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Fan Recap from the Coca Cola Cautionfest 600
By Jo Ann Hlavac 06/06/05
Photos throughout the story photo links are in green

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the fifth race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, The Coca Cola Caution 600 at Humpy's House, Charlotte Motor Speedway.  (I need to apologize for not having this finished Friday but real life got in the way of my Internet life!) This is our regular article I write after all the races we attend.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Man, oh man, we had a crowd for Memorial Weekend.  Cindy and Steve got to Hudspeth's Turn 1 Campground Wednesday night and we arrived shortly after them early Thursday morning.  Cindy, as head cook, whipped us up a great breakfast.  Jimmy, Steve and I started setting up our hospitality and soon we hear Cindy calling us to come eat Angus we need to be told to come eat good food!  Not to much later she calls us again for Strawberry Supreme...less than 6 hours into the weekend and we have already eaten 3 times.  The weekend is off to a great start!

Next ones in our group to pull up is Gino, our northern hillbilly with Ron, the Great White Hunter and Mad Mikie, our graphic artist.  After sharing a laugh with Jimmy, Ron and Gino get to work setting up their camp.  Throughout the weekend many fans stopped by.  The first ones were Shane Howard and Joe Schutte from Dayton Ohio...Joe had on a Dick Trickle T-Shirt so you know he knows racin'.  Of course I had to say "Dick Trickle the winningest stock car driver in America...over 1,200 wins!" 

Soon it is time to head to qualifying.  Jimmy and I secured Speedway Clubs seats from Parks Auto Parts and took Gino and Mike with us as a way to thank them for all they do.  Thursday night when we got back we all eat steaks, tossed some washers and called it a night.

Friday Richard and Judy came by to see Mike.  They are long time fans and Richard recently retired from out military.  Many thanks to both for all they have sacrificed so Richard could serve our country. 

Friday saw the arrival of Jamie and Brian from Fort Myers FL.  We met them at Darlington and were glad to have them join us.  When I saw how crammed packed their vehicle was, I told them they looked like me and Laidback in our tent days.  We hung out Friday telling lies and swapping tales.  All weekend Abby the short, squat, stubbie Hudspeth doggie came to visit us having gotten used to us from the All Star weekend.  Hey what is Brian and Ron up to?  Now this is a scary meeting of minds; Gino, Mike, Jimmy and Steve.  We rode up to the vendors to get our free stuff. 

While in the big white tent, some fans came up to me and Jimmy.  "Hey, ya'll are the website people.  We love your site.  We were talking about Foo Foo girls 'cause she wanted to know where she was gonna plug in her curling iron."

We chatted for a few minutes with me mentioning Sharpies.  It was like that all weekend.  Fans saw us or the Little Brown Truck and came up.  Thanks to all of you.  We really appreciate the comments. 

On the way back from the vendors Jimmy saw a funny license plate and turned around for us to see it too.  I bet no one tailgates him, huh?  

Our area of the campground was filling up.  We see David Hudspeth bringing in these big land yachts.  We turn our chairs around to watch the Leechburg crew from Pa back in those land yachts.  Man, was it a let down.  They parked those big monsters on the first attempts.  Donna then tells us her hubby, Henry is a tractor trailer driver so that explained that.  They had the bean bag toss and were playing most of the weekend.  Hey, we have Gino and Ron from PA, the Leechburg Crew from PA and Buzz from PA...I wonder if there is anyone left in PA on Memorial Day Weekend?  Friday also had the guys across the street from us setting up flags.  Which in itself isn't that fun to watch but they get out the extension ladder so I have to go watch.  Butch and the boys installed a spot light that they use at night to toss the horseshoes and that is where they are hanging the flags.  So we got washers, the bean bag toss and horseshoes in our little corner of tailgating heaven. 

Cindy and Steve had to go to New Bern to pay the guys so Ron, the Great White Hunter and I were in charge of dinner.  Now ya'll know how we like to eat and at times have claimed to eat every meat known to man...well Ron introduced us to a few new species.  Friday night we had my Pork Loin and Ron's wild boar.  It was interesting to eat them together and taste the difference.  We sat around telling lies and eating good.  Friday night we get a call from Chesapeake Dave.  Seems he and his son double teamed his wife.  They started working on her the week before and finally wore her done.  Go she said.  Chesapeake Dave was beside himself.  He and Chesapeake Junya AKA Trevor would be there Saturday morning.   

