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Fan Recap from the Bristol Motor Speedway Parking Lot
By Jo Ann Hlavac 09/02/05
Photos throughout the story photo links are in green

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the sixth race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, The Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.  This is our regular article I write after all the races we attend.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Our adventure starts way before we actually got to the track.  My sister, Karen and I, had been planning the Great Birthday Scam for my brother-in-law Steve for around 6 months.  He has never been to a race and has always wanted to go to the Bristol night race.  He gave that up as a lost cause.  Well, I was able to find them tickets and my sister planned a great birthday surprise.  She pulled it off!  He had no idea until I handed him his T-Shirt and Karen handed him the tickets!  He thought he was going to Europe!       

We got to Bristol with just enough time to park the RV and head over to the track for the truck race.  It was a mild race by both Bristol and truck race standards.  Off to bed because we had a big day on Thursday.

Up early on Thursday for Jimmy to drive the Little Brown Truck around Bristol Motor Speedway for Track Laps for Kids.  I gave my seat to Steve as part of his birthday surprise.  We got to the parking lot and unloaded the LBT

It was really cool to watch all the fans drive their cars around the track.  One guy was so funny as he left the infield he yelled to me "We got our Bristol Stripe!"  I bet George the painter wasn't happy!  I also told Karen I bet he never sells that truck.  Anyway every single person we talked said it was the most fun they have had in a long time.  And they helped a good cause too.       

While waiting for our turn Graeme Turnbaul, from Ontario Canada, came up and told us he found out about it thru our site.  I told him I would take his photo.  Here you go Graeme! (email me and I will send you the untouched photo).  We met Bert and Kathy from Simmonson Ohio who had drove her truck on the track earlier.  They really enjoyed the experience.  We had to hang around so I wandered around and met 2 nice track workers, Don and Tom.      

Finally the Little Brown Truck drove into the infield!  As we were waiting for the LBT to come out we got a call from Steve.

"The Little Brown Truck will make a victory lap by itself.  They don't think it will be fair to us to send us out with everyone else because we will get lapped quick since the LBT only goes 10 MPH," Steve tells us.

Finally we see the LBT come out of the pits.  As the Little Brown Truck came into view the fans in the infield waiting to leave roared.  Jimmy told me later he could hear them above the Little Brown Truck.  I told him he should have, it sounded like Jr. taking the lead at Talladega. Anyway, as they came by us Steve had an ear to ear grin on his face.

Right when they came past turn 3, a police car pulled up behind them with the sirens and blue lights blaring!  It was pretty funny and unfortunately the photo we have is with my sister in Virginia. 

Thursday night we went over to Steve and Cindy's at the Red Barn watched the Hauler Parade and called it a night.  We had more excitement waiting on us Friday morning.  Local TV station, WJHL News Channel 11, was doing a piece on us for the 6:00 news!

Tim Davis and Elissa Burrell, from Channel 11, interviewed with us Friday morning at Dave's house then we took them around the Red Barn campground in the Little Brown Truck.  Elissa and I rode in the back doing the beauty queen wave.  Since it was early the fans weren't real rowdy.  

We hung out with Felicia and Clint AKA Speedway dog until they were ready for a bike ride.  Clint's place was sort of our satellite headquarters for the weekend and we greatly appreciate it.  Off to the track for the Busch race Friday night.  Behind us were 3 guys who kept saying they knew us and I think they may have just been pulling our leg but here are Bill, Mike and Frank from Georgia.  

Friday night we kept giving my sister a hard time.  She went to get a cup of coffee but was told they didn't have any.  "You mean none brewed?  I'll wait"

"No, we don't have any at all," replied the concession's worker

Well, big as day on the wide screen TV it kept flashing up "JFG and BMS, always something brewing.  Bristol welcomes JFG coffee into the BMS family."  When ever it would flash up I would poke her and say "Hey Karen, something's brewing just not coffee!"
Afterwards we were waiting for our friend Moose and his wife Debbie to arrive.  Once they got there and we got them parked we went back over to Dave's to wait for other friends, Frankie and Kevin.  Well, I had made a bet they would get lost and they did.  The only thing I can't believe is they had a GPS in the back seat the whole time!

Saturday we went over to Red Barn early to hang out before the race. There were all kinds of things going on.  Karen and Steve played poker.  Doug, Clint's brother from Long Beach and Tyler Stooksbury strummed the guitars while Steve and Greg listened.  Of course Steve played washers here with Greg and the other Steve.  Kathy and John McCabe came by before heading into the track and chatted a while. Soon it was time to head over to the race.

On the way we ran into Joe Reeder and his friend Mike, who I helped get tickets for the race.  They are hard working college boys at Bristol for the first time.  We also ran into Larry Bryd, Willy Ray, Jim Spears and Jerry Jones who have sat in the same spot for 8 years watching the fans stream into Bristol Speedway.  
Well Folks that's all for this edition.  I can honestly say this is one of the best times we have ever had at the races. 

This weekend we should be in Darlington SC for the Labor Day Southern 500 but for the second year we won't be there.  It still just don't feel right.  I am again boycotting the event that is being held this weekend and urge all real race fans to do the same.        
John and Kathy McCabe from all the way California:  Photo
Me and my sister Karen: Photo
Patriotic Pre Race Photo
Salute to Rusty Photo
Kenseth in Victory Lane Photo

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