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address: 151 Speedway Blvd. Bristol, TN. 37620 Phone: 423/764-6555  Fax: 423/764-1646

2015 Fan Friendly new listing Lodgin
Bristol Chamber -

Directions to Bristol Motor Speedway:

NEW (TO ME) After the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races, there is a Pedestrian Hold period of up to one hour.  During the Pedestrian Hold period, all motorists on the BMS campus and some roadways adjacent to BMS (including Highway 11E and Highway 394) are stopped to allow the huge flows of pedestrians to cross these roadways in greater safety.  If you park at either Speedway Parking or Whitetop Creek Park, you will consume part, if not all, of the Pedestrian Hold period getting back to your vehicle.  MORE TRAFFIC TIPS

From the south: Traveling from the South, take Tennessee Exit 69 off I-81. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto Hwy. 394. Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway are located on the left side of Hwy. 394.

From the north: Take Virginia Exit 17 off I-81 and turn left on Hwy. 75. At the Tennessee border, the road changes to Hwy. 44. Continue on this route until the stop sign at U.S. 421. Turn right on 421 and stay on it until the traffic light at Hwy. 394. Turn left and proceed to Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway.

Fans coming from Knoxville on I-81 N can take Tennessee Exit 57A, then take I-26 east to Tennessee State Route 381 (State of Franklin Road) at Exit 19 in Johnson City, which leads to US 11E and north again to BMS. There is a new traffic signal in place at the intersection of 11E and Highway 19E in Bluff City.  OR
take Tennessee Ext 66 (SR 126) from I81 or Exit 69 (SR 394) and go through Blountville to BMS. You will encounter another new traffic signal this way as well, at Highway 394 and Exide Drive one mile west of the speedway.

Fans coming south from Roanoke or Wytheville on southbound I-81 are encouraged to exit at Virginia Exit 17 (Virginia SR 75) in Abingdon and follow southbound Route 75 into Tennessee, where it changes to Tenn. SR 44. Route 44 intersects US 421 in Holston Valley; go north on US 421 and turn left on Tennessee Highway 394 which will bring motorists into the Dragway side of BMS.  OR
can also exit at Virginia Exit 3 in Bristol (Interstate 381), which turns into Commonwealth Ave. in Bristol, va. And then Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tenn. This leads directly to BMS.

Fans coming over Sam’s Gap on westbound I-26 from Asheville should exit onto Tennessee SR 381 (State of Franklin Road) at Exit 19 in Johnson City which leads to US 11E and then on to BMS.
We come from the south and drive up I-26 to Johnson City and take Hwy 11 to the speedway.

FROM RICK H: the state troopers on I – 81 north of Bristol are on the prowl every year, Friday and Monday. I counted six troopers each way and saw at least three people get pulled over as they passed me. Be smart go the speed limit.


Traffic Information
Knoxville Traffic Maps and Cameras

Traffic Updates on the BMS Radio Network on the following radio stations.
WFHG-AM 980 (Bristol, Va.)
WJCW AM-910......................Tri-Cities, TV/VA
WXSM AM-640......................Tri-Cities, TN/VA
WFHG FM-92.7......................Bristol, TN/VA
WNVA FM-106.3....................Norton, VA
WMEV FM-93.9.....................Marion, VA
WMVA AM-1450....................Martinsville, VA
WPSK FM-107.1....................Pulaski, VA

The continued growth in pedestrian flows in certain areas around BMS require that additional no-parking areas be signed . New no-parking areas will be in place along Old Thomas Bridge Road, Highway 390, and in the Apple Ridge subdivision, along with the traditional locations where parking has been prohibited in the past. Parking is prohibited in these areas either for increased pedestrian safety or to ensure emergency vehicle access into nearby subdivisions during the race periods. 

Those of you that have attended both spring and August races at BMS know that the pre-race traffic for the August event is not as intense as the spring race events, since motorists have all day long to get to the speedway in time for the race. Even though the events are later in the day, it is still to your advantage to get to the speedway as soon as possible. This will allow time for getting through the security checkpoints in plenty of time for the race, as well as securing a parking space closer to the speedway and give you time to enjoy all the amenities of BMS. All of the post-race traffic is after sunset, so motorists must pay extra attention to watch for pedestrians, police officers, traffic flagmen, and signage to navigate after the races.

For the Busch and Nextel Cup race dates, the actual plan for moving traffic to and from BMS has not been changed much from previous years. Some routes are more heavily used than others. If you are coming south to BMS from Virginia and get off of Interstate 81 at Exit 3, consider using Tennessee State Route 358 (Weaver Pike) to get to the Dragway side of BMS. There is signage guiding you to BMS via Weaver Pike once you get off of the Interstate. When you leave BMS after Race Weekend is over from the Dragway side on Highway 394, consider using the route from Highway 394 to Exit 5 in Virginia by turning left when you get to the US 421 traffic signal; this route is also used less than the others. Construction has started on a new bridge over the railroad near downtown Bristol; once that is completed, the drain route to Virginia Exit 5 will be shifted to the new bridge. This work zone does not impact the current Exit 5 route, so there is no need to avoid that route for this race.

