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To:Long Pond Rd.
Long Pond, PA 18334
Number and Street:
Pocono Raceway
1-800-RACEWAY (1-800-722-3929)
           KUHENBEAKER RD/PA-4001. Long Pond, PA. 18334-0500 

Camping near Pocono Raceway

When calling about these campgrounds ask the driving time to the track.  There are mountains close by and 1 place might only be 7 miles BUT it takes 29 minutes to get to the track.

Under 5 miles from track
Hoof & Horse Camp,  (570).643.4976
Mount Pocono Campground Resort  888-55-POCONO
Scotrun Campground 570-629-0620
WT Campground (570).646.9255

Less than 10 miles from zip code 18334
Cranberry Run  570-421-1462
Eagle Lake Community 570-842-7672
Silver Valley Campsites 570-992-4824
Big Pocono on Camelback Mountain  570-894-8336
Hemlock Campground & Cottages  570-894-4388
Tobyhanna State Park  570-894-8336

Between 10 & 20 miles from track
Four Seasons Campgrounds  (570) 629-2504
Bake Oven Campground  570-386-2911
Blue Mountain RV & Camping Resort  610-377-5313
Camp Taylor Campground 908-496-4333
Clayton Park  570-698-6080
Delaware River Family Campground 800-543-0271
Delaware Water Gap KOA  570-223-8000
Don Laine Campgrounds 800-635-0152
Driftstone on the Delaware  888-355-6859
Foxwood Family Campground  800-845-4938
Jim Thorpe Camping Resort   570-325-2644
UPDATE FROM Jeremy & Alicia from FredericksburgGreat place to camp.  Clean.  Quiet.
Ken's Woods Campground  570-588-6381
Lake Moc A Tek Campground 570-226-3433
Mountain Vista Campground  (570) 223-0111
Otter Lake Camp Resort 570-223-0123
MountainVista Campground
Sandy Valley Campground  570-636-0770
Shady Acres Campground 570-897-6230
Timothy Lake Campground  570-588-6631
Timothy Lake South Campground   570-588-1617
Triplebrook Family Camping Resort 888-343-CAMP
Hickory Run State Park 570-443-0400
Pocono Vacation Park Shafer's School House Road  570-424-2587
Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort 90 acres Ph: (570) 488-6161 / (570) 488-5522

Here's a link I found for camping in the Pocono area.  Some I already have listed but there are a few that I don't have listed above: CLICK HERE

Look for Joe and the Keystone Jukebox crew on the paved road in the infield about 19 to 12 spots up from the entry road...they'll be the ones with the big crowd!

FROM AL G.,No one is allowed in until 10 AM Thursday.  Security is not very friendly and they certainly aren't helpful.  When I arrived in 2003 on a Wednesday afternoon I was told the campgrounds were not open.  I drove around the area looking for a place to spend the night, ending up in a private campground.  Thursday morning I again drove around, waiting for 10 am to roll around.  Wherever I stopped on the outskirts of the track to pass the time, security would drive up and tell me that I could not park there.  They never gave me instructions or advice.  Finally a fan told me about a field where RVs were being lined up before the gates open.  I went there, got in line, and when my turn came I got in. Thanks to the fan and no thanks to security.  That field is on your left as you head towards the campground entrance.
They have rules which MUST be followed.  No pets,not even a canary in a cage.  No firewood.  No fireworks.  As you enter the gates, a security guard actually boards your RV and looks through it for illegal items and for non-ticketed people.  Some security wears sidearms.  They have showers and toilets which have attendants.  It seems to be the practice to tip these individuals.

FROM Eric G.: I have recently "Camped at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond PA. For taking the children to the races, if you are camping, If there is an option for infield camping and "outfield" camping, it seems that the Family oriented, (low party areas) are the ones on the outside of the track. We camped at Pocono for the Aug. race and Stayed in the "Family RV Grandstand" Area, and it was perfect for the 7 year old.(and us since our party days are not like they used to be). If you ask the Track when you get camping tickets, they usually will tell you where the "quit" areas are. We checked the infield out while we were there and almost every night they were still parting hard at 3:00AM

Pocono Speedway Camping Info CLICK HERE

POCONO RACEWAY CAMPGROUND (570) 646-2300 EXT.167 This is listed on the track website but not sure if it is part of the speedway


FROM GINO, OUR NORTHERN RECON OFFICER: Pocono Raceway has all it's information listed on the infield admission papers. No admission until 12 PM. Thursday, although they have been letting motorhome's staging inside before 10 am the last 2 years.

