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Fan Story, Fan Recipe, Real Race Fans and Tips, Trivia & Quotes Updated Daily During Race Season.  Race Recon Updated Weekly.
Photos & info from LVMS courtesy of Mo Willey
First 3 photos were taken from the seats in section 1-I almost in turn 1 were
from The Orleans and they were great. Mo
Mo, Jackie, Mark and the girls.
It rains once a year in Vegas in the desert -Nascar week!  Ask any native. And
that means it floods (see photo).  Our shuttle to the track was delayed as some roads were under water and because the track couldn't open either.
A little more info from Mo.......

We booked everything through The Orleans on recommendation from a friend of mine on a team. He was right.  They offer great packages room-with some meals included, tickets, free shuttles to the track and the Strip, the works.  It is off The Strip but in view and they run shuttles over regularly and you're on the Strip in 5-10 minutes. Beautiful accomodations, plenty of bars, restaurants, and gambling. 

Once at the track, the ground was soaked, HUGE puddles everywhere, the grandstands were soaked but so was the track which required hours of drying-just in time for another downpour. The wind was strong and it was cold, not cool, not chilly, COLD.  Once the feet got wet (about 10 feet from the bus), a person was done for. Now who was making fun of my hiking boots? ( SOP for me for Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov races-desert or not)  Even w/o rain and w/o Nascar, it gets cold in the desert at night so if there are any evening events plan accordingly.  The Outlaws run at night there too. It rained on & off so much that Cup quals were delayed and run at 7 at night....-the last shuttle left at 5-no ifs, and, or buts.And there ain't no taxi stand. And the track is probably 15-20 miles at least out of the city. That was my one gripe (duly registered) with the shuttle plan. On the other hand, alot of folks were so cold and wet, they went on the earlier ones.

Definitely have a full tank of gas and a map.  Our shuttle went thru the base but we could see the highway and it was the usual nightmare. Definitely figure on rain and bring some extra layers and gloves in case the temps drop.