Traffic volumes in the Exit 7 and Linden Drive areas in Bristol, Virginia, continue to grow for the post-race periods. If you are traveling from BMS to Exit 7 after the race, it may be easier from the Highway 11E side of BMS to go to Interstate 81 northbound, exit at Virginia Exit 5, and proceed north on US 11 to the Exit 7 and Linden Drive areas. From the Dragway side, follow the signs to I-81 by turning left at the US 421 traffic signal to Exit 5, but go under the I-81 bridge and stay on US 11 northbound and you will get to the Exit 7 area without having to get on I-81. This will help you avoid the congestion of the Exit 7 ramps of Interstate 81. There will be TO LINDEN DR signage to guide you; follow it to Exit 7 as well as the Linden Drive area.

There are not any large highway or utility work zones in the immediate BMS vicinity, but motorists will encounter some as they approach Bristol. Coming from the southwest, work continues on widening Interstate 40 in Knoxville, both east and west of downtown. If you are passing through Knoxville on I-40 coming from Nashville or Chattanooga, you will go through two large work zones for this activity; if you are passing through Knoxville coming from Lexington, you will go through only one, and that one can be avoided by using the I-640 bypass. From the north, traffic on US 19 coming from the southwestern Virginia coalfield areas approaching Abingdon will encounter a bridge replacement project where US 19 crosses the North Fork of the Holston River that will be ongoing for the next several Race Weekends. Work is almost complete on the replacement of the Interstate 77 bridges over the New River south of Wytheville, Virginia; this project should be completed before the spring 2007 Race Weekend. Please allow extra time for delays in these work zones if your travel route takes you through these areas.

More about Traffic and Directions

This is definitely one of those tracks I refer to in Race Ready that pays to have a detailed map of the area.  Get one that shows the state highways and if you can find one that has private roads listed also.  From what I could tell there are many back roads to & from Bristol to the interstates.  Parking is plentiful, but not necessarily nearby.  Cars are parked as far as 5 miles from the track and fans walk.  Also, the track itself seems to sit on a hill.  To enter the track, you have to walk up a fairly steep grade.  

Traffic is brutal, as expected.  Once you  make it to the interstate,  people say you fly.  Getting out of the parking lots is the killer.  If going for only the day, park as far as you think you want to walk to the track.  REMEMBER, TURN YOUR CAR AROUND AND FACE YOUR CAR FACING HOW YOU NEED TO LEAVE.  Select a location that points you in the right direction without making left turns or U-turns.  In many locations, left turns and U-turns are prohibited before or after the race, forcing motorists to make long detours or pass through race traffic control points more than once. For instance if you are coming from south of the track do not go past the track and park north of it.  You will have to go thru double the traffic to get back south.

Found the item below on a message board.  It tells you how they will funnel you out of the speedway from certain parking areas. 

DURING events, several alternate routes planned by city, county and state law enforcement agencies and civil engineers offer ways around the heaviest traffic.

Most of the new, free parking lots are located adjacent to Hwy. 394, so most of the routes funnel traffic to 394.

Bristol Motor Speedway property is accessed by three multi-purpose entrances: the North Entrance, South Entrance, and the Bristol Dragway (Hwy. 394) Entrance. During NHRA events, most guests will use this entrance to park free on Bristol Dragway/Bristol Motor Speedway grounds. During NASCAR events, public parking on the grounds is accessible only from the Bristol Dragway Entrance. The North and South Entrances are accessible only with parking permits issued by Bristol Motor Speedway and state issued handicap placards. Bristol Motor Speedway has purchased property and developed satellite parking lots on Hwy. 394, and all parking in these lots is free, with free shuttle service to the speedway. Fees are charged for tent and motor home camping at the Bristol Dragway. Please note that on property not owned by BMS, parking fees will be charged.

North Entrance: Turn 2. A new road will open for the August race weekend for vehicles with permits to use the North Entrance.

Cars will not be allowed to exit North or South Entrances for 45 minutes after NASCAR races to allow pedestrians leaving the grandstands to cross Hwy. 11E safely.

Note: No turns at Exide Drive (first traffic light north of BMS North Entrance on the Hwy. 11E).

South Entrance: Turn 3. Permit Parking Only.

Exiting the South Entrance: Left lanes will turn south toward Johnson City. Access to I-81 by Hwy. 381 (State of Franklin Road) to I-181. Right lanes will turn north toward Bristol, access to I-81 by Hwy. 11E and I-381.

Note: No turns at Exide Drive (first traffic light north of BMS North entrance on Hwy. 11E). Exide Drive will be one-way outbound after events.

Bristol Dragway Entrance: During NASCAR events, permits are required for entry at the Dragway (Hwy. 394) Entrance. Only tour buses and vehicles with permits will be admitted through the Dragway Entrance. BMS Camping Entrance (motor home and tent permits required) also accessible with North VIP, North Wheelchair Accessible, and Hospitality Parking Permits.

Exiting the Bristol Dragway Entrance: Left lanes will turn north toward Bristol and US 421. Access to I-81 via Hwy. 394 to U.S. 421 with signs directing to I-81 at Exit 5 in Bristol and Exit 17 in Abingdon. Right lanes will turn south toward Hwy. 11E and Hwy. 37. Signs direct to I-81 from either route.

Several lots offering FREE public parking are available on Hwy. 394, and BMS provides FREE SHUTTLE service from these lots, located near the intersection of White Top Road and at the Bristol, Tenn., Multi-Purpose Park.

