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To:Speedway Road
Ridgeway, VA 24148
Number and Street:
Martinsville Speedway
Speedway Road, Ridgeway, Virginia 24148  Highway 220 South www.martinsvillespeedway.com
Tickets: Phone toll free at 877-RACE-TIX or (540) 956-3151.


Please contact these campgrounds first to see if they meet your needs.  They are paying us for advertising and that is how we can afford to give you information for free.  PLEASE tell whomever you decide to camp with that you read about them on LaidbackRacing.com.  THANKS!

Hodges Camping & Race Parking We accept tent campers and RV's 189 Fisher Farm Rd. Martinsville, Va. We have power and water . We have a short cut to the track. Men and women port-a-johns on site.  Sunday race day parking. Give  us a call at 276-632-4543. 

Martin Camping & Parking 270 Brass Shop Rd (house is located  near the end of the road, second to last house on right; it's a small brick house) There is electrical & water hookup available. All other motor homes & RVs welcome, however electric & water would need to be provided by them.
Port-o-potties are typically located within 20yrds of location. Tents, RVs, Pop-up campers, tailgaters, - EVERYONE welcome! Contact Info: 276-806-7783 or email at:  raceparking270@gmail.com

There are many Pop Odom's close to the Speedway.  On Speedway Road, they are almost hidden by the Independent Vendors.  According to Mr. Eller, they have corrected the past problems with the State and local police and now Nascar fans will find 2 signs posted at the entrance of Speedway Rd, "Martinsville Speedway Parking" and "Private Paid Parking".  Neither the State Police nor Local Police will interfere with Nascar fans who wish to utilize paid parking or paid camping and RV facilities on Speedway Rd if they indicate their preference to the officers in charge. 

I have never seen so many private homes so close to a speedway.  IF you are going to park in these yards get there early because the Independent Vendors are in these folk's front yards and the road in almost impossible to drive on when all the fans are walking on it to shop.

702 Speedway Blvd. - Parking $10.00 and you could spit on Petty Tower you are sooooo close!  This house is the closest I have ever seen some one live next to a NASCAR Speedway.  It is on the right and you will look like you are driving into the track.
96 Speedway Road -- C. Eller Enterprises, RV, Camping and Vendor Spaces for rent, 276-957-2460 or 276-732-5597.  We have a large parking and camping facility located within a few minutes walk of the Main Gate of Martinsville Speedway, and have Vendors on grounds.  Nascar fans have access from both 220 North and Speedway Road. There is also a private entrace on 220 N just before reaching the Speedway entrance at Speedway Rd that facilitates easier access to C. Eller Enterprises.
270 Speedway Blvd. Parking $10.00

Industrial Park drive runs into Clover.  There are Pop Odom's on Clover that are real close to the speedway. 

Also Brass Shop Road runs dead into the Speedway and there were a bunch of Pop Odom's there. Coming from the south they are the road right before the speedway off of US 220.  The houses were situated on the front of the lot and the back yards were where there were campers.  BEWARE this will be a mud pit in the rain because many of the backyards are hills going down hill.

John  Florence at 276-956-4379 home or cell @  276-224-4973     151 brass shop rd.

The road before Brass Shop is Old Sand Road, which may look a little far from the track but there is a road that runs off Old Sands, George Martin Drive which butts up to the track also.

On US 220 there is an Amoco right past the Speedway going north on the other side of the road is plenty of private camping and parking.  All along this area are Pop Odom's camping & parking folks in their yards.  You will almost miss them because the Independent Vendors are in their front yards & you can't see the houses unless you look for them.  Look for the drive ways and there will be signs.

Evans Real Estate & Auction on the corner where 970 & 641 come into US220.  1-800-759-5471

Vaughn's Campground, 276-656-3999  or  276-656-3998 276-632-9332 (fax)

UPDATE BY US: On the corner of 821 & 220 is Quail Run Homes.  They had parking RV's @ $60.00.  Cars and trucks @ $30.00.  Don't know if that was over night parking or not. 

