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Jo Ann was born in Philadelphia Pa.  At age 1 she was moved south to Charleston, S.C.  by the Navy, her father's employer.  She jokes that God knew she was a race fan that's why she was born on Labor Day weekend and was moved so close to Darlington.  She attended Bishop England High School.  She was in the food & beverage industry for many years.

She went to her first stock car race in the mid 70's at Darlington.  She was more of a "drag racin' junkie" due to the car guys she hung out with at that time.  After hooking up with Jimmy, the only drag race she saw was the one coming out of the pits.   

She and Jimmy met and were married in 1992.  In her mid thirties, she decided to go to college and graduated from Trident Technical College with an Associates Degree in Business and a GPA of 3.9.  She sure is glad that all the partying she did in her earlier years hadn't killed the brain cells that control school smarts.
After graduating, she worked in the export industry at a large freight forwarder in their Charleston office.  Unfortunately, she became a causality of 9/11 downsizing.

With time on her hands, she started the website. 

Jo Ann had enough of baseball with the strike that stopped us from seeing the World Series.  She really isn't one for basketball.  Jo Ann, however, is a long suffering Washington Redskins fan but not as long suffering as Jimmy with his Bills.  She has cheered for the Skins since Sonny Jurgensen and the Over the Hill gang.  With the return of the savior, Coach Gibbs, she hopes she will be long suffering no more!  

Other Interest: Gardening, crafts and my two big doggies.

Jobs on the team:

Inventory Specialist
If she don't have it, you don't need it. Many times at the track, she has saved the day not only for Laidback Racing but for some neighbor needing help.  Trust me having supplies for me & Both Bubbas is not a job for the weak hearted.

Crew Chief
Jimmy qualified for 3 to 5 races before he met Jo Ann.  He now qualifies for 8 to 10. 

This includes everything... Such as helping Frankie sort & mail labels for free stuff (including tickets), helping Jimmy setup his email & cell phone, packing food, beverages, cameras, film, and ALL our stuff for our trips, programming the scrolling sign and the list goes on and on and on!  Trust me here, being a personal assistant to 3 people is no easy task!  Especially when 2 are such BIG BUBBAS!  (Both Bubbas & 1 step father)
She's rode shot gun with Jimmy a long time and knows the drill.  He will drive and drive and drive but sometimes forgets to navigate.

Head Cook
"Others may sleep better but no one eats better at the track" is due to the fine food that Race Mama supplies to the team.  You will never see hot dogs or burgers (unless they're Bambi Burgers) in her cooler. 

Webmaster AKA Computer Geek
Everything you see on this site was created by Jo Ann.  What does this mean?  Both Bubbas are in on many of the stories and articles HOWEVER Jo Ann does the manual labor of imputting the data (I am the friggin' typist).  I was voted most changed at my last reunion....I KNOW I will win it again because the people I went to high school with are never going to believe I turned into a computer geek!
Jo Ann Hlavac AKA Bubbate AKA Race Mama
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