Any traffic north of the Speedway going south on Hwy. 11E should turn at Exide Drive. Access I-81 two ways: (1) take Exide Drive away from the Speedway, turn right at Bethel Road, right at Carden Hollow Road, right at Hwy. 126, left at 11W to I-81; or (2) Exide Drive to Hwy. 37, to I-81.

Note: Northbound Volunteer Parkway traffic will not be allowed to turn left onto Exide Drive


hrough an arrangement with RallyBus, a crowd-powered, on-demand event travel company, fans have Park-and-Ride options in four Tri-Cities locations — Bristol, VA, Johnson City and Blountville, Tennessee, and Kingsport, Tennessee.

To reserve a space for visit In addition, RallyBus will offer a reduced price of $20 per round-trip ticket. Reservations are required for all Tennessee locations.

The existing Park-and-Ride at Sugar Hollow Park, located at Lee Highway off Exit 7 in Bristol, Virginia, remains unchanged. No reservations are required. Fans parking in this lot will be provided round-trip shuttle service to BMS at a cost of $20, payable on arrival. Buses depart at the top of the hour beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday during race weekend.


The single largest parking change in the parking plans from previous spring Race Weekends is the removal of parking from the grass on the westbound side of Highway 394 between the Dragway Entrance and White Top Road.

FROM LAIDBACKRACING.COM Across from the South Entrance off of Hwy 11E is a neighborhood.  Lots of private parking there.  Off of 394 on White Top Road is the speedway free parking.  Across from that on White Top is a neighborhood with parking. Also, fans park along side of Hwy 394 on the side of the road....We ALWAYS see cars parked on the side of the road (off the road) on Hwy 394.  From the exit off of hwy 11 almost up to White Top on the opposite side of the road from the dragstrip...the same side of the road as the free parking lot).  then right past the entrance to the dragstrip people park on the same side of 394 as the dragstrip...then even use their 4 wheel drive vehicles to drive to the top of the small hills. 

Free Parking
Bristol Motor Speedway operates two free public parking areas on State Route 394; one at Speedway Parking (corner of White Top Road and Hwy. 394), and one at Whitetop Creek Park. Shuttle buses serve both areas.

Speedway Children's Charities Parking
For a small donation to Speedway Children's Charities, fans also may park in the Speedway Children's Charities lot located just north of the Speedway, past Exide Drive on Hwy. 11E (Volunteer Parkway)

Major Parking not owned by BMS (Fee charged):
Bos' Landing - For reservations and a map please phone 423/391-0972.
Finish Line Parking  -  For reservation phone 423/646-5977

FROM THE SPEEDWAY: Be careful of where you park when you get to the speedway. Plan how you will exit the racetrack and select your parking location, if you can, based on that. Because of increased security, vehicles parked in and around the track in no-parking zones will be towed immediately.

Again.  GET A DETAILED MAP.  We used to camp in the neighborhood off white top behind the free parking on 394 and we had a back way out that cut thur Elizabethtown and dropped you out on 11 far south past all the traffic, which worked for us since we took 11 to I 26 south

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is offered at various points around the Speedway, including the Blue Ox Campground area. Look for Shuttle Stop signs to access.  There is a Shuttle Stop at the Free Speedway parking on Hwy 394.  We camp on that side off White Top and drive the LBT right up to the Shuttle stop.
GREEN FLAG FROM US:  Without a doubt, BMS has the BEST shuttle service we have ever seen anywhere!  It is organized and well coordinated.  We stood in line maybe 15 minutes to load on the bus for the August race (less for the spring race).  In under 10 minutes we were dropped off at the shuttle stop in the free parking lot on Hwy 394.  They have special lanes for the shuttles only.

Bristol Motor Speedway Seating

There are no bad seats at Bristol. HOWEVER, in the turns no matter high or how low you are, you can't see the cars in the turns because of the banking.  If you are to the left or right of the turns it's better but you still can't see the cars when they are right in front of you.

You can see the whole track no matter how low you are on the front & back stretch BUT remember the lower you are the louder it is.  Bristol reminded me of a Roman Coliseum.

In the old days we used to say: THE HIGH THE SEAT THE BETTER THE VIEW.  That was when the grandstands went up maybe to row 30 and there were no towers above that.  However this is simply not true anymore with grandstands & towers that go up 5 to 10 stories.  You only need to sit high enough to see the whole track.  After that it is a waste of money, energy & time because you are getting further away from the track.  I have been on the top row of some towers and could not tell whose car was whose.  I went down to the lower grandstand and sat where I could see the whole track and the view was a helluva lot better & THE SEATS CHEAPER! 
Most of the seating were the new aluminum bench seating.  Standard amount of room like most tracks - NOT ENOUGH!

Kulwicki Terrace & Kulwicki Tower (the higher rows), Rusty Wallace Tower had real seats, the plastic high tech stuff that doesn't get hot or cold.  Plenty of room underneath.  Cup holder
FROM RACEMAMA: For the spring race all of Wallace and Kulwicki (except what is under the suites) are in the sun ALL day.

Earnhardt, Johnson, Yarborough and Petty Terrace had real seats, the plastic high tech stuff that doesn't get hot or cold.  Plenty of room underneath.
And on the front stretch, the Allisons & Pearson Terrace had the real seats.  Plenty of room underneath. Cup holder
The Waltrip Tower had bench seats all the way up.

All sections called Grandstands have bench seats.  One word of advice about those bench will fight for you 18 inches of space! 