Pocono infield has no showers. No water. No dump stations. No electric. No firerings. Its just you and your crew. Take everything along you will need for the whole weekend as there is no store inside or anywhere near the track and there are no passes out of the infield. If you must leave, you must repay for admission.

Security is as helpful at Pocono as they are at any other raceway. Not very. They wear sidearms? Thank God there is some kind of protection in line there. The weather seems to be playing a MAJOR factor at Pocono in recent years. Bring covers for everything you have outside that cannot withstand a direct flood. July 2004 was the worst of any storms that has ever gone through the track in its 26 year history!

Pocono allows firewood, providing you have a fireplace that does not sit directly on the grass. No fire rings are allowed. Ive seen people use a charcoal grill for this purpose! Access to the outside vendors (drivers merchandise trailers) on Pocono property is done via the infield tunnel. You must now PAY (since 2001) to have this
privledge. The armband pit pass thingy is $35. Autograph alley is no more at Pocono. The $35 gains you access to the tunnel and about 10 garage door openings for signings. I feel so privileged to pay and pay and pay while I am here for these races. Dr. Mattiolli laughs all the way to the bank. Those tunnel fees paid for his daughter's mansion directly across from the track. If you have ever driven tunnel road you more then likely have seen this shoebox of a home behind the 10 foot decorative brick walls. I believe us Bubba's call it "living rough"

....Fireworks are a definite no-no. I've seen fights break out over lit fuses dropping from fireworks, landing on someone's awning, thus burning a fuse looking hole right through it.

Fuel prices around this area are way out of line, always. They do not increase race
weekends. They are always high on top of the mountain in the middle of no-wheres-ville. Rain and mud are the issues that will disappoint even the most hardcore Na$car fan, like myself, so be very prepared for a deluge of clouds sometime during your stay infield. The mini- tornado Sunday night, midnight, in July 2004 was just what I was hoping would happen. What a treat that was! I am surprised they did not come around and ask for more money for the "extra" entertainment!

If this raceway was not really close to me here, 45 minutes away, I would never go to see a Na$car race at Pocono. ISC isn't anything compared to the greed at this track.

The middle of no-where is where you are here and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN: U MUST DEAL WITH IT! No one is going to hold your hand and direct you as to what to do here. Either you're self-sufficant or you need a maid, but, the maid stayed home cause she knew what the infield at Pocono is all about!

FROM ANDY MCBRIDE: Here are some pointers if anyone is thinking about going to Pocono:
1. The stands SUCK! Your view of the track is limited plus if the person in front of you stands up then your view is obstructed even more and the people behind you are pissed cause now they cannot see.
2. If you are going to the infield, do your shopping for souvenirs before you go in. If you are coming to the track via 115 you can make a left onto Long Pond Rd.. About a quarter of a mile to your right is a place for shoppers to park. There are vendors 100 feet away.  Be ready to do some walking if you want to go to the driver merchandise
trailers because they are over in back of the grandstands.
3. Again!!! If you are staying in the infield, bring everything you need with you! Food, drink, ice, proper clothes. If you might think you need it for a weekend in the infield BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!
4. The signage for the speedway is a joke. We had to turn around at least 4 times because we missed the turns to where we had to go. You do not know where you are until you are practically on top of it. I suggest going to google maps and printing off a detailed map of the immediate area around the track.
5. Make friends with everyone you meet in the infield. Cause you never know! A lot of people who work for the track stay there because it is convenient for them to just stay at the track and walk to the area they are working. They all know what a  scam the higher ups are running. Heck they get paid squat and work long hours!!! If you become friends with them they can "help" you out if needed. Here's an example. The people we were hanging out with had a person driving down from western NY on Saturday night. One of the guys needed to leave to go get her at the place they told her to drive to. I think it was a bar down the road from the speedway.  As you know, you cannot leave the infield without paying. A Pocono worker was camping next to them and they became friends. They explained the situation to him and WALA! He hooked them up with a pass to get in and out of the infield for free. Within a half an hour she was inside enjoying an adult beverage with us.
6. Did I mention to bring everything you might possibily need for the weekend of camping!?!?!?!?!?
7. Don't plan on leaving right after the race. Does the word ZOO me anything to you? About 160,000 have the same idea to leave ASAP. Take the day off on Monday and stay the night. Leave that morning. Trust me! You'll be glad you did.