UPDATE FROM LEE JOHNSON:  1.0 Winn Dixie 4920 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148.  We camped beside the Winn-Dixie on 220, just south of the track. Plenty of room, nice grassy area.  $75.00 for the weekend.  Area was flat, lots of grass, a few potties, but right behind Hardees, and across from Wendy's.

UPDATE BY JEANNIE GEHRICKE, Fredericksburg, VA:  We camped at the window company (west windows company.) on Industrial Ave. It is a first come first serve Pop Odom with no fees! The only requirement they have is no tents on their manicured lawns around the building. But you could put up awnings and such and there was plenty of parking for motorhomes around the back where their shipping area is. We didn't try to find a place to stay until around 5 Saturday and they had plenty of room.
UPDATE FROM MIKE L: they don't let you start camping till after 12:00 p.m. on Saturday because that’s when they shut down the shop their phone number is 276-638-2394

From motorhomes open roads forums: continue on up the hill past the Racetrack CG entrance, there are several private homes along that road that rent space on their lawns, at the top of the hill on the right there is a large grassy field that is open for Motor Home parking. Just watch for the valleys where the water would run, I parked there once in what I thought was a great spot, the next morning it was raining and when I stepped out of the MH I was ankle deep in water.

The rest didn't have phone numbers BUT they had signs.

Loads of Pop's parking fans on Sunday.  The first street on the right past the speedway going north has a Noland Plumbing on the corner.  The name of this road is Industrial Park Rd. & there are Pop's parking down this road.  Also this road runs into Clover and there is parking there too.  See map here.. Their back yards butt up to speedway property.  Good if your seats are in Turn 3 & 4 or on the back stretch.
If you go left at this corner the name of the road is Fisher Farmer Road and there are Pop Odom's parking fans there too.     

Indian Heritage RV  Park   276-632-9500
D & J RV Park,  (276)632-6856
David & Julia's Park,  540-632-8718
H & M RV Park    (276) 650-1155
Dan River Campground,  336-427-8530


Blue Ridge Bed & Breakfast  901.262.7641 15mins from the speedway. We are offering RV and Camping spots on mostly grass and some gravel for $75/spot/night. 

15.0 Philpott Lake 1058 Philpott Dam Rd. RT. 6 Bassett, VA 24055, 540-629-2703
Philpott a 2888-acre U. S. Army Corps of Engineers lake nestled in the Blue Ridge foothills. It boasts over 100 miles of shoreline surrounded by 65,000 acres of public lands. Boating, fishing, hunting, water skiing, swimming, camping, picnicking, hiking and wildlife watching are popular. Powerhouse tours are offered on a varying schedule.
GREEN FLAG FROM Jeremy & Alicia from Fredericksburg : Goose Point was clean, inexpensive ($18.00 a night) & just a short drive to the track (57 to 220).  They had hookups, showers, fishing, fire pits and more.  Check out time wasn't until 4:00 P.M.  Jeremy & Alicia highly recommend it.

Also located adjacent to Philpott Lake is:
15.1 miles from speedway Goose Point Campground 4780 GOOSE POINT ROAD, BASSETT VA 24055.  For more information about the park, please call ( 276)629-1847

Also located adjacent to Philpott Lake is:
17.4 miles Salthouse Branch 1058 PHILPOTT DAM ROAD, BASSETT VA 24055-8617
For more information about the park, please call ( 276)000-0000

Also located adjacent to Philpott Lake is:
17.4 miles Horseshoe Point 1058 PHILPOTT DAM ROAD, BASSETT VA 24055-8617
For more information about the park, please call ( 540)365-7385

18.1 Blue Ridge Campground  1155 Goose Dam Road, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 (540) 483-2100

UPDATE: 23.0 Wayside Park 276-692-5239 RV Camping available -electric hook-ups Water and dumping  all for $20 a night.