FROM RACEMAMA: For the spring race all the frontstretch, all of turn 4 and most of turn 3 (except what is under the suites) are in the sun ALL day.
Earnhardt, Petty, Yarborough and Johnson are in the shade all day for the spring race except the lower rows in the early afternoon but all of them are in the shade about halfway thru the race.

One bad point about these new high tech seats...the automatically fly into the upright position when you stand up so if you have a seat cushion attach it to your seat somehow or you will be picking it up from under your seat all day.

About the support beams:
FROM SPENCER E: At Bristol the support beams for the Wallace tower are in ROW 12 of the Kulwicki Terrace. I figured that this might be a pertinent piece of information since many folks that attend Bristol have to go to outside sources for seats and row 12 is lower than most would probably think.  Just last weekend I bought Busch tickets off ebay (since they were well below face as opposed to paying full price from the track) that were in row 16.  I was familiar with BMS but figured the support beams were higher up!
FROM RACEMAMA:  We sit in Earnhardt Terrace row 13, seats on the aisle.  The support beams aren't in our way.  I think it depends how high up you are and where in the row.  The beams would be in the way if we were in the middle of the row.

About the elevators:
FROM BETH W: Just a little FYI about the new Rusty Wallace Tower seats at Bristol we just experienced this last weekend.  If you have seats up in this section, the only way you can get a elevator to get to the top(actually to the Kuwicki Mezz. area) on race day is from the ground level ONLY!!!!!  After we went into just any gate after hiking up hill and dale to get to the track, we went to the elevator on that level and waited and waited only to be told they were running the elevator from the ground level and it would not stop on any other levels to pick fans up.
FROM RACEMAMA: This is true for the Earnhardt Terrace also.  I am assuming it is true for all the elevators for terrace seating. Once the race begins however you can use the elevator to go down 1 flight to the bathrooms.


Grandstands had a load of concessions stands located all along them.  High price but it is your own fault for not bringing what you need because Bruton's let's us bring whatever you want into the track.  Coolers no higher than 14" and no bottles...

(Funny story: The entire weekend of the August 2005 race the wide screen TV's kept showing an ad:
JFG Coffee and Bristol Motor Speedway, always something brewing...
BMS welcomes JFG into the speedway family
....well my sister wanted a cup of coffee but there wasn't any at ANY of the concession stands. I guess JFG's big money for being a new sponsor didn't include actually selling their product!  Or maybe they are the red headed step children of the family)


Bruton is a liar when he said that his tracks had more toilets than some race tracks had seating. 

One thing I've heard about this track was that it lacked restrooms.  Lines for the restrooms reached back to the stands, and wrapped around and through lines for other concessions.  I was told that it is sometimes easier to leave the speedway, and get a pass out ticket & find a port-o-john with a smaller line.

The first time we went to Bristol we had tickets in the Kulwicki Tower & there were only 9 stalls in the restrooms I found on that level.  Once again the more expensive the ticket the fewer bathrooms!  The Tower above us cost even more and there were no bathrooms! They had to come down to our level to use the rest rooms.

Earnhardt Terrace however had many bathrooms as does Junior Johnson.


Staff was extremely helpful.  What I liked is this one girl I asked for the way to my seats pulled out a copy of the seating chart. Unlike RIR she even knew what grandstand she was standing in to be helpful.

Independent Vendors

Many independent vendors at Bristol. They are in the campgrounds.  I found vendors listed with the amenities at many of the campgrounds so look for those generic white tents for the souvenir deals.
GREEN FLAG FROM US:  While at Bristol we found a ton of independent vendors.  They are next to the moat in the All-American Campground (423-279-0031) outside of the Darrell Waltrip Tower & the Earhart Campground, (423) 764-4406, behind the Kulwicki Tower. Also located at Gentry's (423-538-5975 OR 423-538-6124) and Bill Gaines Campground. 

All down Hwy. 11 on the opposite side of the street from the speedway's south entrance are vendors.  In every single business along this route for about a mile in either direction are vendors.  I guess that they figure they aren't making money from people coming to their businesses they might as well make it from vendors.  Also at the BP right next to the south entrance on the back stretch right on 11.  


Thursday, April 14, 2016
All DayNorth Entrance Closed
9:00 AM to 6:00 PMGuest Services (Bruton Smith Building) Open
9:00 AM to 6:00 PMSouvenir Store (Bruton Smith Building) Open
9:00 AM to 8:00 PMTicket Office (Bruton Smith Building) Open
9:30 AMCampground (White Top Creek Tent Camping) Open
12:00 PM to 6:00 PMSouvenir Trailers - (Fan Zone) Open
2:00 PM to 5:00 PMBMS Credential Office (South Entrance) Open
3:00 PM to 9:00 PMCampground Shuttle to Food City Store Hwy. 394
6:30 PMSpeedway Children's Charities Dinner (Bruton Smith Building
7:00PM to 9:00PMSCC Track Lap for Kids