RV Dump Stations

I-70/76 - MP 172 E, W
I-76 - MP 259 W, MP 325 E
I-276 -  MP 352 E,W
I-476 - MP A35.9 N,S

Also, Most Flying J Travel Plaza's and T.A. Travel Plaza's have dump stations


B & B Mountaintop Lodge   (570) 646-6636    Ph: 800-585-7974 or 595-2451.
Mountaintop Lodge , 646-6636 or 877-646-6636
Settlers Inn 800-833-8527.
Skytop Lodge In the Heart of the Poconos  595-7401 or 1-800-345-7759.
The French Manor  (570) 676-3244 or 800-523-8200.
Stroudsmoor Country Inn Ph: 800-955-8663 or 421-6431,
Hillside Lodge  1-800-666-4455 or 595-7551 for reservations. 
Chestnuthill Bed and Breakfast 1-800-992-1860.


Hotel Accommodations 1-800-POCONOS (1-800-762-6667) or 1-800-22




The largest selection of Pocono Resorts, Hotels, and Inns in any one place.
Rooms for This Weekend Still Available Poconos Reservations 800-805-3559


Best Western Inn (570) 646-6000
Mcginley's Pocono Trail Lodge  (570) 646-3015
Best Western Inn (800) 780-7234
Blakeslee Inn & Restaurant 570.646.1100
Claude's Espresso at Mountaintop Lodge  (570) 646-6636
Mountaintop Lodge, (570) 646-6636


Chateau Resort (570) 629-5900
Ramada Limited (570) 629-4100  (800) 441-2193
Pocono Lake Hotel (570) 646-2846
Caesars Brookdale  (570) 839-8844
570 839-1410 fax 800 465-4329 800-HOL-IDAY
Best Western  (570) 629-1667
Summit Resort  (570) 629-0203
Chateau Resort (570) 629-5900
Days Inn  (570) 619-5541 (570) 629-1667
Ramada Limited  (570) 629-4100
Hotel Jonas  (570) 619-6510
Holiday Inn Express  (570) 839-3600
Caesars Paradise  (570) 839-8881
American Hotel  (610) 681-5800  (610) 681-4692
Hotel of Horror  (570) 992-3278
Kuebler's Mountain Hotel Main,  (570) 894-8291
Birchwood   (570) 629-0222 (800) 233-8177


Burney's Cottages & Motel (570) 992-4756 (888) 227-0404
Knights Inn Pocono, (570) 629-8000
Ramada Inn  (570) 443-8471 (800) 251-2610
Down Under  (570) 424-6100
J R'S Greenscene  (570) 424-5451
Carriage House Country Club  (570) 839-6761
Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort  (570) 839-7111 (800) 233-8150
Lake Harmony Motel (570) 722-0522
Madison Inn  (570) 722-0481
Fox Hill Motel (570) 424-8724
Holiday Inn  (570) 424-6000
East Stroudsburg University  (570) 422-3511
Resort At Split Rock  (570) 722-9111
Country Inn & Resort  570 421-6431, 800 955-8663

FROM LINDA:  I wanted to pass on some information to you about Pocono that may useful on your site.  We stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Wilkes Barre, which is weird for us not bringing our camper but it was actually cheaper to stay in the hotel and we are trying to make some money having these booths : ).  I ended up getting a great rate of $45.99 per nite at Red Roof because they have a deal if you stay 4 nights.  The hotel was very clean, right off 476 and although it was about 25 miles from the track, it was a straight shot on Rt 115 with literally no traffic.  I recommend the hotel because it was cheap, the rooms have recently been renovated and it was clean. We stayed at the Ramada Inn Limited in Tannersville for the race in June and paid over twice as much for 4 nights.  It was closer, about 15 miles, and clean, but it very run down.  The outside looked ok and the girl at the front desk was super nice and helpful but the hallways had a musty smell and the entire hotel, (carpets, lines, wall paper, etc.) needs renovation.  It had a indoor pool and hot tub but the pool had a dirt line around the entire pool at the water level and the hot tub didn't work properly.  So, for over twice the money, we felt like the Red Roof Inn was definitely better.