24.0 miles Fairy Stone State Park,  967 Fairystone Lake Dr. Stuart, VA 24171-3160, (US Rt. 2, Box 134)   540-930-2424  For reservations call 1-800-933-7275.
Named for the crystalline crosses which in legend are said to be the result of fairy tears shed on learning of the crucifixion of Jesus, the park offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Lodge, conference center, and cabin rentals, camping, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, biking and hiking are just a few of the activities waiting for you to enjoy. Pets permitted.
***Fairy Stone Lodge is available for overnight reservation. Sleeps 16 and has 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and living area with fireplace.
***Fairy Stone Cabins  Efficiency & 1- & 2-bedroom cabins available
***Fairy Stone Campsites  call above number for info & reservations

Lenglad Campgrounds, Rt. 2, Box 702, Stuart (540) 930-1155.

25 miles Deer Run Campground  Woolwine, VA  540-930-1235

25.0 miles - Lake Reidsville Recreation Park (City Park) REIDSVILLE, North Carolina  336-349-4738  on Waterworks Rd.
Lake Sugar Tree Motor sport Park,   400 Movie Movers East  Axton, VA  276-650-3788
They have camping facilities. Ask if they have a shuttle.

37.0 miles from Speedway Meadows of Dan Campground 2182 J.E.B. Stuart Highway,
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 -  540-952-2292

Willville Motorcycle Camp, 1510 Jeb Stuart Highway (Route 58) -  Meadows of Dan, Virginia.   Exit Route 58 West off the Blue Ridge Parkway (Mile Marker 177.7)
Route 58 West 3/4 of a mile on the left (1/2 Mile past the RV Campground) (276)952-CAMP
or email us at willvill@swva.net.  FOR BIKERS ONLY

Round Meadow Camp Ground 10750 Squirrel Spur Rd.(SR 614)
Meadows Of Dan, VA  24120  - 540-952-2604

Primland, 4621 Busted Rock Road, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120, (276) 251-8012

Rocky Knob Cabins, Rt. 1, Box 5, Meadows of Dan (540) 593-3503.

Rocky Knob Campground,  Floyd, VA - 540-745-9662

Swan Lake Danville, VA - 804-836-4130

Martinsville Speedway Campground


Due to heavy traffic and congestion around the speedway following the race, vehicles in the campground area will be held approximately 2 hours for safety consideration in crossing railroad.  It is more like 3 to 4 hours.

To be eligible to reserve a spot, customers must be a season ticket holder for both the April and October NASCAR NEXTEL Cup events at Martinsville Speedway. Each ticket holder can reserve one spot.  Reserved spots are 300.00, 250.00 or 100.00 for the year.

It looks like they still have unreserved camping for the tent campers for 40.00 Click here

BLACK FLAG From Lee J., Mt. Airy, NC:  Martinsville was a BIG mess. I hadn't camped there before, so we gave the speedway property a try. I passed several of what looked like "pops" on the way in, I could have kicked myself after I got into the speedway campground. It is very unlevel (we use a trailer), no marked spaces, no designated roads. If I didn't have 4 wheel drive I would have gotten into several jams trying to find a place. We finally crammed into a place beside a motorhome and trailer, with a tent about 3 feet behind us. Thank God everyone around us was nice, and seemed to take the situation well.

UPDATE FROM DEREK F., Timberlake, NC: Take some blocks or some 2x6 pieces of wood and you can get your camper pretty level.

There is water available.  Either haul it yourself for free or you can have it bought  to your site for $25.00.  You can get your septic pumped out for $25.00.  There is a lady on a gator coming through selling ice for $2.00 a bag.  Papa Johns pizza comes through with already made pizzas as well.

Also, instead of turning left and crossing the railroad tracks when you leave the campground you can turn right and get right out to HWY 58.

Two shower trailers. one for men, one for women, will be located in the area of the dumping station. Six shower stalls in each trailer.

There will also be two restroom trailers in the same area

No charge for either showers or restrooms

Recreational Vehicles and tent camping is available.
*No advance payment or reservations required or accepted. There are no water, sewer or electrical hookups but water and a dump station are available.

