Little Frankie’s Big Adventure.
by Jo Ann Hlavac

If you are a regular reader of our site and adventures you know that our buddy, Frankie Meadows, is one third of Laidback Racing.  Since he closed the shop 2 weeks ago to attend Charlotte and is closing it again in 2 weeks for Darlington, he had to pass on going to Atlanta with us.  In lieu of Big Frankie, we took Little Frankie with us. (For those of you who don’t know, The Story of Little Frankie.)

Little Frankie rode right behind Jimmy and I, strapped onto the speaker.  He never got out of the motor home once on the trip.  Unlike Big Frankie, Little Frankie didn’t buy a newspaper at every gas stop.  Like Big Frankie he has kidneys of steel. 

We got to Atlanta and Cindy, Steve, Big Mike and Mike the son were already there and setup.  As soon as we got there, Cindy asked if we wanted oysters.  Immediately Little Frankie jumped out of the motor home and started shucking just like Big Frankie would have.  He ate his fill then started goofing around and wearing his glove on his head.  That Little Frankie sure is a clown! 

Friday morning Little Frankie took the Little Brown Truck and drove to the vendors.   When he got back, he played a few games of washers.  Hey Little Frankie, knock that one in.  We had fried turkey before we went to qualifying.  Little Frankie, just like Big Frankie, loves fried turkey.  Soon it was time to go to qualifying.  Jimmy and I packed up Little Frankie and off we went.  He was so excited because we usually don’t take him up to the track.  Unfortunately, we didn’t hook up with Cindy to get a picture of Little Frankie in the grandstands and boy was he mad. 

When we got back to camp, the boys were getting ready to go to the badlands to find race mamas to give beads.  Little Frankie couldn’t wait to go and got all beaded up.  We went off to bed and left the boys to go in search of fun in the badlands. 

On Saturday we got to hear the tale.  Seems they found the party and had a blast.  Little Frankie found women to flash him for beads.  He also found a pretty redhead who wanted to have her picture taken with Little Frankie.  Hey Little Frankie put that thing away, you’ll scare her. 

We went off to the races but Little Frankie had to stay at camp because it would be too crowded for him to sit in the stands with us.  He wasn’t happy about that but felt better after we took his picture that would include him in the starting line up.  Mikey Waltrip looks like a bobble head in that picture too. 

When we got back, Little Frankie was sitting on the speaker listening to rock and roll.  After we ate, he went wandering around the campground.  When he got back there was a big dick head with him.  Big Frankie would never have brought a dick head back to camp and we made Little Frankie get rid of him. We weren’t mad at Little Frankie because we knew he had a little too much to drink.  We could tell because when he started dozing off around the campfire he didn’t jump up when Jimmy said the words Duct Tape.  Those 2 words bring Big Frankie to a wide awake position.   Of course, we show no favoritism for breaking the rules and Little Frankie paid the price for breaking Rule #6.   He decided he had too much fun and went inside the motor home to sleep.

All in all Little Frankie had as much fun as Big Frankie. He did everything Big Frankie would have if Big Frankie had come with us and even more.  Jimmy said that he thinks Little Frankie had even more fun than Big Frankie usually does and you know, I think he is right!

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