More hotels listed here: CLICK HERE

Independent Vendors

All Along Long Pond Rd.  Vendors all along the roads from 80 to the track.

MRO - Church service at the track

Pennsylvania Racing Outreach (Raceway Ministries) will provide children's activities from 10am until 4pm on Friday & Saturday. On Sunday morning, they will provide a chapel service at 9am. (Location Gate 4, Family RV Campground)

Children's activities will begin on Friday at 1:00pm. These activities include crafts, face painting, story-telling, and coloring contests, etc. Friday evening PRO will host a live concert and race related prizes will be given away. On Sunday, free coffee, juice and sausage biscuits will be served at 8:00am, and the chapel service will start at 9:00am.


Race Tracks

3.5 Lehigh Valley Quarter Midget Racing Club Long Pond, PA 18334 (570) 646-2298
9.1 Pocono Raceway Pocono Lake, PA 18347 (570) 646-2300
10.3 Borger's Speedway Route 115, Saylorsburg, PA 18353 (570) 992-8131
From Rt.80: Exit 46A to Rt.33 south to Saylorsburg exit. At stop sign turn left. Speedway is 1 mile on right. From Rt.78: Take Rt 22 to Rt 33 North (Poconos exit). Follow Rt 33 to Saylorsburg exit. At stop sign turn right. At next stop sign turn left. Speedway is 1 mile on right.
11.7 Snydersville Raceway 1297 Kroucher Road, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 619-8452
12.2 Snydersville Raceway Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 424-2373
19.2 Downs at East Stroudsburg 6 Eagles Glenn Mall, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 (570) 426-1818
22.1 Hamlin Speedway Moscow, PA 18444 (570) 689-4177
27.3 Precision Preparation 805 Nazrth Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18017 (610) 614-0747
27.4 Downs Off Track Wagering 1780 Airport Road,Allentown, PA 18109 (610) 266-6559
29.4 Lake Moc-A-Tek Speedway Mocatek Road, Paupack, PA 18451 (570) 226-5602 CAMPING
Exit 5 off I-84 on SR 191/196 to SR 590 East, 6.5 miles & turn right onto Township Road Paupack 392
32.6 Hidden Valley Speedway Mann Road, Pittston, PA 18643 (814) 768-7223
32.6 Downs at Pocono Route 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18701 (570) 825-6681

Mountain Speedway St. Johns, PA Track Phone: (570) 788-7544  Office Phone: (570) 384-3215
Route 924 Humboldt, Hazleton, P.A. 18201
From Interstate 80: take exit 262 (RT309 Exit), follow SR 309 2.5 mi. to 1st red light (you will see a UNI-MART), turn right at light, follow 1.6 mi. west on Butler Dr., then another right .8 mi. north on Mill Mountain Road.

Mahoning Valley Speedway Lehighton, PA Located on Route 443 just south of Lehighton,
Track Telephone - (570) 386-4900 Business Phone (570) 386-1225

Greenwood Valley Action Track R.R.#1, Millville, PA 17859 voice: (570) 458-5142
I-80 Exit 34, north on SR 42 to Millville. Right on Hwy 254 east for 4 miles to Oriole Rd. Right on Oriole to the stop sign. Turn right and track is there. CAMPING

Numidia Raceway Catawissa, PA 570.799.0480
I-80 Exit 34. The track is 10 miles south on SR 42, just north of Numidia.

