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Fan Recap from the Atlanta Motor Speedway Parking Lot
By Jo Ann Hlavac 03/25/05
Photos throughout the story photo links are in green and more at the bottom.

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the first race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, Golden Corral 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  This is our regular article we write after all the races we attend.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

We all arrived at various times Thursday.  Man oh man, it was typical Atlanta weather; cold, wet and dreary.  Jimmy and I arrived first and found out we were getting gouged by our lot owner.  Every year previously it had only been $45.00 and after we unloaded we were told it was $125.00!  Lesson learned.....we will insist on paying first!  Trust me that guy is not on our preview page now. 

After eating Beef Stew made with London Broil, we went to bed early (ok early Friday morning...).  Friday arrived and the weather was much better.  Gino and Sam came out of their tent in shorts!  Jimmy wasn't feeling well so I went off to do recon before it got too crowded.  Check out the Atlanta Recon page soon for updates.

When I arrived back at the campsite I went over to meet our neighbors.  In route I saw a race doggie.  I love seeing race doggies at the track.  Anyway, the first guys I meet were Terry Summers from Mauk Ga., Brian Robertson from Phoenix City AL. and his son-in-law Alan Durns from Upatoi, GA.  Many thanks to Alan for buying me a camera battery from Wally World.  You can always tell the bubbas at the track...they love Wal-Mart and boy am I grateful.  We joked about how you can meet 100 people at the race track all from Georgia and not one will be from the same town.  No state in the union has as many small towns as Georgia.

The next group of neighbors I met were the "The Coolies from Yulee" or the "Yuleens" who also called themselves BTS for Bob, Tom and Scott.  Anyway they hail from Yulee Florida.  Yulee is named for a Confederate General, David Levy Yulee who built the first rail road across the state of Florida. 

Soon it was time to go Trackside Live.  Sam had went early to get a front row place.  Gino went too but came back to get me because he had arranged an introduction between Steve Brynes and myself.  Steve was very nice and I enjoyed telling him the what I liked most about him was that whenever they talked about a track getting a new date he always said "You know what I think...bring back Wilkesboro." 

While at Trackside, we saw DW signing autographs.  He spent around 20 minutes signing which was very nice.  There was a Tony Stewart fan heckling him and you could tell it was aggravating him.  He handled it good however. 

We saw a real cool airbrushed truck which was named "Dooley's Duely".  It was airbrushed with everything related to Dale; Dale and Junior, Dale, Theresa and Taylor, Dale and Theresa,...On the hood it had at least 60 drivers autographs.  This guy spent a ton of money and time on that truck.  Another photo  One more

Soon it was time to head to the truck race and qualifying.  Jimmy hung out at the campsite because he was still feeling bad.  Next to me on Friday night were 2 of the coolest fans.  I seem to always get lucky and sit around some one cool.  Anyway the couple's name was William Crawford and Rae Walden from Jacksonville Fl. where as they said "Where Georgia really ends and Florida begins."  I think they mean there are a bunch of southern bubbas in Jacksonville! 

Anyway, there were fans from the old days.  William has been to the old Nashville fairgrounds for a race.  He was also at Daytona when Petty and Pearson wrecked going to the checkered flag and when the great infield fight occurred between the Allison's and Cale.  I really enjoyed chatting with them about how expensive racing can be if you do not know the tricks.  Then I told them one of the tips that I do not post on the site, I only give it out to fans I meet at the track that I like.  William had one of the quotes of the weekend (See bottom of article). 

The qualifying was soon over and it was time for the best race of the weekend; those big, boxy, beautiful trucks to roll out!  What an excellent show the trucks put on.  If you have never bothered to go see them while you are at the track do yourself a favor and go, they are the best racing out there.  It was a photo finish with Ron Hornaday edging out Bobby Labonte.  There was a wreck at the checkers!  Ron Hornaday did a kick ass burnout and waved to all the fans to celebrate as a wrecker came out to get the #06.  

