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Fan Story, Fan Recipe, Real Race Fans and Tips, Trivia & Quotes Updated Daily During Race Season.  Race Recon Updated Weekly.

by Jo Ann Hlavac

"NASCAR dad is a politically correct term for Bubba" political analysis on Good Morning America when NASCAR dad was the talk of the political world.
"Bubba is the politically correct term for redneck"  Race mama 

Being a Bubba has no economical, sociological, or geographical boundaries.  Doesn't matter
if you are a CEO or one of the worker ants.  You can be a man or a women, young or old, black, white or Hispanic.  Heck, I know there are probably Bubbas who are of
Mid Eastern descent.  Being a Bubba is a state of mind.  For some reason, many bubbas
have a military back ground.  Not real sure why but may have something to do with being resourceful and having to work with what you have.  A Bubba is usually hard working,
loves God, our country, the military, his family, a good practical joke, an even better payback, the flag, a good deal, racin', rasslin', huntin', fishin', his dog, a cold beer & Bubbates.   
Most bubbas are MacGyver types. 
You know what I mean....can fix a hole in the muffler with a beer can.   

A Few Examples to make my point:

Frankie's landlord is Jack.  Jack is extremely wealthy.  He owns many properties and has a store Generation X which is located in North Charleston, S.C. directly in front of Frankie's Tire Center.  Now his store is not like most Adult stores.  It's upscale, clean, beautifully landscaped with parking lots that are well lit.  Let me tell ya'll, Jack's place is always jumping.

Anyway Jack is a big race fan and chases racin' with his wife in their motor coach.  They usually do the infield.  The motor coach cost more money than I will probably make in my lifetime.  Well, Jack is nothing but a big ole Bubba who happens to make a boat load of money.

Jack wasn't happy with how much of the track he was able to see from on top of his motor coach when in the infield.  So what did Jack do?  He did what all other Bubbas would do and built a way to be higher up in the infield.  You see the higher up you are in the infield the better the view. 

Now other Bubbas without Jack's means might do one of a few things.  They might bring their hunting stands with them and erect them when they get into the infield.  Or they might build a platform after they get into the infield that sits on top of their renovated school bus.  If they are real tight on money they might just bring the A-frame ladder and set it up on top of the motor home and watch they race from up there.  Or they might bring the swivel bar stools and be happy with that.  But not Jack.

Jack had a stainless steel platform added to the top of his motorhome.  It has these great side rails that pop into place so no one will fall off.  OK, so Jack won't fall off because usually he is the only one up there.  There is a table for him to put his stuff.  The piece de resistance is the chair.  Not any chair but a swivel chair that sits on an eight foot pole.  Jack has to use a ladder to get into it.  Jack told us the first time he climbed up there he got dizzy!

Now the price tag for this thing cost more than our motor home and Frankie's motor home together.  But there you have a perfect example of a Bubba.  Doing what ever has to be done to get the best view he can at the track.  So you see Jack might have had the means to pay some one to do it for him but he is just like the bubbas in their hunting stand. 
He just has a little more money.

Another Bubba we know is in the military and he ain't no swabbie either. 

Like our racin' buddy Victor/David said  "If enough people died, he could be president". 

OK like a thousand people would have to die...but hey that's the closest we will ever get to hanging out with a president at the track!  Anyway, he ain't nothing but a big ole Bubba.  He has a motor home that is older than ours.  The microwave inside came out of the trash.  He carries his tools in a Samsonite cosmetic case that he got from a thrift store.  But you had better believe his season tickets are on the top row of every race track.  Heck, he even has 4 Bristol Spring Season Tickets and hasn't been there yet.  BUT he owns them.  Just like a Bubba to spend almost 1 thousand dollars on season tickets just so he has them when he wants them to use them.  Maybe next spring will be our turn to use them.

The first time I told him he was just a big ole Bubba,
he got this real strange look on his face. 
He said "that's what all the guys tell me at work.  They also tell me how cheap I am. 
So does my wife.  Do you really think I'm a cheap Bubba?"

  I told him "Hey that's a compliment.  Besides you're not cheap your frugal.  You just allocate your money to what gives you the most pleasure like those top row seats."

Being a Bubba has no color or gender barrier.  My friend Jackie is black and female.  Well, she and some of her family and friends were at the beach the other day.  They were having a big time grilling out, playing in the surf and just hanging out together. 

Well she tells me "Lisa had chicken on one grill and sausages on the George Foreman."

At which point I said "George makes a gas grill?"

"Oh no," she replied.  "We had it plugged in where the soda machines were at on the boardwalk."

Yep she's a big ole bubbate and she hangs around with a bunch of bubbas!

   Anyway, the point of this article is to start a new web page.  The you know you are a Bubba....  Yeah I know it s sorta like Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck stuff but we call'em bubbas.  Man oh man even we are getting politically correct!

You know you are a Bubba when....

...when you buy $1.50 flip flops because your leather sandals
hide part of your driver's toe ring!! contributed by Mary Anne

...your china cabinet holds your die cast collection, your Brasington Grandstand rusty pole brace (and it has the place of honor on top) and your numbered, signed Benny Parsons cookbook.  In fact your entire dining room is a shrine to your die cast addiction! are thinking about paying $25.00 for a red plastic gas can to fill the generator
because it looks like the gas can that race teams use.

...when you won't shave your mountain man beard because the Hooter's Girls
picked you out of a crowd of over 5,000 to win a prize after
walking by your clean cut looking lawyer to get to you!

...when you take pictures of your new work tool,
an AK47 and email them to your family and friends. buy a high dollar pull behind to chase racin' then have to sell your car to buy a truck so you can have something that will pull it and have to buy a new house cause the high faultin' neighborhood you now live won't let motor homes park in the driveway no matter how much they cost. get a manicure and have your finger nails squared off so you can open your beers easier spend thousands of dollars to have a perch chair installed on top of your motor home so you can see more of the track.

...while at the beach you plug in your George Foreman grill where the soda machines are plugged in so you can grill sausages.

...You can put a 12 pack into a 6 pack cooler!