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This story starts as so many of our favorite race stories.  It was raining.  Not that we like when it rains.  You see when it rains at the track; you have to find ways to amuse yourself.  Since you are confined to your area, more or less, lots of drinking happens. We have learned thru the years that with lots of drinking comes the race stories.  We had first found Mike, the lead in this story, at the Coca Cola 600 that was rain interrupted and finished at around 1:00A.M. in the early 90's.  He camped across from us and borrowed our lawn mower to cut the knee high straw in front of his motor home.  For years we always knew where to find each other at Charlotte & the Rock but with progress has come old camping spots being replaced by buildings and the loss of old racin' buddies. 

The Webblin', Wobblin' Piglet

It was a cold Rockingham weekend.  The rain started on Saturday afternoon.  Our buddy Mike and his friends were drinking Dickle, hard and fast.  By dark they were well on their way to being drunken sods. 

I carried my camera around for hours trying to get a picture of Mike.  Mike and George Dickle got in a fight & Dickle kissed his ass.  This is the race where we found out why Mike was called the Webblin', Wobblin' Piglet.  For some reason, every where Mike stood was an earthquake trying to knock him off his feet or so it seemed.  He swayed, webbled, wobbled and fell down.  No matter how I tried I couldn't snap a picture fast enough to capture the moment.  I even left my camera on and in my pocket ready at a moments notice.   Mike was webbling and wobbling all around our campsite.  

All of a sudden, he ran into the race cooler that was on top of a regular cooler to stop it from getting wet.  The race cooler is a cylinder cooler like you see in a convenience store with soda & beer iced down in them.  It is around 3 feet high and 11/2 feet in diameter, covered in racing stickers & holds 2-3 cases of beer and ice.  Well, Mike bounced into it and immediately threw his arms around it.  All of a sudden, Mike and the cooler were dancing around in circles.  For some reason Mike decided to let the cooler lead.  Unfortunately, it led Mike onto the ground and fell on top of him.  All Mike could say the next day was that his back and legs were killing him from all the webbling and wobbling that took place on Saturday.  I guess it had nothing to do with him dancing with the race cooler loaded with beer until they both dropped.  As for the photo...I finally caught one after he webbled, wobbled and fell down.   

Do you know this guy? (see photo link below)  His name is Mike Smith & he is from Dunn, NC.  Calls everyone "Bo" & is a huge Ironhead fan.  Has at least one daughter whose birthday is sometime Labor Day weekend.  Wife or maybe ex-wife named Gina. She too was an Earnhardt fan & her dad was an Awesome Bill fan.  Mike worked for a Utility Company in Dunn.  The
last time we saw him in 1999 he had a Shasta RV.  Tell him to contact us because we sure do miss him & his gang! The Piglet photo