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Navy Paul earned his nickname when he was in the Navy stationed at Charleston Naval Base and no one in Folly Beach, SC could pronounce his last name.  He is Motorcycle Mama’s son and got his start in racing at Thompson International Speedway in Thompson, Conn.  While Motorcycle Mama was driving the ambulance and serving as an EMT, Navy Paul was selling programs in the grandstands and running wild with his younger brother in the pits and under the grandstands every Sunday.  The running wild occasionally carried over into the clubhouse for the after race parties stealing sips of beer when Ma got tied up with an accident.  Navy Paul has a lot of stories about the things he saw.  Motorcycle mama never knew and Navy Paul never got caught. Great excitement for an 11 year old

Navy Paul has his favorite tracks, which include Darlington and Richmond and Bristol. He is normally chasin' racin' on the East Coast with his friends Doug and Renee and of course his Ma. (HEY...WHAT ABOUT US???)  

He has been known to be spontaneous, (MUST GET THAT FROM MOTORCYCLE MAMA) such as driving to Homestead FL for the last race of the season with no tickets and end up getting them for free.  He conveniently tries to plan all business trips to cities with races.   

Navy Paul likes Harley Davidson’s, back yard mechanics, duck hunting and drinking beer.  The last hobby usually occurs during all of the others. He is a terminal college student and can been seen with a book at every race studying for an exam. He is up to three master’s degrees including a MBA and is currently pursuing a PHD from the University Of Maryland. 

Navy Paul is frugal. Some say cheap. He will not throw anything away. He bought a 1976 24’ Winnebago motor home that was destined for the big RV graveyard in the sky and made a redneck palace for himself and his crew. If something in the RV breaks, no problem, that’s what they make duct tape for.  The old RV did not have an awning but Navy Paul improvised with a 16' by 22’ tarp that serves as a redneck horse shoe (washer game) cover when its raining.   He has no problem pulling his $400.00 motor home named matilida right next to the $250,000.00 motor homes because those people always end up in his camp for food, entertainment, or a good game of cards.

Navy Paul spends his time in Southern MD and in Folly Beach SC.  with his 2 children and his lovely wife Angela.

most favorite quotes:

" My pit crew ain't listening to me, they been drinking since noon and they ain't saving their tires for the race."  Note: At Darlington,  two of his crew passed out on lap 46 and with one finishing the race 100 laps down and the other DNF.

"I had Matilda running 70 mph to get here. There were pieces of her flying off up and down interstate 95. Oh well I got Duct tape."

Jobs on team:

Over the Wall Pit Crew Chief


Camp Musician

Alternate mechanic

Business advisor

inspirational leader