Friday, April 15, 2016
All Day"Hot Pass in Effect"   Entire infield
All DayNorth Entrance Closed
All DayDragway, South, Copperhead Road Entrances Open - PERMIT ONLY
6:00 AMBMS Parking Lots (South, North, Dragway,Lot A, Copperhead Rd., Speedway Parking) Open
6:00 AM - 5:00 PMBMS Credential Office (South Entrance) Open
7:00 AMFree Shuttle Service Begins
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM to 10:00 PMFood City Campground Shuttle to Food City Store Hwy. 394
9:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Services (Bruton Smith Building) Open
9:00 AM - 7:00 PMSouvenir Store (Bruton Smith Building) Open
9:00 AM - 7:00 PMTicket Office (Bruton Smith Building) Open
10:00 AMTicket Booths (2, 3, 8, 13 and 15) Open
10:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Welcome Villages - (Fan Zone and Merchandise Midway) Open
10:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Service Booths
10:00 AM - 7:00 PMKids Zone - (Fan Zone) Open
10:00 AM - 6:00 PMSouvenir Trailers - (Fan Zone) Open
10:00 AM - 9:00 PMSouvenir Trailers - (Merchandise Midway) Open
10:00 AMNASCAR Superstore (Merchandise Midway) Open
10:00 AM - 6:00 PMCorporate Display (Merchandise Midway) Open
10:30 AMSpectator Gates / Suite Gates (Gates 1, 2, 8, 13 & 15 - Suite Gates 7, 8, 10, 16 & 18) Open
10:30 AMSuites Open
11:00 AM - 12:25 PMFood City 500 1st Practice
12:00:00 PM to 3:00 PMCornhole Tournament Qualifier
12:30 PM to 1:55 PMNXS Practice
3:00 PM to 3:55 PMNXS Final Practice
4:00 PM to 9:00 PMFood City Race Night (Hospitality Area) Open
4:15 PMBush's Beans Pole Day NSCS Qualifying
6:00 PM to 6:45 PMPittLite 125 NKNPS-E 1st Practice
7:00 PM to 7:25 PMPittLite 125 NKNPS-E Final Practice
7:30 PM to 7:45 PMPittLite 125 NKNPS-E Qualifying
8:30 PM to 9:30PMSpring Race 5K
9:30 PM to 11:30 PMSeat Time Racing School (Infield)
Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300/NKNS-E PittLite 125
All Day"Hot Pass in Effect"   Entire infield
All DayNorth Entrance Closed
All DayBMS Parking/ Dragway, South, Copperhead Road Entrances Open - PERMIT ONLY
5:30 AM to 4:30 PMBMS Credential Office (South Entrance) Open
6:00 AMBMS Parking Lots (South, North, Dragway,Lot A, Copperhead Rd., Speedway Parking) Open
7:00 AMFree Shuttle Service Begins
8:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Services (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventSpeedway World Souvenir Store (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:00 AM to 6:00 PMTicket Office (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Welcome Villages - (Fan Zone and Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AM - 1 Hour After Conclusion Of EventGuest Service Booths (Times may vary on locations) Open
8:00 AM to 4:00 PMKids Zone - (Fan Zone) Open
8:00 AMTicket Booths (2, 3, 8, 13 and 15) Open
8:00 AM to conclusion of K&N PittLite 125 raceSouvenir Trailers - (Fan Zone and Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AMNASCAR Superstore(Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AM to 2:00 PMCorporate Display (Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AM to NoonFood City Campground Shuttle to Food City Store Hwy. 394
8:00 Spectators Gates/Suite Gates Open (All Gates & Elevator Towers B & C)
8:00 AMHospitality Open
8:00 AMSuites Open
8:30 AM to 9:25 AMFood City 500 Sprint Cup 2nd Practice
9:30 AMNXS Fitzegerald Glider Kits 300 Qualifying
10:00 AM to 6:00 PMCornhole Tournament Qualifier
11:00 AM to 12:00 PMNKNPS-E Autograph Session (Lot C)
11:00 AM to 11:55 AMFood City 500 NSCS Final Practice
12:05 PMFitzgerald Glider Kits 300 NXS Driver Introductions
12:30 PMNXS Heat # 1 (50 Laps, 26.65 Miles)
1:10 PMNXS Heat #2 (50 Laps, 26.65 Miles)
1:45 PMStart of the NXS Main Event (200 Laps, 106.63 Miles)
Between NXS and NKNS-E RacesClare Dunn Concert (Ole Smoky Roof At Turn 4/Colossus TV)
4:15 PMPittLite 125 NKNS-E Driver Introductions
4:30 PMStart of PittLite 125 Race (125 Laps, 66.63 Miles)
Following the Pitt Lite 125Lance Stinson Concert (Fan Zone Stage)

Sunday, April 17, 2016
6:00 AMBMS Parking/ Dragway, South, Copperhead Road Entrances Open - PERMIT ONLY
6:00 AM to 1:00 PMBMS Credential Office (South Entrance) Open
7:00 AMFree Shuttle Service Begins
8:00 AM to conclusion of Food City 500Souvenir Trailers - (Fan Zone and Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AMNASCAR Superstore  (Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AM to 2:00 PMCorporate Display (Merchandise Midway) Open
8:00 AM to 1 hour following conclusion of EventSpeedway World Souvenir Store (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:00 AM to 1 hour following conclusion of EventGuest Services (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:30 AM to 7:00 PMTicket Office (Bruton Smith Building) Open
8:30 AM to 1 hour following conclusion of EventGuest Welcome Villages - (Fan Zone and Merchandise Midway) Open
8:30 AM to 1 hour following conclusion of EventGuest Service Booths (Times may vary on locations) Open
8:30 AM to 1:00 PMKids Zone - (Fan Zone) Open
8:30 AMTicket Booths (2, 3, 8, 13 and 15) Open
9:00 AMiBelong Welcome Home Coffee & Doughnuts (Guest Welcome Village near Merchandise Midway/Orange Bridge)
9:00 AMRaceway Ministries Worship Services (See Guest Guide for locations)
9:00 AM (All Gates & Elevator Towers B & C) Open
9:00 AMHospitality Open
9:00 AMSuites Open
9:00 AM to conclusion of Food City 500Pit Road Party Zone (Infield)
9:00 AM to 10:45 AMPre Race Garage Party (Infield)
9:00 AM to 10:45 AMSuperPass/Track Walk
9:00 AM to 10:45 AMPre-Race Track Walk
10:00 AMCornhole Tournament Championship
11:00 AM"Hot Pass in Effect" (Entire Infield)
11:20 AMPre Race Concert featuring the Doobie Brothers (Infield)
12:20 PMFood City 500 Sprint Cup Driver Introductions
1:00 PMStart of FOOD CITY 500 Sprint Cup Race