Saturday is when we really filled up the rest of our hospitality.  Chesapeake Dave and Chesapeake Junya arrived and just couldn't contain their excitement.  They setup their camper in front of the Gino Mobile.  The rest of my pit crew gets there with the arrival of Frankie, Alan AKA Hank AKA Toby, Big Al, Shelia, Dino and the Twins.  Man we are packed into our space in front of the garageJohnny and Debbie friends of Cindy's arrive.  Also stopping by was Rob and George Marsden from the website.  Rob is 20 something and has taken it upon himself to try to get interest in North Wilkesboro Speedway.  He wants it to be sold so it can be used for some sort of racing.  George you raised him well.   

Steve is such a good PR man, he is always willing to teach some one how to play washers in between riding around and promoting the web site.  Here he is throwing with Chesapeake Junya.  Of course there was a lot of standing around and telling lies
Before the Busch race Cindy cooked up her world famous fried turkey.  And of course Ron the great white hunter cooked up some more species we have never eaten; bear chops and elk burgers!

Soon it is time to go to the Busch race.  Jimmy had the Little Brown Truck groaning with the heavy loads.  We sat inbetween turns 1 and 2 and man, oh man, turn 2 was eating them up Saturday night!  While we were there Frankie walked down and took a picture of couchman and his pit crew in the infield.  Gino shows his talent by taking a picture of him and Frankie.

After the race Saturday Big Al fried us up catfish and hush puppies.  Big Al is a fish frying fool!  Of course there was more sitting around an telling lies.  So on Saturday alone we ate most species of animals known to man...pork, elk, bear, turkey and fish!

Sunday found Frankie and the boys going to the vendors.  What is this?  Frankie is being his own man servant?  When they get back, Big Al with the tender nipple has to operate on his shirt so it don't hurt his tender nipple.  Dave's friends Ron from Woodbridge VA and Duane from Manassas VA show up to tailgate Sunday morning.  Gino's friend, Johnny Burrito comes by with the Hot Pepper mobile.  You know we had to have a picture taken with the Hot Pepper Mobile and the Little Brown Truck.   

We soon had to get to the track for the 600.  Little did we know it would be a more of a marathon than usual.  Frankie and I agree that most photos from the track look the same.  BUT these 2 definitely looked different than most!  Photo 1, Photo 2  

Our pit crew's claim to fame is we had at least 6 of us make the entire race on 1 pit stop and 3 of us on none!  You see we were on row 76 and didn't see the elevator until near the end of the race.  That red flag about did us in! 

I usually don't comment on the race in the fan recap but after reading a few articles last week I have a few thoughts to share.
1st - Some writers were saying that 600 miles is too long....THAT IS THE POINT!
Once a year we have the's purpose is much like the Labor Day Southern 500 used to be, to separate the boys from the men. 

2nd - I am a paranoid as the best of them and think racing's like rassling BUT no one and I mean no one could have orchestrated the chain of events that led up to the Lowe's car winning.  Anyone that thinks differently is just....well you get what I am saying on this subject.

3rd - By far that was one of the most entertaining 600 I have ever sat and watched.  So many twists and turns.  No, I didn't really like all the cautions BUT it was a hell of a lot better than the 600 where Dale Jarrett wore out the field and lapped everyone but the top 4 cars.
Well, race fans that's all for this week.  Look for our Northern Hillbilly, Gino, in the Pocono Infield.  As always, we hope to tailgate with ya’ll at the track soon.   

Chesapeake Dave and Duane. Photo
Carzilla Photo
Dave's neighbors at the race - Bobby and Renee, Stationed in Ft. Bragg.  Photo

"Little Frankie called and he is pissed about being left home and not sitting in the Speedway Club."  Frankie to Race Mama

"Your belt would sound like it was slipping too if you had been carrying these heavy loads all weekend."  Jimmy to Big Al when Al commented on the sound of the Little Brown Truck.

"So Dave, where you from Chesapeake?" Frankie to Chesapeake Dave

"Tony Eury called and he wants all you Junya fans at DEI 'cause after he is thru with Junya he wants a piece of you."  Race Mama to the #8 fans in our group; the Twins and Dino.

"I'm gonna wrestle you for the drivers seat.  I want you in the back with me driving."  Gino to Jimmy

"He caught'em, cleaned'em, lost'em, found'em and cooked'em."  Race Mama about Big Al's catfish. 

"If I still drank I would have no idea what happened tonight."  Race Mama on the 600

"Are you people a bunch of camels?"  Chesapeake Dave when he heard about the 1 pit stops and no pit stops of our crew.

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