Wall Township Speedway hosts NASCAR stars and legends
Wall Township Speedway in New Jersey always host the “Racing's Greatest Night of Champions”

In addition to the race, the event has interviews and autograph sessions.  For more information, check out Wall Townships website.  732-681-6400
Address: 1803 State Route 34, Wall, NJ 07719-9109

Public Golf Courses

9.4 MT Pocono Golf Course Mount Pocono, PA 18344 (570) 839-6061
9.4 Paradise Golf Family Fun Park Rte 611, Mount Pocono, PA 18344 (570) 839-3434
10.0 Hideaway Hills Golf Club Carney Road, Kresgeville, PA 18333 (610) 681-6000
10.0 Indian Mountain Golf Course Route 534, Kresgeville, PA 18333 (610) 681-4534
12.3 Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort Pocono Manor, PA 18349 (570) 839-7111 (800) 233-8150
13.9 Cherry Valley Golf Course Cherry Val Road,Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 421-1350
15.4 Thornhurst Country Club Gouldsboro, PA 18424 (570) 472-9079
17.0 Buck Hill Falls Golf Club 53 Golf Road, Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323 (570) 595-7730
20.0 Terra Greens Golf Course 5006 Poole Rd, E. Stroudsburg, PA 18301, 570 421-0120


3.2 miles     Pines Cafe Lake Naomi Rte 940 & 423 Pocono Pines PA (570) 646-1313
3.2 Amadeo's Pizza-Restaurant Routes 940 & 423 Pocono Pines PA (570) 646-4540
3.2 Junction      RR 940 Pocono Pines, PA Phone: (570) 646-4030
3.2 Lakeside House Restaurants Firehouse Rd Pocono Pines, PA Phone: (570) 646-2952
3.2 Pines Cafe Lake Naomi      Route 940 Pocono Pines, PA Phone: (570) 646-1313
3.2 Van Gilder's Jubilee Rstrnt Route 940 Pocono Pines, PA Phone: (570) 646-2377
3.5 miles     Doc's Lounge 3 Park Dr E Pocono Summit PA (570)839-9635
4.0 miles Arby's 200 Route 940 Mount Pocono PA (570)839-0578
4.9 The Britannia Country Inn Upper Swiftwater Rd. Swiftwater PA (570)839-7243
Anthony's Steak & Seahouse   Route 611Scotrun, Phone: (570) 629-0250
Scotrun Diner & Motel Route 611 Scotrun, PA Phone: (570) 629-2430

Less than 5 miles from track
Blakeslee Diner Route 115, Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-2800
Blakeslee's Madison Inn Blakeslee,  PA 18610 (570) 646-2950
Blakeslee Inn & Restaurant Route 940 , Blakeslee, PA 18610,  570.646.1100
GREEN FLAG FROM BRANDON I: A great restaurant up near Pocono Raceway is the Blakeslee Inn & Restaurant on Rt. 940 about 5 miles from the raceway. There is also a WAWA , CVS Pharmacy and grocery store near the restaurant.  The Blakeslee inn has live blues bands every Friday night. 
Casa Di Pasta Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 643-2222
Chat-N-Chew Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-6632
China Pearl Chinese Restaurant Blakeslee Shopping # P, Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-7899
John Kolnik Restaurant 2 Sisters Inn Blakeslee, PA Phone: (570) 646-9988
La Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant Route Blakeslee, PA Phone: (570) 643-7000
Mcginley's Pocono Trail Lodge Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-3015
Mirian's International Deli   Route 940 Blakeslee, PA Phone: (570) 646-2254
Monty's Pizza 14 Route 115 And 940, Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 643-8937
Murphy's Loft Route 115 S Blakeslee, PA Phone: (570) 646-2813
Pizza Como USA Blakslee Village, Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-8008
Villa Virella Restaurant Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-3265
Village Squire Restaurant Steakhouse Route 115, Blakeslee, PA 18610 (570) 646-3446
Woody's Country House Route 115 Blakeslee, PA Phone: (570) 646-9932
Edelweiss Restaurant Route 940 Pocono Lake, PAPhone: (570) 646-3938

