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We real race fans know that we have some peculiar sayings. 
This is definitely influenced by the Southern Culture. 
Folks from the South say colorful things like:

      "Bo, I'ma tell ya, you couldn't swing a dead cat
       without hittin' a wrecked racecar at Bristol".
       No we really don't swing dead cats, it's a saying. 
Also, all males are "Bo or Dude" at the track.
      One year at Talladega over the MRN radio station the announcer said
      "They hung him out to dry like my grandmama's girdle on Sunday".
    Folks, that is hung out!

Another time on MRN we heard "They are playing strategy like a banjo."

Anyways, below are some sayings & words that might help to 'splain what the
heck we are talkin' about.    
When race fans get dressed to go to the races, they get all bubba'd up.  We have on our driver's hats, shirts, pants, socks, shoes, sunglasses, earrings and wear whatever else we can find to make us stand out.  We carry our drivers logo or name on our coolers, seat cushions, koozies and anyplace else we can find to let you know that WE ARE RACE FAN BUBBAS & WE ARE PROUD OF IT! 
Click here to see an unknown fan "all bubba'd up".  
Hey, here's another from 1990. Photo 2  The calmly dressed guy is Frankie's old running buddy Curly.
Also, right behind Curly & the Bubba'd up fan is a good shot of Chicken Bone Alley!

The bubbas get all beaded up and go on the hunt for race mamas willing to flash for a string of beads.  I know their necks have to hurt in the morning from so many strings of beads hanging around them.  You know if it was a successful night by how many strings of beads they have left when they get back.
The Alabama Gang all beaded up in the daytona Infield: Photo 1
Little Frankie all beaded up:  Photo 2

In the ole days, fans who were in the know always came in the "back way" which was a way into the back stretch at the track.  In the ole days, almost all the seating and parking was on the front stretch and so that was the way the Speedways would route you in.  What was bad however was the traffic.  if you knew the back way you could avoid getting caught up in Speedway traffic.  These days tracks having stands & parking that go all the way around the track.  The back way is now how you can get from your house to the camping spot closest to your seats without getting into Speedway traffic.
EX:  From our house in SC, we can get to our camping spot that is 1 block from the start finish line at Charlotte Motor Speedway without driving on Interstate 85, Hwy 29, Hwy 49 or Speedway Blvd. and that folks is no easy feat & worth the years it took us to find!  

Race Tracks become cities during race week.  Many times the town the track is located in swells to become the biggest city in the state for that weekend.  Like any city, there are good and bad areas of town.   If a place looks like it will be a mud pit if rain comes, It's the Party Zone.  I don't know what it is about red clay mud BUT every track we have gone to, the Party Zone was in the middle of a dirt field where they are packed in like sardines.  Now I'm not saying that there aren't good folks in these fields but we call this the badlands.  The badlands are where you will find the heaviest duty partying.  This is where the bubbas go with their beads.  This is where the all night poker game can be found.  This is where the live band will be playing hooked up to generators.  This is where it is at for many.  For some of us who are now older, it's where we go visit but we sleep somewhere else.     

Real race fan term for cars from the 60's & 70's.  We call them that because they were as heavy as a load of bricks.  

A term to describe male fan from the old days AKA good ole' boys AKA Redneck.  Loves  God, his country, the military, his family, racin', rasslin', huntin', fishin', his dog, a cold beer & Bubbates.  Most bubbas are MacGyver types.  You know what I mean....can fix a hole in the muffler with a beer can.  To read more about being a bubba click here

A term to describe long time female fans AKA good ole' girls; race mama.  Loves God, her country, the military, her family, racin', rasslin'. fishin', what Bubba gets from huntin' & Bubbas.

A nightly happening at the campgrounds located at some of the older tracks is the Bubbate Beauty Pageant.  Well, that's what we call it.  Bubbates load up in the back of pick ups and their Bubbas drive them thru the campgrounds.  The Bubbas at the campgrounds will usually have beads that they want to throw to the Bubbates in exchange for a little flash of skin.

Term LAIDBACK RACING uses to describe the activites the fans participate in at the track during the course of the weekend.  See fan fable - The Bubba Olympics.  Or Bubba Olympics 2003
Any FREE item from the track.  This includes: Plastic Event cups & buckets that the Bucket O' Beer comes in at traditional tracks.  Also included: Checkered FlagTrash Can Covers, T-shirts, Road Atlas, die-cast cars from filling out credit card forms.  Also any item that is left in the stands by other fans: koozies, seat cushions, coolers (heck Cindy, Rene, Steve & Doug found 2 at the rainout Atlanta 2003 race filled with beer & food!)

