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Fan Recap from the Bristol Motor Speedway Parking Lot
By Jo Ann Hlavac 04/11/05
Photos throughout the story photo links are in green

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the second race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, The Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.  (I need to apologize for not having this finished Friday but the tax man cometh!) This is our regular article I write after all the races we attend.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Jimmy and I headed to Bristol on Thursday.  We got lucky on the way up and found Steve buy one get one free fireworks.  That made him oh so happy.  Anyway we arrived at Dave "Odom" Hite's house early Thursday evening and immediately had a problem.  The Race Wagon would not pull the heavy ass Little Brown Truck up the hill.

After taking out one of Dave and Lisa's Bradford Pears, we were able to unhook the trailer and just leave it at the bottom of the hill. (Thanks for being so nice about it y'all).  Dave had a full house of guests.  Among others there were Sandra and Brian Schneider from Fredericksburg VA and Scott from Harrisburg PA.  Sandra took a great photo in one of the camp grounds.  I tell you what...during a rainout fans will do anything to see racing.  Remember the Bottle Top Racing guys from Charlotte?  

We got settled and waited on Steve and Cindy to call us from Red Barn.  Finally the phone rang and it was Steve!  He says;

"Guess where we are?"

I answer with the only response that I know to that question; "Wal-Mart."      

Well, of course that is where they were.  Anyway, they were going to call when they got to Red Barn.  A good while goes by before the phone rings.  It's Steve and they are having a technical difficulty.  Even though Cindy explained they had a heavy Airstream the folks reserved her a spot on the hill.  It wasn't going to work as they were stuck.  So off Jimmy and I went with Dave's truck to help pull them out.  And pull them out we did...3 times.  Finally a great guy, Rocky the security guard rectified the problem and got Cindy and Steve the flattest spot in all of Bristol. Thanks Rocky!  It also made Steve happy cause he could sleep under his driver.

Friday broke cloudy.  Jimmy waxed the Little Brown Truck while I got breakfast together. Early Friday afternoon we back over to Red Barn bring with us Jamie Kramer and Rob Roby who were staying at Dave's too. They found Dave's thru our website.  Almost as soon as we pulled up some fans stopped by that saw the Little Brown Truck. One of them, Kevin Witaker had been to our website.  They are; (front) Ken Whitaker (in red vest), Mandy OBryan, Chris Jackson, (back) Tiffanie Martin, Robin Whitaker and Tammy Synder all from London Kentucky. Photo 2    

Doug and Renee had arrived by then.  Right away Renee tells me that she doesn't have access to a computer and hadn't been to the website but

"Everyone keeps telling me that in all the photos on the website I look drunk.  Please take a photo of me and Doug right now."  So Race Mama Renee here you go....and I must say you look marvelous and sober!

We had a great time on Friday until we had to go guessed it Wal-Mart.  Let me rephrase that...Jimmy and I didn't have to go, Steve and Jamie did.  Jimmy and I drove because they had already started drinking and we were sober.  Race fans: always have a designated driver.

Anyway when we got back Rob told us a couple of great stories from MIS.

Story #1:  While in the MIS infield one year 2 very good looking girls walked up trying to find their buddies.  The guys with Rob told the girls to get on their rig and look around to see if they saw their friends.  Well up they all go on top of the rig.  Soon a crowd of about 150 guys had formed (This happens in all infields when women get up on the RV).  The guys start yelling and throwing beads.  Well the girls yell "throw money" which the bubbas did...according to Rob it was like $135.00.  The girls start stripping and put on a show.  All of a sudden up pull the police.  The girls jump off the RV naked and start running through the infield!  Of course they didn't get far...and the kicker is Rob still had the money!

Story #2: Seems Rob passed out which is a big no no when camping at the track with a group of race fans.  (See rule #6).  Anyway his buddies went and found the ugliest Rusty Wallace fan that was in the infield.  They got her to come back and took a bunch of pictures of her posing with Rob.  He didn't know anything about it until he saw the pictures later.  Now that does sound like us!

Cindy started whipping us up a all you can eat surf and turf buffet that included bacon wrapped scallops, fried shrimp roasted oysters and ribeyes!  Steve had bought a grill at Wal-Mart and it had to be put together.  As you can imagine getting drunks to put something together is time consuming.  Well Rob wasn't giving up.  Cindy did give up however and cooked the ribeyes in a pan.  It was too funny, after dinner was completely ready, Rob tells us "Hey, watch this."

