Lamar #2

If you have read any of the other fan fables or read our Race Fan Lingo you may have read about Lamar.  Well, I recieved an email from Johnny Knowles from Lebanon, Tennessee.  Seems he meet Lamar and had a similiar fable to tell.
Below is his story.  

I, like you and all true longtime racing fans, can relate to your story about Lamar.  At Talladega, I have been camping in the Pecan Grove since before it went  to reserved camping.  I am still camping in there now that it is reserved, 'cause it is close and convenient to everything  and it only costs $50 for the entire weekend.

Anyway, several years ago, I actually met a boy named Lamar from outside of Atlanta, and  he was in the company of an older, bearded fellow that my sons got to calling "Uncle Jesse", as he looked like the man from the Dukes of Hazzard.  Anyway, Lamar and Uncle Jesse buddied up with us one weekend, and one night, I had the same fortune you discussed, but it was Uncle Jesse who invited himself into my motorhome, and luckily, he did not climb into bed with me !  He just decided to invite himself in to use the bathroom and to get a drink of Jack Daniel's.. 

That same weekend, we were throwing shoes after the race, and we looked over behind my motorhome, and there was the most pathetic looking boy and girl you have ever seen in your life !  She had on a halter top and tall boots and jeans that looked about as old as I am now, and he had on a pair of shorts and nothing else.  They were passed out, laying on the grass.  Several of us went over to try to find out who or what they were and if they needed any help.  They were out, colder than snowballs in January, and we could not get them to utter an intelligible syllable to us.  We just watched them until they decided to wake up that night, made sure that no one took what few possessions they had, and sent them on their way with a ham sandwich and a coke each.

Not to say we are angels, but I had to think that maybe if one of my kids ever had tooo much Talladega fun and wound up like that, that someone would do the same for them  if they needed it.

You know they would Johnny, you know they would cause that's just how race fans are.