Any of the 3 names above describe the same thing.  The terms are interchanable.  The following are a list of "BUBBA TRACKS":

Darlington, the Rock, Bristol, Talladega, Richmond,
Charlotte, Atlanta, Martinsville & Dover.

NHIS (since the track's resurfacing) is as close as you can get to being a bubba track without being one! A few more good races & we will move it up to the above catagory!
This list will be updated whenever some one finally builds another real race track!       

Chicken Bone Alley is located at traditional tracks in the lower sections of the grandstand seating.  They are cement rows that go about 3 to 6 rows up.
In the ole days, Bubbas would bring in their coolers filled with beer & a bucket of Chicken.  When they would finish with a beer or piece of chicken they would toss it down the steps so they would land on the cement walkway that is level with the track.  Some times if they didn't like what a driver did; they would throw the chicken bones at his car as it went by.  The most famous Chicken Bone Alley is at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  If you attend a race there, look at the walkway at the bottom of the front stretch.  In large letters it reads something like this:

Yup, Humpy installed the "Chicken Bone Police" at the speedway.  The year they made it "illegal" to throw the bones, there was even an article in the Charlotte Observer about this custom. 
To see original photo.  Click here  
To see our humor at work after the Soda 414 Click here.
To see Frankie's digital enhancing.  Photo 3
One from 1990.  Look to the right of the 2 guys:  Photo 4

Most people from cold climates know this one.  Keep adding clothes as the temperature drops.  By the end of the night you may have on 3-4 sets of clothes.

Camping race fans have added a couple of more:
This is the reverse of above.  When you are starting the coffee and breakfast in the morning hours, you have on 3 sets of clothes.  You start shedding them as the temperature rises you reach a point when you then begin

Outer and inner layer of clothes go to dirty pile.  The middle layer now becomes the only layer. As the temperature once again begins to drop, you start re-layering.

Name given by real race fans to the water proof insulate tan coveralls sold at Wal-mart, since it is always either raining or cold at the Rock!  See photo click here.

Our neighbors at Atlanta during the fall 2003 race reminded us of this one.  Buddy when some one tells you that the night before you were "dead butt drunk" you probably owe some one an apology.  

When a driver wrecks another driver from behind to get the lead usually on the last lap, race fans will say "did you see that?  He earnhardt’d him”.  When Jeremy Mayfield won at Pocono by booting Dale Earnhardt on the last turn of the last lap, race fans everywhere said: “Mayfield earnhardt’d Earnhardt!”

We do not intend to insult anyone with this.  Foo Foo girls are the girls who always have their hair and make up perfect.  They are usually in a cute little pair of sandals and a little shorts outfit.  They tend to be the ones who complain alot at the races...It's hot, cold, wet, boring etc. We have nothing against Foo Foo girls...I've been one and some of our crew are married to Foo Foo girls.  However, we would rather not hang with them at the races.  

BUBBA Q or Q as my racin' buddy Johnny Goodwrench calls it.
Slow cooked mustard based pulled pork made like Bar B Q should be: in the South.  I just added this because of the entry below.

Marie from informed me that I missed the Bar B Q when I was in Fontana. It is called "Carne Asada".  It is marinated, thinly cut strips of beef.  The marinade has chili water, lemon, and various spices.  Then it is grilled and sliced into bite size chunks.
Well, if you say so Marie.... 'cept is Carne Asada Spanish for Bar B Q?

Boiled peanuts. This is a staple at the races.  Goobers can be red or green peanuts.  Our resident peanut cooker is Dino, who brings a bushel with him to the track.  We have nicked named Dino "King Peanut"

Chicken usually fried.

Gettin' race ready means different things at different parts of your race experience.  

A week or two before:
You begin the meetings, the phone calls & the lists.  This will include discussions on day & time of departure, food, supplies, tickets, music and who is responsible for what. Meeting may be held at a bar, restaurant or party. May included any of the following:  eating, drinking, looking at past race movies or photos, watching the current race, tellin' stories about past race weekends, tossin' the shoes (see defination below) etc.

If it is a few days before:
You finish your food and supply shopping, prework the food you are bringing, make alot of calls to the rest of the pit crew, go over the lists, check things off, wash and pack your race clothes.

Day before you leave:
You finish packing as much as you can in the vehicle you are taking.  Many more phone calls go back & forth between the pit srew.  It may include going to another crew member's house to load some of his stuff because "it won't all fit or his truck's for the firewood" etc. 

An hour before you leave your house:
Load cooler, fans and GO!

