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Fan Recap from the Mother's Day Southern 500
By Jo Ann Hlavac 05/16/05
Photos throughout the story photo links are in green

Hey there race fans.  Laidback Racing went to the third race of their Chasin’ Racin’ Tour 2005, The Mother's day Southern 500 at Legendary Darlington Raceway.  (I need to apologize for not having this finished Friday but real life got in the way of my Internet life!) This is our regular article I write after all the races we attend.  Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Jimmy and I got to Pops at Darlington Wednesday just as Texas Kevin and Brenda Junya were heading to the Transporter Parade.  Kevin didn't really want to go and was glad to send Brenda and I off together.

Brenda and I got to the Darlington Town Square early and walked around looking at the people, the cars and talking.  Hey it's me with a purty pink goes so well with my hair!  Finally, the police sirens could be heard and the transporters came into view.  Brenda and I were surprised there were only 10 or so transporter.  The big names were Blaney,  Junior, Harvick and Edwards.  Later that weekend I heard from a Darlington local the reason why.  His cousin was on the parade committee and told him that the owner of Charlotte Speedway (Bruton) sabotaged the transporter parade by giving free tires to teams testing at Charlotte if they did not participate...Bruton you oughta be ashamed!  To the ones that did participate THANK the rest you oughta be ashamed along with Bruton.  

Brenda and I got back to Pop's and the four of us called it a night.  Thursday broke wet and like Pop's said "It wouldn't be race weekend without rain".  Mayor Carl and First Lady Gayle arrived as did David "Duct Tape" Owens.  David was leaving his RV and coming back up later.

Jimmy and I settled in to watch some TV which sometimes is your only option early in a rainy race weekend.  There's a knock on the door and it is Mary Lynn...oh boy we got something to do!  Pop wanted Scott, Mary Lynn and Nick to park their RV at a funny angle next to David's.  Well, we decided that as along as we weren't blocking the crossover bridge Pop wouldn't mind if we re-arranged things a bit.  Jimmy, Scott and Nick pushed David's RV about 20 feet forward and then backed their RV up next to his.  Now what made this funny is David locked the tongue on the front of his RV and the door to his motor home so no one could mess with anything.  Scoot even went inside the RV to adjust the pole on the pull out.  We had a big time laughing about how we ought to hid in David's RV and when he unlocked it to come inside all yell surprise.  Try to lock us out, will he?

Mary Lynn and I cooked a community dinner Thursday night.  Which was a good thing because Racemama Cindy and Steve were having technical difficulties with the satellite so they along with Navy Paul joined in the dinner.

Friday as we were having coffee, Brian and Jaime from Ft. Myers Fl. came up.  They had walked over from Camp Darlington to thank us for the website and to buy a couple of T-Shirts.  We sat around drinking coffee and talking racing. 

More and more fans were pulling into Pop's including the Cleveland Boys, Scott and Chris White, Jim Schaffer and Jason ToddThey were Virgin racers.  They said where better to see your first race than at the track where it all began, the Legendary Darlington Raceway. (hey Ya'll email me I lost the email address you gave me)

Mike, Judy and Dylan from Columbia pulled up into their usual spot and immediately signed the Save the Darlington Raceway Petition.

Next to the Cleveland boys was The Kentucky Crew from Raleigh Kentucky.  Stephan West and the Smith Boys, Mike, Steve and Chris.  That is Dino (second from the left) who saw they were playing poker and had to join in.

Speaking of Dino, he finally got his Budweiser Tent up after bringing it for a few years and being hindered by rain.  All around us fans were playing games like poker, washers and hillbilly golf.

Jimmy and I had to leave to go to the Darlington Fanz Booth to give them the petitions. ( After that we headed over to the Speed Stage.  Right away I see someone with a sign so I go over.  It was Betina Ford from North Wilkesboro and Terry Sanislow from Chester.  Betina has been a visitor to our site for awhile and we chatted. While there we also saw a cool Budweiser Golf Cart.  In it were the Tinman from Greensboro NC and Hank from Norfolk VA. 

As we were getting ready to leave up runs Fred Slope from Columbia SC.  Fred recognized the Little Brown Truck and came over to thank us for the website.  Then he did the coolest thing.  He asked for my autograph because he said his wife, Diane who had to work, wasn't going to believe he met me.  My first autograph!  When we got back to Pops one of the Cleveland boys asked for my autograph too.  Two in one day WOW!  I whipped out that Sharpie like a race car driver! 