He goes up to Cindy and says "Hey Maw, I got the grill ready now."

Many other fans stopped by who saw the Little Brown Truck and had been to our site and I thank them all.  If I knew that would be my only chance to get good pictures I would have taken more of them.

Saturday broke rainy as expected.  Now what ticks me off is there was not one radar I saw that had any clear patches on it until Saturday night.  Did NASCAR tell the fans hanging out at the track this?  NO they kept saying "There is a window to get the race Steve said "When they say they have a window to get the race in what they mean is they have a window for you to spend more money."   

Anyway Steve came to get us to take us back to Red Barn in the afternoon to eat fried Turkey.  Poor Steve got stuck and had to have Scott pull us out.  Steve just kept the pull strap on the front of the truck for next time even though there wasn't one.  Man it was so wet Doug McGill had on his "Goodyears".  Rene and Doug didn't let that stop them from having fun.  Steve and Cindy headed over to hear the Robbins-Jones band playing. 
(Check out their Bristol Pictures: Photos)  We headed home and Doug and Renee went to sleep after they eat some of Cindy's Quadruple Chocolate Brownie Thunder and washed it down with White Russians!   

Sunday broke beautiful.  We left the LBT in the free parking and headed over Red Barn in Cindy's truck.  On the way we saw a cool Bobby Labonte Rig .  I went over and chatted with Todd Stephans who works for Arnold Entertainment.  Check them out when you are at Bristol...they are in the Red Barn campground right on 11E.  They sell the coolest Bristol Shirts.  The front has:

Bristol Racing
The Real March Madness.

While hanging out we saw many fans who were prepared (hey we had that tip on our tailgating tips page).  Photo 1 
Fan #2 who was really prepared is Gary from Erie Pa.  There was Gary waiting in line with his beer and Charmin.  I went over and chatted with Angie while waiting on Gary so I could take a picture of both of them.  We hear a phone ring and then hear Gary talking.  While still in the Port O Potty, he's telling some one about me taking his picture and being on the Internet.  Here is Gary and Angie.       

We just hung out until race time watching the crowds.  Jimmy and I headed over to the track.  On the tram we met a very nice couple from Speedwell TN, Steve and Freda Rogers.  Thanks for giving us the heads up on sitting in the tram properly.

When we got to our seats we were pleasantly surprised.  We expected it to be cold cause we were so high up and it was extremely windy.  Well, we were in the section in front of the elevator shafts and we had no wind even though we were 3 rows from the top.  One thing, you can't be over weight and sit in these high dollar seats cause of the arm rest.

Next to us was Kenny Schrader...OK I think this guy looked like Kenny.  There are Dan Nizan, Jeff Hungerman and Rich Lucas from Pittsburgh PA.  They have been going to RIR since 1987 but this was their first Bristol visit.  Dan and I were talking about bench seating and how if there is 3 overweight people on your row you ain't getting a whole seat.  I told him about Navy Paul asking how much space his ticket entitled him to.  He was told 18 inches so at RIR he brings his tape measure to make sure he gets his 18 inches! 

We watched a dragster start it's it was loud.  Watched the big ole shopping cart make a lap and the pace lap.  One thing we liked was the 4-sided wide screen TV's...all tracks need that not just a Jumbotron for the high dollar seats.  Finally it was time for the green flag!  The view from the Earnhardt Terrace was great.  It was great to see Childress Motorsports back in victory lane and Harvick start shotgun and win the race.  Here he is starting his Victory Lap        

We got back to Dave and Lisa's place and he had ribs ready for us.  Many thanks.  It did get us started on cracking jokes and we came up with a new name for Dave's house: Bubba's Bed, Breakfast, Beer and Bar B Que.  Soon we packed it up and headed home.
Well, race fans that's all for this week.  Please visit our advertisers on the top left of this page.  Come back after Darlington to read about the Mother's Day Southern 500 from Darlington raceway.  As always, we hope to tailgate with ya’ll at the track soon.   

“I’m going to Wal-Mart.” Said at least 20 times between Dave’s house and Cindy’s campsite.

"Hey Maw, I got the grill ready now."  Rob

“We have a turkey fryer you have to put together first.”  Doug McGill to Rob

"All I talked about were my wife and 4 girls all weekend" Jamie when I told him they were in my article.

"The only thing racing today are the track dryers"  Jimmy "Laidback" Hlavac about Saturday

"When they say they have a window to get the race in what they mean is they have a window for you to spend more money."  Steve Lowe on the Saturday radio announcements

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