When we got back to camp, we were hanging out by the fire and getting ready to eat Seafood Chowder made with Scallops, crab meat and shrimp (caught by Jimmy and our buddy, Big Al).  All of a sudden we hear some one yell out;

"Hey Laidback Racing"

It was our buddies who ran into Mike at Charlotte, Jason and Dave from Hot Lanter.  They had used our site for Charlotte info and ran into Mike at the vendors.  He had on a Laidback Racing shirt so they started a conversation with him.  Anyway, they were riding back to their campsite and saw the Little Brown Truck parked at the top of the hill on Hwy 19.  They said they almost wrecked when they saw it and had to come by and say "Hey There".  Jason was leaving Saturday and Dave's wife was coming up.  Jason and his wife just celebrated the birth if their first child, a daughter names Emery after Jason grandpa.  Jason or Dave: when you read this please email me!

Saturday broke as a beautiful day.  Actually even though it was cold at night in terms of Atlanta weather it was super.  We sat in the east Turn Grandstand Saturday and what a view!  Looking at turn 4.  Look at the front stretch.  Looking at the back stretch.

Behind us were a group of guys that do a guy's weekend once a year to a race.  Their names are Leroy, Walter and James.  They are from Virginia but haven't done's to small for them.  That's why I like different tracks on the circuit.  Something for everyone's taste.  When we came up, they told Jimmy they likes his shirt.  And yes we sell them at the store on the left!   

Next to us were the Bone Family, Amy, Derrick and Drake.  I first started talking to her after the following announcement came over the PA System right before they were going to take the green:

"Could Zeke Lumpkin please report to the nearest Sheriff Deputy"

Jimmy cracked "We found your wallet with your ID and drugs in it."  (As you can tell he was feeling much better by the Busch race)

I turned to Amy and said "you always hear them announcing that and usually they say we have your lost child.  Zeke's son must have told them his dad wouldn't come get him if they said he was lost."

Amy relied "Did you say Zeke Lumpkin? I'm Zeke Lumpkin!" 

Which cracked me up.  I had a big time all day chatting with Amy.  We discussed everything from Foo-Foo girls to cigarettes at the track.  Come back tomorrow and read some of our thoughts on the cigarette issue in "Race Fan Rants from the Atlanta motor Speedway". 
Amy when you read this please email me, I need to ask you something!

Sunday broke beautiful to begin with then turned gray.  It still wasn't bad in terms of Atlanta race weather!  We headed to the track early so we could watch the Chinook Helicopter bring in the pace car.  Once again the powers that be, with no thought to the fans that buy tickets, started the pre race festivities early because all of a sudden there was a 50% chance of rain.  This really ticks me off.  We got to the track at least 1 hour before green flag only for Gino to call his buddy Jerry who informed us the Chinook had already landed.  Gino and I both talked to Jerry for awhile.  This is something most race fans do, call their buddies that didn't bother to come to the races from the track.  Needless to say Jerry is coming with Gino to Charlotte.     

We got not one but two flyovers which was cool.  Who ever did the National Anthem Sunday really mucked it up but since there were a bunch of disrespectful fans talking loudly during the whole thing, there was something greater to annoy me.

Behind us on Sunday was Robin and Tim DeMay from Mulberry FL.  Robin wanted to say hi to all the kids at Purcell Elementary School.  On Friday, she lets the kids go visit websites and is letting them read this as you read it.  She was nice enough to take a picture of all of us too

Next to us were two funny fans, Tommy and Joy helms of Griffin GA.  Tommy has one of the quotes of the weekend.  (see bottom of article).  They went in search of better seats due to the jerks sitting in the Weaver Grandstand, Section 13, Rows 17 and 18, Seats 24-31.  They did not sit down the WHOLE race and stopped us from seeing turn 2 and the first part of the back stretch.  Here is their leader. Anyway we did not get a photo of them.  But thanks for the laughs Tommy and Joy!

