Mardi Gras Beads

Not too many years ago, race fans were almost all men.  You would see a race mama at maybe every fourth campsite.  A staple for the guys were a sign that read "show us your tits".  Whenever they would see a woman either on the road on the way to the track or at the track the sign would come up.  Like the series itself, a few years ago the original bubbas started to clean themselves up.  Signs started to read "hooters for shooters" or "beads for breast".   Now we have progressed to almost no signs.  We now have Mardi Gras beads.  Let me tell you, I never knew they made so many different types of beads.  They have plain colored beads, multi-colored beads, beads with skulls, round beads, oblong beads and  somewhere, someone got smart and there are even beads with the driver's cars on them.

Now the most popular places for the beads are Bristol in the All-American Campground, Daytona & Talladega infields.  The fans line up their chairs along the road at dusk to wait "on the show".  We at Laidback Raing refer to this event as "The Bubbatte Beauty Contest".  The bubbates load up into the back of pick up trucks and cruisin' around they go in search of Bubbas throwin' Beads for Breast.

In the Daytona infield 2002, was a great group of guys I called the Alabama gang because, of course, they were from Alabama.  I swear these guys must have spent a week's pay on beads.  By Friday night they were walking around with a suitcase on wheels full of beads!  They tried to get me to flash but I had to explain that a real race mama never had to expose anything to get beads.  Yes, they gave me beads.  They gave me many beads except the ones with the driver's cars on them.  "Sorry" they said, "we have to have our standards. No breast, no car beads".   Click here for photo of the Alabama Gang.

Now please don't think I am a prude.  You can ask my husband.  I was a flasher from way back.  However, I flashed for free just to spread some joy into the original bubba's weekend.  I guess you could say I flashed for the pure enjoyment of it.  If I was going to prostitute myself, I would want a little more than beads for my pair.

Race mama's everywhere always remember:

Real race mamas never have to flash to get beads.
Flash for the sheer thrill it will give some one else!