founding members may change the rules.
Like our esteemed sanctioning body, we have gray areas.  There are some exceptions to every rule.  We call those acceptable and they are listed below in green.  The black flag so to say are the unacceptable and in red to remind you to stop.  While we are sure some of you will find one or another of the rules to be non-rules for you that's fine with us.....just not at our campsite!  Some of the rules will have a small explanation.  Just trust us on these rules folks because:

Age, wisdom and experience will overcome
youth, energy and exuberance every time.

1). No driver bashing of any member.  Now this don't mean we don't poke fun at  drivers...heck our own ain't safe from our quick wit.  There is a difference between driver bashing and poking fun.  HOWEVER no driver bashing of anyone camping with us for the weekend.
FANS EXCLUDED FROM THIS RULE:  Terri “Ricky is the man” Morrison and Ronnie “No he’s not, Rusty is” Hamm.  These 2 make my cheeks hurt I laugh so much at them.  They are the only fans who really mean "it's all in fun".
Acceptable:  If Jeff Burton wins another rained shortened Southern 500, I'm not coming back.
Unacceptable: Jeff or Dale or Rusty (any driver) is a punk.

2). No fighting. We put this rule here because usually fighting comes from someone violating rule #1. 
The first 2 rules go together and the first one seems to be the one that draws the most attention.  We have it for a few reasons;
We have sat thru a rainout next to many groups of fans giving each other's driver hell for the whole weekend.  After a few days of being stuck together, it never fails the one dishing it out can't take it and it turns into a free for all.  Just ain't fun even though that's the one thing they all say "it's all in fun".

It's a trade off for no gloating.  One of our group is a Gordon fan and back in the mid nineties when Gordon was winning everything in sight, it became apparent to all that if no one ragged on Jeff then the 10 races or so a year he was winning wouldn't be rubbed in anyone's face.  Good trade off. 

3). No whining, complaining or just plain bitching.  If you are doing nothing to rectify whatever it is you are whining about, you may pay the consequences.
Acceptable: Saying that the tarp is leaking and getting the duct tape, some tie
straps and fixing it.
Unacceptable:  Just sitting in the camp chair whining that you are wet, hot, cold, dirty etc.

4) No Foo-Foo girls.  You know who you are.  Foo-Foo girls are high maintenance
and we just ain't got the time.  This is here because usually the ones breaking rule #3 are Foo-Foo girls.
Foo-Foo girls please note: Just let your boyfriend/husband go with out you.  They are doing nothing me. 
To men who love Foo-Foo girls, please note: They are NEVER going to like hanging out at a dirty, loud, hot race track so don't force it on them.  You are just making life miserable for all those around you.    
Acceptable:  You are a Foo-Foo girl but understand that the race track can be hot as hell, cold as Alaska, wet as Englnd, dirty, loud and is not the Ritz Hilton.  You leave your makeup and hot rollers home and try to go for it WITHOUT complaining because you want to like what he likes.
Unacceptable: You are a Foo-Foo girl but DO NOT understand that the race track can be hot as hell, cold as Alaska, wet as Englnd, dirty, loud and is not the Ritz Hilton.  Your idea of camping is going to the Holiday Inn with room do that.

5).   No one races for free.  We provide many luxuries for camping and do not mind sharing.  However, everyone has a job at the racetrack. If you are unsure what you should do to help, please ask.  Soon you will know your job and will be the one telling others.
Acceptable:  Offering to wash dishes, helping set up or break down camp, keeping camp dry etc.
Unacceptable: Sitting on your ass like the grey haired guy all weekend complaining about how everything is done.  Two rules violations. 

6). No passing out in the shared area.  We are only human and can only resist temptation for a short time.  We have been drinkers ourselves, so we understand that sometimes you have too much fun.  We will try to wake you up at least twice.  After that, you are at our mercy.

Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

Acceptable: It is 4:00 in the afternoon & you announce one of the following: I am going in my tent & passing out.  I've had too much to drink & am passing out here.
Unacceptable:  After violating one of the other rules, you pass out on a chair in front of us. 
(Just so you know, our own team isn't safe from the rules.  See what happened to Ticket Procurement Officer Kevin Gisselll when he broke rule #6!  KEVIN )

7). If you are scheduled to attend an event with us or have a job you are to perform, you must let us know ASAP if you will not be fulfilling your obligations.  Non-negotiable!
Acceptable: At the last minute you die, get in a wreck or get an unexpected job.
Unacceptable: Not returning our calls or not calling us yourself to explain your absence.

8) First rule of road, Eat a good meal.
Acceptable: Cracker Barrel, Maurice's Bar B Q etc.
Unacceptable: Waking up on the second day of your adventure & realizing the reason you may feel so bad is because you have only had liquid nutrition for the entire trip!  Also, as Bubba Frankie learned the health screeners at the track can't read your vitals if you are "dehydrated from too much alcohol consumption"!

9) Always take 2.  Refers to qualifying laps for the cars; refers to photos for race fans.
Acceptable: A great photo of you & your buddies at the start/finish line at your first race.
Unacceptable: Only getting some one to take 1 photo of you & buddies at your first race & all your heads are cut off!

10) This one used to be an unspoken rule but we think it needs to be in black and white so no one will have any misunderstanding.  Now please don't think we aren't kind hearted when you read this rule HOWEVER If ANYONE gets hurt on race weekend while we are at the track, we will call you an EMS and that is all.  We are not going to the hospital with you (unless your accident is a direct result of one of our practical jokes) and we will not meet you there.  We are sorry you got hurt and if you are still at the hospital when we pack up camp to leave we will come by to see if you want a ride home.
Acceptable:  You pass out in front of us and we handcuff you to your chair.  You wake up, jump out of the chair and hurt your ankle.  We are very sorry and will take you to the nearest doctor. 
PLEASE NOTE:  NO ONE has every been physically hurt by one of our practical jokes.  We make sure of it so we don't have to leave the track to go to the hospital.  
Unacceptable:  You are staggering drunk and fall down in the fire.  Knowing us we will probably make "flame on torch" jokes about you after we call the EMS.

11) Since some people have no common sense or respect for others we had to add a rule about loud generators.  Actually it pertains to all generators.  Turn your fu#$ing loud a$$ generator off at 11:30 P.M. for a race held during the day.  For night races you can let it run until 1:00 A.M.  After that we know a trick to silence it that you will never figure out!
Acceptable:  You get back to camp after a night race, turn the generator on to catch the news or toss a few washers.
Unacceptable:  You pass out and leave your generator running all night for no apparent reason.

12) We love meeting other race fans.  Please feel free to stop by and say hey there, buy a t-shirt, hat or koozie and shot the breeze. HOWEVER, please be respectful of the fact the we are trying to have fun at the racetrack. Be respectful of our crew and DO NOT OVERSTAY YOUR WELCOME!
Acceptable: You come by where we are camping to tell us how much you like the site.  You meet the crew, buy a T-Shirt and hang out for around 15 minutes BECAUSE we asked you to have a seat and chat awhile. 
Unacceptable:  You wander up to our site DRUNK and after 30 minutes I shake your hand and thank you for coming.  3 hours later and numerous times of me thanking you politely for stopping by I am now forced to tell you to head back up the hill.
After years upon years of research, we implemented the following rules. They are
non-negotiable.  These rules insure that everyone at our campsite will have fun. If you choose to accept these rules, you are eligible for all the benefits of being a member of the LAIDBACK RACING TEAM.  If you find them unacceptable, we had a great time when we tailgated with you and we hope to run into you again!

Jo Ann Hlavac
Jimmy Hlavac
Frankie Meadows
The Official Laidback Racing Camping Rulebook

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Following our esteemed sanctioning body,
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