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Jimmy was born in New York City.  He claims that his McGyver traits come from being a boy scout on the streets of NY.  He came south with the navy in the early 1970's & was stationed in Charleston, S.C.  Deciding that he was getting out of NY while he still could, he moved south & never looked back. 

The name of our race team, LAIDBACK RACING, comes from Jimmy's nickname.  When he worked at the Navy Yard he was called Laidback because, he was.  In fact he's Laidback from Way back!  You would never guess he was from NY and lived there until he was 18.  He sounds and acts more southern than some people that I know were born here.  When we go to the races we are all about being LAIDBACK & having fun.  We will work like dogs the week before getting everything ready.  We will go up early and set everything up HOWEVER we will be laidback and having fun from Friday afternoon on if we can.  Many times Frankie sends Jimmy and I ahead on Thursday night or Friday morning and then meets us up there.  He likes having it all ready when he gets there. 

Jimmy has been a mechanic since youth.  We call him "magic ass" because he can sit in your car & know what is wrong with it.  Jimmy is always tinkering with something.  Frankie and I can tell you so many stories about being at the race track and Jimmy working on a project.  In fact, EVERY race we have gone to has at least 1 project.  

Deciding that "while in Bubba Land do as Bubbas do" he went to his first NASCAR race in the early 70's while stationed in Charleston.  He loved it.  After leaving the navy and divorcing his first wife, he hooked up with some racing junkies in the early 80's.   He went to between 3 and 5 races a year. 

In the late eighties, he met Jo Ann and took her to the Southern 500 for her birthday.  They were married in 1992.  He has a daughter Katie who lives in Va.  His son Matthew is a policeman in Pa.  Matthew went to his first race at Talladega in the infield when he was 6.  Since then, Matt meets Laidback Racing at the track when ever he can. 

Jimmy is a long suffering Buffalo Bills fan.  He has followed the Yankees since he was a small child and saw them play at the old polo grounds.  He also loves his New York Rangers having first seen them play at the old Madison Square Garden.

His jobs at Laidback Racing include but are not limited to:

There is no nice way to put it...Jimmy is a car drivin' motherf#$%!*.  Blown tires at 80 MPH, no big deal to him.  (he barely swerved)  Little Brown Truck broke loose and was bouncing off the trailer on interstate from side to side, he barely got loose.  Like I said ain't no nice way to say it....

Also since we quit drinking he has gained this position.  Jimmy will drive and drive and drive BUT you have to keep an eye on him because sometimes he forgets to navigate.

Head Mechanic
No explanation necessary if you read article above.

Fabrication Specialist 
Lord the stories Frankie & I can tell about Jimmy's fabricating.
He is always working on a project.  Photo 1     Photo2
Jimmy "Laidback" Hlavac AKA Mcgyver
Laidback Racing has over a combined century of tailgating experience at 100's of races!