FROM CRAIG F: the new camping policy at Martinsville was pretty much a non-issue.  What they did was make the area from the traintrack to the speedway into high-dollar, season ticket, RV-only reserved spots.  That's a pretty danged small percentage of the total camping area available. I made it a SPECIFIC point to ask long-time Martinsville fans who camp out of buses and such what impact the new policy had on THEM as opposed to everyone else. This informal poll of several dozen sites resulted in a 100% RESPONSE RATE that it was no big deal whatsoever. Most folks were camping where they have been for a decade or more.  I got a reasonably level tent site, even though I didn't show up till
11:00 AM on Saturday. So, if you get there before qualifying, pay no attention to that silliness and just stake your claim as you normally would.


61.4 MT Joy R V Sales & Service 17573 Main Street, Buchanan, VA 24066 (540) 254-2360


All along US 220/58 across from the Speedway are Independent Vendors.  They run on the opposite side of the street from Fisher Farm Road to the bank where the second Vaughn's campground is located. 

They are also located on Speedway Road on both sides of the road in the Pop Odom yards.  There are almost as many vendors at Martinsville as there are in Charlotte.   

We also saw some on the same side of the road as the speedway before you get to the track coming from the south heading north on US 220/58

Raceway Ministries

Located behind the Bill France Tower outside of turn 4.  All Weekend for Free Coffee, Lemonade, and Other Refreshments

In addition to the free coffee, lemonade, and other refreshments, Raceway Ministries is glad to offer:

Chaplain's Service available at all times to assist you with any special need which might arise. See a Raceway Ministries volunteer and ask for the Chaplain.

Campground Ministry which includes a prayer meeting, a Christian music concert, a southern gospel concert, and a worship service (check this brochure for schedules).

Worship Services for the fans offered in the main ministry tent at 9:00 a.m. and in the campground at 10:30 a.m.


Blue Ridge Bed & Breakfast  901.262.7641 15mins from the speedway. We are offering RV and Camping spots on mostly grass and some gravel for $75/spot/night.  Our standard room rates are $100/room/night (max 3 people/room includes breakfast) pet, kid and smoker friendly.

CABIN FOR RENT Located in Axton, va. 15 minutes from the track.  Sleeps 6-8 people. Includes all the linens &  kitchen needs. Has a frig, stove, TV, gas log fireplace, full shower, gas grill, washer, dryer, dvd player, radio. Quiet setting in country on our farm. 20 minutes from Danville and Martinsville. 1 hour from Roanoke and Greensboro. Call Walter Rieck 1-888-211-4752

Homes and rooms for rent in and near Martinsville:

The link below will take you to a page on the Martinsville Speedway Website.
  Hotels in and near Martinsville.  

Serenity Cabin - Cabin for rent - email:  serenityvacation@hotmail.com or carlamanchelle@earthlink.net

BLCK FLAG FROM CONNIE R:  wanted to write and warn any of your fans going to Martinsville about the Holiday Inn express there.  Last year I made my reservations with them for what I thought would be April 16th. I found out that NASCAR might be changing the date of the race so on May 14th (when NASCAR announced the change) I was glued to my computer and as soon as it was announced I changed my reservations to April 9th. I got my tix to the race and took the days off from work. Everything was good. Then on March 7th this year I get a call from Martinsville Holiday Inn express saying they're sorry but they are overbooked and I have no rooms! They offered to switch my reservation to the Greensboro NC hotel which is 48 miles south, and I'm coming from the north!

the reasoning behind this was that they had contracts with NASCAR to provide rooms. I reminded her that when they confirmed my reservation they also had a contract with me! I have e-mailed corporate and NASCAR but have yet to receive a reply. I am trying to find a number to talk with someone in a position of power and don't know what will come of it.

I don't know if this just happened to me or to other race fans as well, but I thought you might want to put the word out to any race fans who are staying there that they might want to call and check the status of their room.


16.3 Boxley Bed & Breakfast 117 East Hunter Street, Madison, NC 27025 (336) 427-0453
18.9 Fairview Farm B & B 1891 Harrison Crossroad L, Reidsville, NC 27320 (336) 349-6910
23.5 Maple Springs B & B, Rt. 1, Box 327B, Patrick Springs (540) 629-2954.

