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"Others may sleep better than us at the track but no one eats better."

This is one of our favorite sayings.  We did not originate it but have adopted as one of the mottos of LAIDBACK RACING. We first heard this saying during the weekend that we met the Meat Men.  You see, like the meat men, our accommodations are smaller, not as extravagant or not nearly as expensive as most of the motor homes you see at the track.  However, like we've been told many times: we eat and we eat well.  This comes from our drinking days.  If you were gonna party from Friday afternoon until Sunday night, you had to eat good to help absorb some of the alcohol.  You will never see hot dogs or burgers in our cooler.  Many people have told us that we eat better at the track then they eat at home.  We believe in ease and taste in our meals.  Whether it is boiled lobsters in the Daytona infield, pork tenderloins on the grill at Rockingham, fried turkey and frogmore stew at Darlington or ribeyes at Charlotte, we eat the best.       

The Meat Men from Hickory, N.C. AKA The Maintenance Company

They arrived while we were shopping at the vendors on Saturday afternoon.  They were in a company truck that was big, square and empty of the work equipment that it was meant for.  Laidback Racing calls these types of fans The U-Haul Crew.  When we got inside our motor home I looked out the window and saw that they had a 55 gallon drum that had been turned into a grill, a smoker, a pot for frying and a regular gas grill.  I told Jimmy when he went back out to see how many people were next door.

He came back laughing & told me that there were only about 6 guys.  They were in a setup we had seen before.  In the back of the truck were sofas, tables and chairs.  A section was separated by a blanket for privacy.  Outside the truck was something else.  On the grill was every meat known to man.  Deer, pork loins, london broil, squirrel, and rabbit.  In the smoker were boston butts, salmon and turkey.  Those guys were the coolest!  Double D and the boys; Chuck, Dean, Gene and the rest.  If I remember correctly Dean owned the company, The Maintenance Company.  A few of the guys worked for him, a few were his buddies.  They had a mechanic on their crew naturally.  We had a blast tailgating with those guys.  Every hour or so they would knock on the window of the motor home and tell us that some meat they were cooking was ready.  While we were talking Saturday night we discovered that we all knew that the race would be rained out and run on Monday.  We were all in for the long haul.

Sunday they only got about 45 laps in.  They called the race around 4:00 and the people started to pile out.  We started dinner.  Jimmy got a fire going from coals he got from fires from abandoning campers. 

The funniest part of the weekend were Chuck and Gene using our bikes to go on a beer run.  They realized that they needed to get beer or they wouldn't have enough for the rain day and it was getting close to closing time at the store.
Both bike are girl bikes but mine is a Cadillac.  Mine bike looks more like a girl bike because it is short & Jimmy had been riding the other one so it was a little manly looking.  Chuck refused to ride my bike.
I told Gene "hey, it's got shock absorbers and a wide seat. Trust me mine is the better of the two.  Another has no baskets to carry stuff so it easy sailing."  

When they got back they told us how when they got to the store there were only 2 cases of beer left & they split them with these other guys that came in around the same time.  Gene told us how he almost wrecked laughing at Chuck riding with the baskets loaded. Jim's bike has 2 baskets on the back and when you are riding it loaded it feels & looks like it is having a seizure. 

The year was 2001 and it was the first race after the death of Dale Earnhardt.  Steve Park won the race.  We had a blast.  The weekend was a success!  Racing would go on.

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