$69 = 138.00 with kids pricing (12 and under) starting at just $32

April Two Day Weekend Package 89.00-184.00

Chase Elliott deal: Ticket Packages: Starting at $163 which includes a Food City 500 grandstand ticket and a $20 Food and Beverage voucher
Add-on General Public: $99 for existing Food City 500 ticket holders which also includes a $20 F&B voucher
Add-on iBelong: $79 for iBelong members which also includes a $20 F&B voucher

Pre-Race SuperPass (April: $85 / August: $99)

Imagine walking on Bristol's legendary half-mile, experiencing the high banking and catching a glimpse of your favorite car, crew, and perhaps even the driver. That opportunity is available to all NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ticket holders with the Pre-Race SuperPass.


Pre-race on-track access on Sprint Cup Series race day
Track access to Pre-Race Concert and Driver Introductions
iBelong Season Ticket Holder discount (April: $45 / August: $49)
1) The Bud Tap Room or lounge 
2) Yee-Haw Brewing Banks & Brews
3)  Pit Road Party Zone

MILITARY PRICING  In recognition of service to our country, active service military members, retired military & veterans are eligible for special ticket pricing for Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR Sprint Cup and Xfinity Series events. MORE


Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)




Track Laps Thursday, April 14, 2016 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Here is your chance to drive your own car around Bristol Motor Speedway before the stars do! On Thursday, April 14, at 8:00 p.m. you can take five laps around the World’s Fastest Half-Mile. Cost is $35 per vehicle. You can choose to purchase up to 3 five lap sessions.

Half-Mile Hot Laps driven by Seat Time Racing School Friday, April 15, 2016 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM Experience the World's Fastest Half-Mile at top speeds like the NASCAR drivers do. Register today for the Seat Time Racing Experience. 

Meade Tractor Cornhole Tournament Saturday, April 16 - Sunday, April 17, 2016 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM The Meade Tractor Charity Cornhole Tournament takes place April 15-17, 2016 in the corporate display area at Bristol Motor Speedway. Cost is $40 to enter per team. Each player will receive a commemorative t-shirt. Prizes will be awarded for top qualifying teams and the Grand Championship winners will win $1,000. The runner-up wins $400.  You may also register on site pending open spaces. Qualifiers will take place Friday, April 15 at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. and Saturday, April 16 at 10am and 6pm with the Grand Championship being held on Sunday April 17 at 9am.  Even if you don’t play cornhole, stop by for your chance to see some celebrities and support Speedway Children’s Charities!

The Doobie Brothers PRE-RACE CONCERT

Race fans attending the Food City 500 are in for a treat as they "Listen to the Music" during The Doobie Brothers Pre-Race concert on Sunday, April 17 at Bristol Motor Speedway..

Bristol Motor Speedway’s Kids Zone

Bristol Motor Speedway’s Kids Zone is a free area for children 15 and under to enjoy the fun and excitement of BMS and NASCAR. Several entertaining activities take place throughout the weekend, including SpaceWalk inflatibles, ETSU Natural History Museum & Gray Fossil Site interactive display, corn hole, putt-putt, carnival games, face-painting and much more.

The BMS Kids Zone, located in the North parking lot (Display area in front of the Speedway)


ALL-AMERICAN CAMPGROUND (Located at 251 White Top Road within walking distance to the track.)
AVOCA CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Located 1½ miles from race track)
BLUE OX CAMPGROUND (Located next to the Drag Strip)
BRISTOL CAMPGROUND (Located on 100 Sportsway Drive)
COMMON GROUND CHURCH (Located across the street from the BMS sign)
DRAG STRIP TENT (Located at the main entrance off of Route 394)
EARHART EAST CAMPGROUND (Located directly beside the North Entrance to the Speedway.)
EARHART WEST CAMPGROUND (Located at 2744 Highway 11E)
FARMER BOB’S CAMPGROUND (This is the closest campground to BMS at the Highway 394 entrance.)
HICK’S WHITE TOP & FAMILY CAMPGROUND (Located at Highway 394 & White Top Road)
PEACEFUL VALLEY CAMPGROUND (Located around Gateway Baptist Church)
POLE POSITION TENT (Located adjacent to Bristol Dragway)
RACEDAY CENTER CAMPGROUND (Located across the street from the North entrance to the Speedway on Raceday Center Drive.)
SHADRACK CAMPGROUND (Located on Volunteer Parkway)
THUNDER VALLEY CAMPGROUND (Located on Volunteer Parkway)


Walk of Fame at Bristol Motor Speedway: Leave your mark at Bristol Motor Speedway by having your personal message engraved into a paver in the new sidewalk along Volunteer Parkway. Cost of the pavers are $149 and messages can be two lines up to sixteen characters on each. Spaces and symbols count as a character. Once your block has been placed in the sidewalk a picture will be sent by email along with your square's exact location. For more information visit or contact Barbara Kaiser. Pavers will be on sale in front of the old ticket office during the August race weekend.