Woolwine, VA is around 25 miles from speedway
Dutchies View Bed & Breakfast, Highway 8  Woolwine, VA 24185,  276-930-3701
The Mountain Rose Inn, 1787 Charity Highway Woolwine, VA 24185, 276-930-1057
Old Spring Farm B & B, 7629 Charity HwyWoolwine, VA 24088 276-930-3404

25 MILES Chocolate Moose, 117 Blue Ridge St E Stuart, VA  24171   (276) 694-3745
30.00 Ambrosia Farm Bed and Breakfast 271 Cox Store Rd. Floyd VA, 24091 - 540.745.6363
33 MILES Claiborne House185 Claiborne Ave Rocky Mount, VA  24151   (540) 483-4616
34.0 Red Maple B & B, 2203 Franklin Turnpike, Danville(804) 836-6361

Meadows of Dan is located roughly 35 miles from Speedway.  Ask each how far when you call.
Mayapple Log Guest House (cabin), Rt. 2, Box 65K, Meadows of Dan (540) 593-2001.
Mill Pond Hideaway, Hwy. 58, Meadows of Dan (540) 952-1075.
*Mountain Rose B & B, Rt. 1, Box 280, Woolwine (540) 930-1057.
Poor Farmers Farmhouse and Cabin, Rt. 2, Box 6C, Meadows of Dan (540) 952-2670.
Woodberry Inn, P.O. Box 908, Meadows of Dan (800) 763-2567
Spangler’s B & B, Rt. 2, Box 108, Meadows of Dan(540) 952-2454.
Summerhouse B & B, Rt. 1, Box 104R, Meadows of Dan(540) 952-2687.

42.0 Woodside Inn, NC 57 North, Milton, NC (910) 234-8646.
49.5  The Turman House, Rt. 1, Box 10A, Laurel Fork (540) 398-3178.
54.0  The Columns Guest Home, 214 South Main Street, Chatham (804) 432-6122.
54.0 Eldon - The Inn at Chatham, 1037 Chalk Level Road, Chatham (804) 432-0935.

For more B&B's click here

For Steve and Cindy, who couldn't have a race weekend without at least 1 visit to WalMart

0.4 Kmart  US Highway 220 South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 666-5960 
3.5 Big Lots Roses Plaza, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-6662 
5.0 Roses Store 600 Commonwealth Boulevard West, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-3036 
5.0 Wal-Mart Supercenter 976 Commonwealth Boulevard, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 634-5110 
13.2 Wal-Mart 824 South Van Buren Road Suite K, Eden, NC 27288 (336) 623-8981


3.2 Poison Apple Tattoos 933 Starling Ave, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 638-4017 or (336) 616-1445
2.8 Taboo Body Piercing 1502 Greensboro Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 666-9505
3.5 Looking Glass Ink Tattoo Highway 58 East, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 638-7099
4.1 Totally Naked Tattoos 1031 East Church Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 634-0002


Tender Age Learning Center 137 Mica Road Ridgeway, VA  24148 276-956-2393

Also here is a link to child care in Martinsville


Directly in front of Vaughn's where we camped in a bank.  There was an ATM machine and on Sundays you could park there at no charge.
Suntrust US220/58 same side of road as Speedway to the north.  Within walking distance.
There is also a ATM at the Dairy Queen.
AT THE TRACK: ATMs are located inside the grandstand on the front stretch behind Section I. A mobile ATM is located in the souvenir area


