive the pallet to our campsite for him.  The site of those 2 guys in their golf cart with a wood pallet and a set of wooden steps the Meat Men into fits of laughter.

These guys are members of LAIDBACK RACING'S REAL RACE FAN TEAM because they understand about sharing and helping other fans no matter who their driver is.

Click here for a photo of the guys, golf cart & steps!   Photo 1