JUMBOTRON MESSAGES Want to put a message to a loved one on the Jumbotron during pre-race of the Sharpie 500? For a donation of $250 to Speedway Children's Charities you can do just that. Messages can also be placed on the marquee along Volunteer parkway for $50.

The Limited Edition Doug Shealy painting of Bristol Motor Speedway also will be available during August race week. The detail in the print will amaze you and for $25 you can take one home with you. Prints will be sold in front of the old ticket office in the souvenir trailer lot.


The Speed TV Stage will be outside of Turn 4


You can find the Speedway World located in the Bruton Smith Building located on the Hwy. 11E side of the Speedway.


A totally free way to experience the wonders of Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway. The interactive fan zone features a theatre, computer simulated games, and a wide variety of Bristol-themed racing displays. The Bristol Experience also can be found in the Bruton Smith Building.


Abingdon Vineyard and Winery - Abingdon, VA    (276) 623-1255
Appalachian Caverns - Bristol, TN    (423) 323-2337
Appalachian Ghost Walks - Unicoi, TN (423) 943-6477
Belmont Lanes - Bristol, TN    (423) 764-5135
Birthplace of Country Music Alliance - Bristol, TN    (423) 990-2262
Cinemark Tinseltown USA - Bristol, VA    (276) 669-0588
Cooper's Gem Mine - Blountville, TN    (423) 323-5680
Corner Pocket Billiards - Bristol, TN    (423) 764-8888
Tilt - Kingsport, TN    (423) 247-5321
Lazer Venture - Kingsport, TN    (423) 246-6927
Rocky Mount Museum - Piney Flats, TN    (423) 538-7396
William King Regional Arts Center - Abingdon, VA    (276) 628-5005

Big Hollow Par III - Blountville, TN    (423) 323-6615
Cattails At Meadowview - Kingsport, TN    (423) 578-6622
Cedars Golf Course - Bristol, TN    (423) 989-0054
Clear Creek Golf Club - Bristol, VA    (276) 466-4833
Graysburg Hill Golf Course - Chuckey, TN    (423) 234-8061
Steele Creek Golf & Driving - Bristol, TN    (423) 764-6411
Tri-Cities Golf Club - Blountville, TN    (423) 323-4178
Warriors Path State Park Golf - Kingsport, TN    (423) 323-4990

The Bristol Caverns right next to the speedway.  Paved, well lighted walkways wind through the vaulted chambers and along the banks of the ancient Underground River that carved these remarkable caverns from the hard core of the earth 200 to 400 million years ago. In the frontier days, Indians used the Underground River as an attack and escape route in their raids on settlers. Stalactites and stalagmites, some larger than tree trunks and others smaller than straws, will fascinate you.  (423) 878-2011   Located 8 miles from I-81 1157 Bristol Caverns Pkwy, (423) 878-2011. Guided tours about ever 20 minutes. Open March 15 through November 15, 9 a.m.-5p.m.; November 16 through March 14, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Open Sundays at 12:30 p.m. year-round.

Go to the Appalachian Ghost Walks in nearby Unicoi.  They bring the region's Cherokee Indian and Native American, Frontier, Revolutionary War, and Civil War history to life for you as well as the younger generation with their historic walking tours suitable for all ages. These "lantern-led" guided ghost walks are operated by professionally Certified Ghost Hunters with a unique blend of science, history, and folklore yet maintaining a strong commitment to historical accuracy. While attending the tours, you will learn about Native American Ghosts, Civil War Ghosts, and Revolutionary War Ghosts.

Remember that Bristol Motor Speedway is in the heart of the Mountains.  Take a scenic drive and enjoy Mother Nature!  

Andrew Johnson National Historical Site - Located 14 miles from I-81, 101 North College Street, Greenville, TN 37744-1088, (423) 639-3711. Home of the nation's 17th President. Includes the Visitor Center, Museum and Tailor Shop and the National Cemetery which includes the burial site of President Johnson. Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving


Outreach Locations  ~~ All-American Campground, Chapel On Wheels (Earhart East), Thunder Valley Campground, Bristol Campground, Finish Line Campground, Shadrack's Campground, Hill & Dale Campground, Farmer Bob's Campground, Earhart West Campground, Hicks Campground


Also, wear ear protection.  This is a 1/2 mile track with stands built all the way around for 190,000 fans which amplifies the sound.
UPDATE FROM US:  Noise wasn't a problem in the seats we had BUT we were up high. When I went down lower though it was bad.

Wear good walking shoes.  Hiking boots are even better because of the inclines.  Also, I would bring a wagon or one of those shopping carts on 2 wheels.  This place is hilly & steep.  It is better to pull your stuff in a wagon then have to carry it.  Bring a bicycle chain & lock to locked it up while you are in the track.
UPDATE FROM US:  OH MY!!! This place is sooooo hilly.  I had to walk more here than at Talladega which is a 2.66 mile track!  WEAR GOOD HIKING SHOES & TAKE THE WAGON!!
Click here for photo of one hill.  I am 3/4 of the way to the top and the red star is the bottom.  Waltrip Tower is in the background.   