If you are getting race ready a few hours before the start of the race:
Depending on the track and weather you had better be doing one of the following:
Staying where you are, it's raining
Apply sun screen, powder, race clothes (layering if necessary)
Locating and packing tickets, scanners, head sets, drinks, snacks, seat cushions, ear plugs, cool wraps. Misting bottle etc.

If you are in the stands, you are race ready when:
You hear the Invocation, The National Anthem, the most famous words in motorsports and those engines finally fire up!    

The track closest to where you live.  At your home track, you will have more team members show up than at other tracks you go to.  No excuse except accident or family emergency is acceptable for missing a race at your home track.

This is a LAIDBACK RACING term for some one who is lost.  See fan fable Lamar.

This is a LAIDBACK RACING term.  Frankie is a ticket broker of sorts.  You see he is in the tire business and receives race tickets from time to time from vendors.  Well, many times he gets 2 tickets not 3.  When he does get just 2, he usually invites some one to go who has a small job in exchange for that free ticket.  He is Frankie's manservant for the weekend.  A manservant has to load Frankie, his black bags and coolers into the bus, drive Frankie to meet up with us at the track, tote our stuff to the track all weekend and be the personnel assistant to the personnel assistant, who is me.  On weekends he gets 3 tickets Jimmy & I split the duties with 1 exception; we can't take as much stuff to the track. 
My sister lives in the great north west, Washington State.  One Sunday she is working at the local grocery store.  A guy comes in and buys ribeyes and beer. 
She says "so I guess you are watching the football games today". 
He replies "and there is a race on too."
They start chatting about racing as she meets very few race fans out there.  He tells her he has been to Vegas, California and Phoenix.  She tells him she has went to Bristol and is going to Darlington in 2007.  He tells her "I bow before you.  My goal is to go to a race in the Motherland." 
So tracks in the southeast are in the Motherland region and Darlington is THE Motherland
...even new fans think so!

Now we don't mean this is a bad way.  On every team there are members that seem to have more baggage than other members.  They may not be as bright, may not have as much money whatever.  We call them affectionately "Peg Legs".  This is because one time Jimmy told Frankie that if he had a ship of pirates back in the olden days, he would have a shipful of peg legs, or hook arms or pirates with a patch!  We love'em and they are loyal BUT they are peg legs!
This is a LAIDBACK RACING term for the privately owned property that surrounds a track that let fans camp or park in their yards for a small fee.  Some are literally people's front & back yards, like at RIR and Martinsville.  Man oh man, at Martinsville there is this one house so close the owner could sit on his porch and spit on Petty Tower if he was so inclined.  Some are big old fields like Bristol and parts of Charlotte.  Some have hookups & some don't.  Pop Odom is the guy's name where we camp at Darlington.  Pop Odom and P.O.P (Privately Owned Property)...funny that it comes out the same huh?

A race mama can spend all weekend in the heat, cold or rain and not complain.  She can hang with a group of guys all weekend with out being offended.  She loves God, America, racing, her family, team and having fun.  She knows what you mean by wedge, banking, bump drafting, plain old drafting, and gear.  She rattles off race statistics that even you do not know.  She appreciates a good joke.  She makes sure all God's little drunks have food, non alcoholic beverages, blankets, pillows and their favorite snacks.  You may not think she is the perfect women at the beginning of the week end but by the end of the week end you know she is.


When something can't be explained by "that's racin" race fans blame it on the "racin' gods".  The finish at the spring 2003 Darlington & Labor Day 2003 races were the racin' gods at work.  When a driver is dominating all day & something happens to the car on the last lap.........that's the racin' gods. 

Expresses frustration or emotion. 1. When a small part costing just a few dollars fails and stops a $150,000 race car, that's racin'. 2. When you race a competitor for 500 miles and lose to him by just a few feet, that's racin'. 3. When a hot dog wrapper blows out of the stands, gets caught across the air vent on the front of your car and causes your engine to overheat, that's racin'. By

Term for playing horseshoes, one of the events in the Bubba Olympics.

Refers to the same thing as punch drunk for a boxer.  We don't like to use it BUT it is a part of this sport.

A game similiar to horseshoes.  There are 2 teams with 2 people.  You toss large washers from a wooden platform to the opposing teams wooden platform.  The platforms have holes cut into them a little bigger than the size of the washers.   The point is to get the washers into the holes.  My opinion is that in some infield at some time a bubba forgot the horseshoes he was in charge of bringing.  Not letting a small problem like that ruin his fun, he devised the game of washers from wood he had left over from building his platform to see the race better.  Of course he had the drill, saw, nails, screws and washers he needed with him.  You have to fit under the tunnel to get in the infield, so he had to build his race platform at the track.
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