From the Henry County Tourism site: Click here

Breakin' Bread Café 10 E. Church St. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-656-0414
Captains Toms Seafood 2615 Greensboro Rd. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-666-0326
China Express Restaurant 410 John Redd Blvd Martinsville, VA 24112 276-647-4660
D & A Café 1221 Memorial Blvd. Martinsville, VA 24112  276-632-1820
Domino's Pizza Martinsville, VA 24115 276-632-1811
Duffers Bar & Grill Martinsville, VA 24115 276-632-3837
Litehouse Café Martinsville, VA 24114 276-632-7044
McDonald's Collinsville, VA 24078  276-638-4343
Michael's Steak and More 2089 Virginia Ave Collinsville, VA 24078 276-647-3720
Najjar's Pizza Haven, Inc. Martinsville, VA 24115 276-647-7102
Rania's Italian Restaurant 147 East Main Street Martinsville, VA 24112 276-638-4462
Red Birch Foods  Bojangles 916 Indian Trail Martinsville, VA 24112 276-670-7596
Sonic Drive-In 410 Starling Avenue Martinsville, VA 24112,  276-632-4114
Subway Martinsville, VA 24115  276-638-3433
Tacoma, Inc. 328 E. Church St. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-666-9417
Third Bay Café 1163 Spruce Street Martinsville, VA 24112 276-666-8414
Walsh's Chicken & More 600 Starling Ave. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-1146
Wendy's  375 Beaver Ridge Rd.Collinsville, VA 24078  276-647-4888
Aloha Wok Chinese Restaurant  3424 Virginia Ave.Collinsville, VA 24082   276-647-1443
Arts, Etc., Inc. 43 E. Church St. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-666-6655
China Buffet 970 Memorial Blvd. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-8689
Clarence's Steak House  Ridgeway, VA 24148 276-956-3400
Dixie Pig Barbeque 917 N. Memorial Blvd. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-9082
El Ranchito 3069 Virginia Ave. Collinsville, VA 24082  276-647-4330
Elizabeth Pizza 2365 Virginia Ave. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-647-3859
Friday's Garden Deli 1117 S. Memorial Blvd. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-638-6445
Hazel's Place 124 E. Main St. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-666-4682
Hong Kong Restaurant Patrick Henry Mall - E. Church St. Martinsville, VA 24112   276-632-6429
International Family Restaurant 670 Commonwealth Blvd.Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-6408
Mi Ranchito 1212 S. Memorial Blvd Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-6363
Nina's  Holiday Shopping Center, Virginia Ave. Collinsville, VA 24078 276-632-3800
Pigs- R-Us 1014 Liberty St. Martinsville, VA 24112 276-632-1161
Pizza Hut USS 220 S Martinsville, VA 24112 276-638-4514
Ryan's Family Steak House 361 E. Commonwealth Blvd. Martinsville, VA 24112  276-634-5335
Shoney's 530 Commonwealth Blvd  Martinsville, VA 24112 276-638-5111


FROM ERIC: Wild Magnolias 730 East Church Street Martinsville
5.8 Peter's Lounge Patrick Henry Mall, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-6429
6.9 Texas Steakhouse  283 Commonwealth Blvd West, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-7133
8.1 Michaels Steak & More 2089 Virginia Avenue, Collinsville, VA 24078 (276) 647-3720

1.09 Main Street Market 310 Main Street, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-4515
1.57 Woody's Super Market 644 Morehead Avenue, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-2391
2.28 Kroger Company Route 220 South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-2628
Food lion 1101 Brookdale Street Martinsville, VA 24112
Food Lion 2828 Greensboro Road,Martinsville, VA 24112
Food Lion 8500 A L Philpott Highway 24112
Food Lion 40 Commonwealth Blvd,Martinsville


0.01 Amoco Highway 220 South located just past the speedway coming from the south on the opposite side of the road.
UPDATE FROM US: They open at 5:00 AM and serve food until 8:00 PM.  They had great breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches,  sausage gravy with biscuits and fried chicken at a reasonable price.  Also a bag of ice was just over a buck.  No gouging here.   
0.01Peoples General Store Route 87, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-4678
Peoples Save Stations Inc 5780 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-2912
2.6 Peoples Save Stations I174 Dye Plant Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-9010
2.8 Stop in Getty Mart 1506 Greensboro Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 656-1238
2.9 Peoples Save Stations 1315 Memorial Boulevard South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-5050  
3.2 Druid Hills Marathon 1062 Spruce Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 638-1561
3.7 Ranger Fuels-Buck'S 406 Bridge Street South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-2375