Friday evening the rest of our Pit Crew arrived.  Jimmy, Big Al and I headed to the Busch race along with all of Navy Paul's Pit Crew.  Frankie hung around reading his owner's manual (don't ask) with part of our group.  The track looked beautiful as the sunset. Some members of Navy Paul's Pit Crew had a little trouble running their equipment hard early, losing the tires and hitting the wall in turn 4.  BUT due to their rank in the Pit Crew their photos will be keep for our enjoyment only!  We all agreed for whatever reason the cars sounded louder (except to those who hit the wall and took a nap).

Saturday broke clear and beautiful.  As we were hanging around up walked Judy from Dacula Ga.  She had come to get ice from Pops and saw the LBT.  She had been to the website and wanted to come over and say hi, buy a T-Shirt and say thank you.  So of course I took her picture in the Little Brown truck.   

We walked over to the guys at the Church of God of Prophecy to have breakfast.  While walking back to Pops, I stopped at the front entrance and got the guys to sign the petition.  Seems fair to have a picture of the guys since I took one of the girls last year.  They are Superintendent Jody, Corey and Don.
Jimmy and I went up to do the vendors and on the way back we hear some one yelling our names.  We look back to see we are being chased!  It was Kathy McCabe who had come all the way from California with her hubby John.  Kathy and I were email buddies and I am so glad we ran into them.  I got Kathy to play a joke on Frankie and ask him where Little Frankie was.  (Read about Kathy and John The Drivers and the New Market Fans Have Spoken and NASCAR Needs to Listen )
Finally it was time to go to the Mother's Day Southern 500!  Frankie, Jimmy and I sat together.  Alan AKA Toby AKA Hank sat with Dino.  Big Al was right in front of them.  After a great rendition of the National Anthem which all the fans in Section U of the Colvin Grandstands sang along respectfully, the driver's moms gave the command to start the engines!  I thought that was real cool and a great new tradition.     

Once again, some members of Navy Paul's Pit Crew forgets to save their tires.  Randy hit the wall hard in turn 4 and since he isn't high enough on the food chain we are posting his picture!

It was a great race weekend at the Mother of All Race Tracks: The Lady in Black who Is Too Tough To Tame!  May we be going to races there for another 54 years. 
Well, race fans that's all for this week.  Please visit our advertisers on the top left of this page.  If you are going to Charlotte for Speedweeks, look for the Little Brown Truck zipping around Hudspeth Road.  Please come back after the Charlotte races to read more of our adventures.  As always, we hope to tailgate with ya’ll at the track soon.   

Ticket Prcurement Officer, Kevin Gissel and Wade. Photo
David, Georgia and our good buddy Ernie "Chicken legs" who is not to be confused with Ernie "No go, no show".  Photo 1
Racemama, Mayor Carl, Brenda Junya and Texas Kevin.  Photo 2
Mayor Carl and his long lost son, Texas Kevin Photo 3
Doug congratulating Cenny Kesney on his weekend marriage. Photo 4
Navy Paul and Angela high atop Pearson tower.  Photo 5

Navy Paul's Pit Crew running hard and fast in the early going then hitting the wall.

Mayor Carl's $2,000.00 ice maker.  That is more than our RV cost!

David Owens trying to lock us out of his RV.

The smell from Frankie's motorhome that could've ruined our weekend.  We could have done blowed up!

Frankie getting ready early and it not working out so good.  He forgot the camera battery charging up at the store (but he did have the camera and all the lens).  He also forgot the scanner which was in a good safe place..a black bag!  And on top of that he forgot Little Frankie.  Frankie works much better under pressure!  

"My dream is to drive the Little Brown truck" one of the Cleveland Boys

"Good Luck.  My dream is to drive the Little Brown Truck too."  Racemama

"Litttle Frankie called and he is pissed about being left home."  Racemama to Frankie.

"That ditch bitch ain't getting my ass tonight"  Doug McGill

"My pit crew ain't saving their tires.  They aren't gonna last for the long run."  Navy Paul

"My pit crew will outlast your pit crew.  We've got age and wisdom on our side"  Race Mama

"I don't want any sunscreen.  I wanted to get burnt so my wife will baby me when I get home."  On of the Cleveland boys  (the really white one in this picture)

"Hey Carl, for $2,000.00 I'll not only make your ice, I'll make your drinks too."  Race Mama

"I hit the wall so hard I thought Dale Earnhardt was still racing."  Randy

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