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Double Full Moons over Talladega

We had been in the Talladega infield all week end.  The week end was over and we got in line to leave.  We were 2 cars from the exit that goes across the track when they closed the infield.  Seems a fan was hit by a tram and they had to get the emergency vehicle to him.  Of course it happened right in front of the exit leaving the infield.  The security guard told us it would be at least 2 hours before they opened the infield back up for people to leave.  We turned the Race Wagon off and waited.  We chatted with the people around us killing time.

I got back in the Race Wagon and got us something to eat.  We sat in the front and ate our sandwiches.

All of a sudden I see 2 guys on their hands and knees crawling up the banking in turn 3.  (Now, you have to understand about banking.  It is so steep you can't walk up the track.  You have to get on your hands and knees because of the steepness if you are trying to move quickly.)  They stand up quickly right in the middle of the word TALLADEGA that is painted in turn 3.

At the same time Jimmy remarks "wonder where those security guards are going?"

I reply “Probably to where those 2 guys are on the track getting ready to have their photo taken.  How cool!  I hope they get the picture before the guards get to them."

All of sudden they turn around and drop their pants!  I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough to get a picture.  I’m sure their buddies got the picture though.

What planning!  What a great stunt!  What a great picture! 

The guys then drop and rolled down the banking as the security guards come charging to turn 3.  The guys jump the fence and make their escape.  The security guards come back from the motor homes parked in that area empty handed.  We know those boys were hiding in a motor home in that corner laughing their asses off.  It made the wait worth it!