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Jimmy has been waiting on a Cushman to enter his life longer than he waited on me.  From the first race we attended, he spoke with yearning not for a golf cart but for a Cushman.  Many years past and we found a few but none were in good enough shape to be the crew hauler at the track.

After Talladega in the fall of 2001, I told Jimmy that I could no longer bicycle around Talladega.  I admitted defeat.  I am too old and lazy to bike around a 2.66 mile tri-oval.  Remember that 2.66 miles is the distance on the inside of the track.  The way you have to bicycle around the track parking makes the distance more like 4 miles from our campsite to our seats.  I swear that time at Talladega was the worst I felt while riding a bike around since we quit drinking.  Jimmy informed me that if I wanted to hang with him at Talladega I had to ride the bike.  I replied that I guess we wouldn't be hanging at Talladega anymore.  We would replace it with a nice small Martinsville or Richmond.

The story progresses to the summer of 2002.  Frankie and Jimmy are going to an auction at the Porsche plant.  They have E-Z-Go utility carts for sale. After many  years, Jimmy is giving up on his dream of a Cushman and breaking down and getting a cart.  They find one that with a few modifications should be able to carry Jimmy, Frankie and myself.  Jimmy finds a trailer for sale that is attached to a van going down the road.  He chases the guy down and buys the trailer.  He and Big Al do some welding modifications so the cart will be secure on the trailer and we can add the camper shell on it for extra dry storage. We are ready to rock!

A few days later Frankie is talking with some one and mentions that Jimmy gave up on his dream of a Cushman and we have a cart.  The person tells Frankie he has a Cushman he will give Frankie.  The race gods have answered Jimmy's prayers.  He has his Cushman.

Well, we got it a few weeks before Darlington.  Jimmy and Frankie discussed and began the "upgrading & modifying process".  Let me stop to explain the "upgrading & modifying process".  Jimmy is a mechanic and has been one for around 30 years.  Frankie is THE TIRE MAN.  Notice I didn't say a tire man.  They are car people.  When you have car people on the team, you never stop upgrading.  They are actually a lot like Crew Chiefs.  Always tweaking; never satisfied.  Always wanting more power, a smoother ride and even trying to get more miles per gallon.   We took it to Darlington 2001 for its first race.  We made it up the hill where we camp at Pop's and we did not get stuck in any mud.  It past 2 big test at Darlington. 

Talk started to drift to how we were going to paint it.  Frankie and I were talking and if we painted it blue all of our driver's numbers would look good on it.  We all keep looking at it.  Finally Jimmy said what we were all thinking, "too bad we're not 88 fans because this thing looks like the UPS Delivery Truck".   We started looking at the trucks everywhere we went.  The Cushman was begging to be the "Little Brown Truck"!  The idea would not go away.  We were looking at the die cast versions of the truck every where to see where the flames were on it.  Jimmy was paint shopping.  While at the Hardeeville Speedway I found & bought a stuffed Kermit with a shirt on that had "muppets love the truck" on the front and "people want us to race the truck" on the back.  It was a done deal. 
The Cushman would be

The LITTLE BROWN TRUCK made her debut at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the weekend of Oct. 13, 2002.  She was a big hit with the fans.  At the 2002 fall Rockingham race, she got out of the campsite a lot more and was even a bigger hit.  While Frankie & Jimmy were doing the vendors, I sat across the street from the LBT.  I saw something cool, many fans who supported other drivers stopped and had their picture taken with the truck.  At no time did any one touch it, lean on it, get in the back or do anything that could be considered destructive to the LBT.  You see no matter who their drivers are .....


The LBT loaded up at Darlington Darlington 2004.

Jimmy taking Frankie to the track Darlington 2004

Ticket Procurement Officer Kevin & Chef Kenny Darlington 2004

The LBT at the last Rockingham fall race 2003 loaded with race fan Cliffe

The LBT loaded up with race fan Jason

The LBT at Richmond 2003

The LBT Charlotte 2003 with Da Crew;
Both Bubbas, Jimmy & Frankie, Queen Bubbate Jo Ann, Nikki & Jayme.

The Little Brown Truck at Bristol  2003

The Little Brown Truck making a delivery at the vendors 2002.

Laidback, Mrs. Goodwrench & the LBT at the Goodwrench trailer 2002.

The Little Brown Truck making a pickup - Frankie 2002.