Race fans will do what ever it takes to get to the race track.  It seems as if every race we go to, someone tells us about a list of mishaps that happened to them on the way to the race.  I remember a van of guys at Rockingham that left Georgia on Thursday night and were just getting to the Rock on Sunday morning around 2:00 a.m.  But you know what? 
The guys in the van were like everyone else that we have met over the years that have had troubles getting to the track.  There were glad to be there & never thought about turning around and going home.


If you went to the pit crew page, you read that Jimmy’s AKA is McGyver.  Below is one of the many stories that we can tell to explain why.
On a trip to Daytona, our car ran over something in the road at around 3:00a.m.  it tore a hole in the muffler and then cut the tire and air shock line.  We pulled over to change the flat.  The spare would at least get us to Daytona.  While we waited for the Awful Waffle to finish our sandwiches, Jimmy took a look around to see what we had or what he could find to fix the other 2 problems.   He fixed the air shock line with a basketball needle, super glue and fix-a-flat.  He fixed the muffler with a hanger and a piece of road sign he found laying on the side of the road.  As you can see, sometimes you can do something with nothing.

This story gets better for us.  We went to a tire store across the street from the track early Sunday morning.  We were told they could fix the tire but we could not leave the car there.  I explained our situation to the guy helping us.  We were low on funds and drove all night to get here to see the race.  He gave us a tag for the window and we parked for free across from the track. Some one doing a good deed for 2 tired broke race fans.