2777 Greensboro Road Martinsville, Virginia 24112   276-632-0905
243 COMMONWEALTH BLVD. MARTINSVILLE, Virginia 24112   276-638-2830
6.6 Peter's Lounge Patrick Henry Mall, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-6429
10.63 ABC Store No 1 318 North Pierce Street, Eden, NC 27288 (336) 627-8300
15.52 ABC Store 216 West Academy Street, Madison, NC 27025 (336) 427-0440
21.1 ABC Store 337 South Scales Street, Reidsville, NC 27320 (336) 349-6000


3.5 A Bail Bonds Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-5400
4.1 Hazelwood Bail Bonding Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 656-6200
4.1 Millner Tony L Jr 109 Jones Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-3799


8.96 Ponderosa Golf Club 108 Ponderosa Road, Stoneville, NC 27048 (336) 573-9025
9.58 Dan Valley Golf Course, Stoneville, NC 27048 (336) 548-6808
10.35 Beaver Hill Golf Course 325 Beaver Hills Club Dr, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-1526
10.56 Lynrock Golf Club 636 Valley Drive, Eden, NC 27288 (336) 623-6110
Beaver Hill Golf Club Martinsville, VA 24113 276-632-1526
Gordon Trent Golf Course Route 58 West Patrick County, VA  540-694-3805
Greensboro National Golf Club Summerfield, NC  336-342-1113
Horsepasture Par 3 & Driving Range Rt 58 West at Horsepasture Horsepasture, VA  540-957-4085
Olde Mill Golf Resort Laurel Fork, VA  540-398-2638
Putt Putt Golf 6028 A. L. Philpott Highway  Martinsville, VA 24112

RV REPAIR (propane is usually sold for RV's)

23.1 Smith's Mobile R.V. Service 8322 McCrory Road, Stokesdale, NC 27357 (336) 643-5054


6.44 Ashley's U S Lock & Security 23 Henry Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-6640
13.28 Dickinson Lock & Key Service 292 Anderson Road, Eden, NC 27288 (336) 627-4480


9.12 Walker's Towing 225 South Hamilton Street, Eden, NC 27288 (336) 623-6300
10.83 Hopper's Wrecker Service Eden, NC 27288 (336) 623-3376


0.01 Ridgeway Quik Mart Route 87, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-2670
.89 E-Z Stop Convenience Store 6690 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-3164
UPDATE FROM US: They open at 5:00 AM and serve food until 8:00 PM.  They had great breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches,  sausage gravy with biscuits and fried chicken at a reasonable price.  Also a bag of ice was just over a buck.  No gouging here.  
1.72 Royal Pantry 5781 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-3130
2.72 Red Birch Country Market 4801 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 956-5014
3.47 Ideal Market 3906 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 632-1584
5.02 Pat's Mini Mart 11332 US Highway 220, Stoneville, NC 27048 (336) 573-3087
5.53 Mayo Corner Market 2280 Horsepasture Price # R, Ridgeway, VA 24148 (276) 957-6173
6.25 Rangers Mart 716 Memorial Boulevard South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-4886
6.38 FAS Mart 110 1105 Brookdale Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 638-7805
6.44 Bg's Express Route 58 West, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 957-5546
6.57 Price's Minute Market 405 Bridge Street South, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 632-4214
6.72 Market Square 157 East Market Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 666-8999
6.3 Sparky's Food Store 5 604 Starling Avenue, Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 666-2867

Radio Stations

99.9FM WZBB Martinsville is a local MRN affiliate.  (THANKS ERIC)
MRN  -  WHLF-FM 95.3 South Boston
Whee 1370 AM  

TV Stations

WDRL-TV UPN Channel 24
NBC 05 WCYB - Bristol
ABC 03 WHSV - Harrisonburg
PBS 51 WVPT - Harrisonburg
PBS 52 WMSY - Marion
PBS 47 WSBN - Norton
CBS 07 WDBJ - Roanoke
NBC 10 WSLS - Roanoke
PBS 15 WBRA - Roanoke
UPN 24 WDRL - Roanoke
FOX 27 WFXR - Roanoke
IND 10 WAZT - Woodstock

from eric: TV Broadcast Stations: 44 WMDV Danville & 47 WGSR Reidsville Have great local race programing on race weekends.
Martinsville Bulliten
The Register Bee

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