Sonic Tag-A-Kid Program Featured At BMS

The Tag-A-Kid Program is designed to reunite parents and their children should they become separated at the Speedway.

Each Nationwide information booth at Bristol Motor Speedway will be equipped with armbands for children. MORE INFO


Elevator 1 - Gate #2 (Pearson, Suites 176-186)
Elevator 2 - Gate #18 (Allison, Suites 166-175, 263-270)
Elevator 3 - Gate #16 (Allison, Suites 156-165, 254-262)
Elevator 4 - Gate #14 (Waltrip, Suites 101-135)
Elevator 5 - Gate #10 (Waltrip, Suites 101-135)
Elevator 6 - Gate #8 (Earnhardt Terrace, Suites 401-404, 501-504)
Elevator 7 - Gate #7 (Earnhardt Terrace, Suites 405-421, 505-532)
Elevator 8 - Gate #7 (Earnhardt Terrace, Suites 405-421, 505-532)
Elevator 9 - Gate #4 (Kulwicki)
Elevator 10 - Gate #3 (Kulwicki)

Fan Care Locations

Yarborough - Inside Gate 7 (Section A)
Allison - Concourse Level (Section F)
Kulwicki - Mezzanine 2 (Section H)
Waltrip - Lower Level (Section P)

Elevator Tower 9/Gate 4
Across from JFG Hospitality Village
All-American Campground Bridge

What you can bring into the grandstands:

In addition to permitting one 14-inch cooler, fans now may bring one carry-in bag only. That item also may not exceed the 14-inch size limit. All carry-in items will be searched prior to entry into Speedway grandstands. It is recommended that fans make their way into the gates at least one hour prior to green flag to allow proper time for inspection of these items.


These folks have the answer to everything Bristol. A number of blue Nationwide Guest Services tents are located through the speedway property as well as inside the grandstand area. If you need any type of information you should visit one of the Guest Services tents, located at the Bruton Smith Building, at the North entrance of the speedway, at the Earhart bridge (inside the old ticket office), in Lot E, at Gate 7, at the All-American Campground bridge and at the Dragway Entrance. Grandstand locations are in Waltrip “A”, Junior Johnson “F”, Petty “D” and Pearson “G”.

ADA Accessible Parking
Anyone planning to use state-issued placards should send copies of the permit and the supporting documentation in advance, along with an application form, so that the Events Department can send advance passes for appropriate parking lots. The documentation required is the same reviewed by law enforcement officials at the entrances to handicap lots. MORE INFO
Bristol Handicapped Parking Applications (PDF File)....MORE

Fans needing accessible parking are required to have a State issued placard / tags or a BMS issued parking permit. Our accessible areas are highly monitored to ensure that each vehicle parking in these locations is valid and registered to a person in the vehicle.

If your seats are located on the frontstretch side of the track, enter the Dragway entrance located on St. Rt. 394. If your seats are located on the backstretch of the track, enter the South entrance located on Hwy. 11E. Please have your placard and identification available for inspection upon entering these entrances. Remember our accessible areas are on a first- come, first-served basis, so plan to arrive early to obtain a parking place.

ADA Accessible Wheelchair Parking

If you need to obtain a wheelchair space for any of our events please contact Becky Fulwider at 423/989-6931

New Express Suttle -  North Lot, Gate 1

A new Express Shuttle connecting the North Lot handicap accessible parking area and Gate 1 in Lot A will make its debut during the spring Food City 500-Sharpie MINI 300 weekend.  The Express Shuttle will operate continuously on all three event days, before, during and immediately after the races. One ramp previously used by pedestrians will be designated for Express Shuttle carts only, and only for special needs guests. Carts using the ramp will be restricted to the shuttle path and will not travel to any areas of the property beyond the shuttle path.


Downtown Bristol, TN/VA Admission is free Held in the Speedway’s Hospitality Village in March and in Downtown Bristol in August, Food City Race Night is brimming with entertainment, food, fun and most importantly – NASCAR stars.

Featuring driver autograph sessions, live entertainment, free food, racing simulators and more, the event not only promises to exceed your expectations but also provides for the community. Proceeds from Food City Race Night benefit a local children’s organization with more than $500,000 raised in the past 25 years.

Admission to Food City Race Night is FREE in March. Advanced tickets for August are $5 each and can be purchased at select Food City stores or $6 at the gate. Children 12 and under are free.

Autograph Session Schedule (times and drivers may change)

TRANSPORTER PARADE August Thursday, Aug. 20

At 9 p.m. witness the biggest, longest-running parade of team haulers in NASCAR. This year the NASCAR Drivers Hauler Parade begins at the Bass Pro Shops store, located in The Pinnacle shopping center just off Exit 74 of Interstate 81. The semitrailers start rolling at 9 p.m., follow a nine-mile route to the Speedway, and arrive at the track at 10 p.m. Fireworks will be shot from four different locations along the route, with a party celebrating the trucks' arrival.
FROM US: They come down Hwy 11 and turn in the South Entrance. Gate 10 will be open for fans as they watch the transporters roll into The Last Great Colosseum, and masterfully park in the tight BMS infield
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