5 to 11 miles from Track
5.0 miles   McDonald's Route 940 AT Oak St Mount Pocono PA (570)839-3290
5.0 miles   KFC 599 Route 940 Mount Pocono PA (570) 839-8283
5.2   Mountainview Bar & Grille 300 Camelback Rd Tannersville PA (570)629-5900
5.3 miles    T J's Hideaway 16 Fork St Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-1976
5.3 miles Brother Bruno's Pizza 601 Rte 940 Ste 18 Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-6477
5.4 miles Geno & Joey's Pizza 48 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 895-4911
5.5 miles     Broadway Cafe Woodland Rd. Mt. Pocono PA (570)839-8811
5.5 miles     Burger King 410 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-8084
5.6 miles     Arby's 529 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-0578
5.6 miles     Bailey's Steakhouse 604 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-9678
5.6 miles Gold Star Diner & Family 2272 Rte 115 Effort PA (570) 629-5347
5.6 miles   Burke's Tavern & Restaurant 608 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 895-4922
5.6 miles     Jad's Restaurant 33 Sterling Rd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-8841
5.9 miles     Family New York Pizza Rte. 611 Tannersville PA (570)629-2441
5.9 miles      Sheryl's Country Kitchen Rte. 715 N. Tannersville PA (570)619-7708
6.1 miles     Pizza Hut 5 Sterling Road Mount Pocono PA (570) 839-7753 
6.1 miles     Nic Anthony's Rte. 715 South Reeders PA (570)620-9960
6.4 miles     Vincent's Pizzeria Rte 115 & State Rd Effort PA (570) 629-6061
7.1 miles Subs Galore Rte. 209 Pleasant Valley Plaza Brodheadsville PA (570)992-0577
7.7 miles     Lopsided Inn 448 State Highway 196 Tobyhanna PA (570)839-8421
7.7 miles      Tobyhanna Brookside Inn 182 Main St Tobyhanna PA (570) 894-4966
8.4 miles     Subway Rte. 611 & I-80 Bartonsville PA (570)421-1770
8.4 miles     Shenanigan's 100 S Lake Dr Lake Harmony PA (570) 722-1100
8.5 miles     Nick's Lake House 110 S Lake Dr Lake Harmony PA (570) 722-2500
8.7 miles    Bagel Gourmet Rte. 903 Albrightsville PA (570)722-3600
9.1 miles     Blimp Subs & Salads 33 Route 611 Bartonsville PA (570)476-9330
10.2 miles     Brodheadsville Inn Rte 209 & Rte 115 Brodheadsville PA (570) 992-5947
10.8   Mike's Pizzeria and Restaurant 2041 Rt 209 Brodheadsville PA (570)992-3540
10.8 miles     Bono Pizza 2041 Rt 209 Brodheadsville PA (570)992-5820
10.8 miles McDonald's Rte. 611 Stroudsburg PA (570)420-9609
Jessica's Place   Pocono Lake, PA Phone: (570) 646-5871
Pinewood Deli Locust Ridge Rd Pocono Lake, PA Phone: (570) 643-1112
Robert Christians Restaurant   Route 940, Pocono Lake, PA Phone: (570) 646-0433



6.5    Days Inn Rte 715 & Inter. 80 Tannersville PA (570) 629-1667
12.5  Mc Gurk's Tavern 1946 W Main St Stroudsburg PA (570) 421-2151
13.1  Cinder Inn 1 Stokes Ave East Stroudsburg PA (570) 421-1425
13.6  Courtland Crossings 425 N Courtland St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 420-9365
13.6  Walker's Hideaway 28 E 1ST St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-1392
13.7  Hoop 745 Main St. Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-1950
13.7  Brownie's 700 Main St Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-1154
13.8  Kay's Tavern 500 Main St Stroudsburg PA (570) 421-3842
13.8  Main Street Lounge 418 Main St Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-2431
14.0  Goal Line 279 S Courtland St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 476-8870
14.0  Shorty's Place 59 Crystal St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-1301
14.0  Lackawanna Hotel 87 Crystal St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-1441
16.2  Oak & Maple Inn Incorporated 1043 Fox Gap Rd Bangor PA (610) 588-3867
16.8  Detzi's Tavern 570 N Lehigh Ave Wind Gap PA (610) 863-9882
17.8  Yarmey's Bar 520 Main St. White Haven PA (570) 443-9044
18.1  Old Schoolhouse Tavern 4740 Long Run Rd Lehighton PA (610) 377-5745
18.4  T K's Bar & Grill 2500 Delaware Ave Mt Bethel PA (570) 897-6112
18.7  Pappys Rte 502 & 690 Moscow PA (570) 842-7918
19.1  Doc's Hard Rock Cafe 110 S Main St Moscow PA (570) 842-6628
19.5   Blue Mountain Pub Incorporated 3790 Forest Inn Rd Palmerton PA (610) 826-5554