In front of us were 2 really cool guys from Knoxville TN, Jesse Cash and Jason Sorrell. This was their first race and they won tickets on 94.3.  They seemed to have a great time and were fun to be sitting behind.  Look at Jason steer that car!

Jesse's grand uncle, Ray Pillo started the Grand Ole Opry.  Uncle Ray also sang a duet with the great Patsy Cline.   Jesse is a distant relative of none other than Johnny Cash.  Jesse works mixing audio on two of Jimmy's and my favorite channels, the Discovery Channel and TLC. 

One thing that annoyed me and Jimmy the whole race was that the back stretch scoring tower wasn't correct the whole day.  They even had the #3 in fifth for much of the race.  Now, I know many fans thought he walked on water, but come on.  If he had been resurrected we would know because there would be less red #8 apparel at the track!

After we left the race we went to NA$CAR Victory Lane.  While hanging out there we meet a couple of really cool guys.  The first 2 guys were Rich and Bill AKA Bill and Bubba from the racingone message board (ain't that confusing...Bill's AKA is Bubba and Rich's AKA is Bill).  We sat around discussing a variety of topics for awhile and had a good laugh.  (Hey Bubba Bill...I am still laughing at your imitating some of the race track fans with their hats over their hearts!)  They have been around the sport awhile and don't like some of the things happening today.  Bubba Bill gave one of the quotes of the weekend (see below).  Anyway, Bubba Bill is supposed to get up off is procrastinating a#$ and write some articles for us (that is his quote).

The other 2 guys who came up and chatted saw the Little Brown Truck and had been to our website.  So you do never know when you will see us at the races.  Gene McCormick and Greg Clark are from Dayton Ohio and like the daily  recipes we post.     As soon as I heard they were from Ohio I asked them;

"I know ya'll have been to the Rock haven't you?"

You see, we have met more fans from Ohio at the Rock.  One year we even asked if they remember to turn out the lights cause so many of them were there.  Hope to see ya'll at Bristol!

I have no photo of these 2 sets of guys because my camera guys were wandering around.

We wandered home to begin packing up for Monday's departure. 

One last thing: I forgot to mention in my Bravos and Boos was:
A BIG BOO to the track personnel who was in charge of the women's rest rooms on the back stretch.  I was standing there when the cleanup girl went out and said to him that the water pressure was about 0.  Water was barely trickling out the faucets and the toilets were barely flushing.  He told her and I quote

"As long as there isn't shit on the floors and they can get their hands wet, we aren't responsible to give them anything else."

How dare him.  He is acting like he works for ISC.

Well, race fans that's all for this week.  Please visit our advertisers on the top left of this page.  Many thanks to Gino and Mike for all the great photos.  If you are going to Bristol, look for Laidback Racing.  We will be at the campgrounds off White Top.  Check back in 2 weeks for the Fan Recap from Bristol Motor Speedway.  As always, we hope to tailgate with ya’ll at the track soon.   

"I've been following racing so long I not only saw Wendell Scott run a race,
I saw Dave Marcus win one." William Crawford.

"In terms of Atlanta weather this weekend is a Muhammad Ali" Race Mama Jo Ann

"If I used a digital camera at the track I'd have to have my own separate card so my wife couldn't see what I was taking pictures of".  An anonymous Bubba from Mauk

"The world would be a better place if people would think before they spit, walked, talked or even thought".  Tommy Helms

"Brian France ain't a pimple on Time Warner's' ass." Bill AKA Bubba from racinone message board.

A photo of Dave
DW Motorsports?  How old is this thing?
Fans taking it to the fence
Fans leaving the race
More fans leaving
Northern Recon Hillbilly Gino
Northern Recon Hillbilly's daughter Sam
Gino uses his atlents to take a photo of himself, me and Jimmy.
Another East Turn Grandstand shot.
Another Trackside shot
One more shot of Steve Brynes

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