Gas Stations

FROM AL G.There are a few gas stations near the track, but they are the worst price-gougers that I have seen in my travels.  I filled up at another Pennsylvania location before driving to Pocono and one would expect similar or slightly higher prices near the track.  The stations near the raceway had jacked up their gas prices by close to 60 cents a gallon. My advice is to fill up before getting to the track and don't give these leeches any of your business.

4.4 miles     Interstate Exxon Ih 80 & Rte 115 Blakeslee PA (570) 646-3448  
5.6 miles     Grogan's Automotive 503 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-8452
5.8 miles     Remak's Exxon Rte 611 Tannersville PA (570) 629-1127 
7.3 miles Tobyhanna Service Station Rte 611 & Main St Tobyhanna PA (570) 894-8813

4.4 miles     M P A Pharmaceuticals -- 301 Rte 940 Ste 2 Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-9330
5.0  CVS Pharmacy Route 940 , Blakeslee, PA 18610 next to Blakeslee Inn
5.3 miles      Eckerd Drug 601 Rte 940 Ste 9 Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-3796
5.4 John's Pocono Mountain Pharm 21 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-7443
6.9 miles CVS Pharmacy Rte 611 & Fishill Rd Tannersville PA (570) 629-9422

Grocery Stores

Several stores between I-80 and the track, small gas stations and convienence types.

5.0  WAWA Route 940 , Blakeslee, PA 18610 next to Blakeslee Inn
5.3   Mr Z's Food Mart 601 Rte 940 Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-0172
5.6   Quik Shop Food Market 559 Pocono Blvd Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-8253
6.4   Hilltop Market Rte 115 & State Rd Effort PA (570) 629-2421
10.2 Wawa Food Market Rte 209 & 715 Brodheadsville PA (570) 992-2511
Beer, Wine & Liquor

5.7 miles     Mount Pocono Beverage 611 Belmont Ave Mt Pocono PA (570) 839-7403
12.1 miles     Wholesale Beer Warehouse Rte 33 & 209 Sciota PA (570) 992-3377
12.7 miles Pennsylvania Liquor Control 1060 N 9TH St Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-3944
13.5 miles Laurel Beverage Incorporated 830 Monroe St Stroudsburg PA (570) 421-2091
13.7 miles     Pennsylvania Liquor Control 761 Main St Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-3943
13.9 Brewskies Beverage Inc 55 N Courtland St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 421-1210
15.0 miles State Liquor Store 322 E Brown St East Stroudsburg PA (570) 424-3940

Bail Bondsman

BROWNS BAIL BONDS 570-265-5440

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church: Route 940, Blakeslee
United Church of Christ: Old Route 940, Pocono Lake
Christ the King: Route 115, Blakeslee
Our Lady of the Lake: Sullivan Road, Pocono Pines
United Methodist Church: Route 115, Blakeslee


Pocono Pines


Channel 22
Channel 44
WB  68 WJAL - Chambersburg
UPN 15 WLYH - Harrisburg
CBS 21 WHP - Harrisburg
ABC 27 WHTM - Harrisburg
PBS 33 WITF - Harrisburg
NBC 08 WGAL - Lancaster
PBS 44 WVIA - Pittston
ABC 16 WNEP - Scranton
CBS 22 WYOU - Scranton
FOX 56 WOLF - Scranton
NBC 28 WBRE - Wilkes-Barre
FOX 43 WPMT - York


Foggy 101.3 FM
WODE 99.99 FM
KRZ 98.5 FM
WSBG 93.5 FM
WESS 90.3 FM
WSBG 107.9FM
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