Including driver's appearances, best seats, prices, stuff to do, schedule, speedway info & more.
Traffic hotspots and alerts:  Click Here OR 
 Traffic Information Available on 91.1 FM

5555 Concord Pkwy. South Concord, NC 28027
Charlotte Motor Speedway Ticket Office (704) 455-3200 
Other useful websites:

Helping kids makes our Hearts Race.
I want to encourage each of you to visit Couchman's facebook page for helping children & families who come to them through the Muscular Dystrophy Association for the races at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He and his group go all out every year to help a child & their family Please help in any way you can, everything goes to the kids

Designated Smoking Areas The new areas are located throughout the speedway and are equipped with televisions so fans don't miss a minute of the race. Native and Herr's Potato Chips will hand out samples and coupons to fans who use the designated smoking areas, which are located adjacent to the concourses in the Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford and Diamond Tower seating areas.  

NEW Family Friendly Powerade Play Zone Located outside Turns 1 and 2 near the speedwayâs main entrance. The Fan Zone will now include the popular souvenir rigs, which were previously located across Highway 29. This move will alleviate some of the Highway 29 pedestrian foot traffic on race day and make it more convenient for fans to find and buy their favorite driverâs gear. The Fan Zone will also include the enhanced Powerade PlayZone, which will be located across from Gate 6, conveniently located for parents adjacent to the restrooms. The Powerade PlayZone will feature a Ferris wheel, racing-themed inflatable slides, bounce houses, face painters, balloon twisters, jugglers.  The new Fan Zone will also include popular corporate trackside displays and live entertainment, including the Sprint Experience and SPEED Stage.

Handicapped Parking Expanded; Season Ticket Holder Parking Closer to Track
A new handicapped parking lot will open for Bank of America 500 Week, as a result of the souvenir rigs moving across Highway 29 to the new Fan Zone. The handicapped lot at the front entrance of the speedway will move from the Silver Parking Lot to Lot U, across Bruton Smith Boulevard. In comparison to the Silver Parking Lot, Lot U is closer to the speedway and is larger, offering more access for handicapped visitors. Fans with handicapped parking passes should enter Lot U off Bruton Smith Boulevard. In addition, Victory Lane Club season ticket holders will continue to enter Lot W on Bruton Smith Boulevard to park, but will now turn left at the lot entrance, enabling them to park even closer to the track.

to and from the Charlotte Motor Speedway NASCAR Shuttle
Queen City Tours

Pick up at all area hotels, the South End Brewery [2100 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC, 28202], and Info/Visit/Main Street Charlotte [330 South Tryon St./Uptown, Charlotte, NC, 28203].  MORE including pickup places & rates

2018 Directions to Charlotte Motor Speedway

From Charlotte, N.C.
# I-85 North to Exit 46 A (Mallard Creek Church Road)
# Right on Mallard Creek Church Road
# Left at North Tryon Road (Hwy 29 north)
# Right onto Morehead Road, speedway parking on right

From Greensboro, N.C.
# I-85 South to Exit 48 (I-485 / Rock Hill)
# Exit 32 and turn left on to Hwy 29 north/Tryon
# Right at Morehead Road, speedway parking on right

From South Carolina:
# I-77 North to Exit 1 (I-485 East)
# I-485 to exit 32
# Right on Hwy 29 North/Tryon
# Right on Morehead Road, speedway parking on right

From Harrisburg, N.C.
# Hwy 49 South to Morehead Road
# Right at Morehead Road, speedway parking on left

From Charlotte, N.C.
# Hwy 29 North to Morehead Road
# Right on Morehead Road, speedway parking on right

From Charlotte, N.C. (South) or Greensboro, N.C. (North)
# I-85 to Exit 49 (Bruton Smith Blvd./Concord Mills)
# East towards speedway & parking available on right

From Charlotte, N.C.
# I-85 North to Exit 46A (Mallard Creek Church Road)
# Turn right off exit
# Left onto Hwy 29 North/ North Tryon, parking available on left

From South Carolina
# I-77 North to Exit 1 (I-485 East)
# I-485 to Exit 32 (Hwy 29/North Tryon)
# Hwy 29 North to speedway, parking available on left

From Statesville, N.C.
# I-77 South to Exit 25
# Left on Hwy 73 (Sam Furr Road)
# Right on Poplar Tent to I-85 S towards Charlotte
# Exit 49 (Bruton Smith Blvd)
# East towards speedway

From Charlotte, N.C.
# Hwy 29 North to speedway, parking available on left

Silver, Bronze and VIP Green
• Follow designated directions
• Enter at Entrances H and T

Unreserved Handicap
• Follow designated directions
• Enter at Entrances E, H and T

Gold Lot, Smith Tower Reserved, Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace
• Follow designated directions
• From Bruton Smith Boulevard turn left onto Hwy 29 North/Concord Boulevard
• Right at Entrance F
• Right for Gold Lot and Smith Tower Reserved
• Left for Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace

From Hwy 29 South/Concord Boulevard
• Left at Entrance F
• Right for Gold Lot and Smith Tower Reserved
• Left for Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace

From Charlotte, N.C. (South) or Greensboro, N.C. (North)
# I-85 to Exit 49 (Bruton Smith Blvd./ Concord Mills)
# East towards speedway & parking on left

From Greensboro, N.C.
# I-85 South to Exit 52 (Poplar Tent road)
# Left onto Poplar Tent road
# Right onto Hwy 29 South/Concord Blvd., speedway parking available on right

From Concord, N.C.
# Hwy 29 South/Concord Blvd, speedway parking available on right

From South Carolina
# I-77 North to Exit 2 (I-485 East)
# I-485 to Exit 33
# Left onto Hwy 49 North/ University City Blvd
# Left on Morehead Road
# Right at "P Parking" signage for Lowe's Motor Speedway

From Charlotte, N.C. (South) or Greensboro, N.C. (North)
# I-85 to Exit 48 (I-485/Rock Hill)
# I-485 to Exit 33
# Left on Hwy 49 North/University City Blvd
# Left on Morehead

From Harrisburg, N.C.
# Hwy 49 South to Morehead Road
# Right on Morehead Road
# Right at "P Parking" signage for Lowe's Motor Speedway

From Concord, N.C.
# Hwy 29 South to "B Parking" signs at Lowe's Motor Speedway
# Turn right at "B Parking" and go under Hwy 29 onto I-600

ADA Parking
Unreserved Handicap Parking (Paid):
Available in Lot M off of Morehead Road (please see driving directions for Red Zone)

Permit/Reserved Handicap Parking (Paid): (Available for fans that purchased wheelchair seating)
Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace (please see driving directions for Gold Lot/Orange Zone)
Ford (please see driving directions for Red Zone)
Diamond Tower (please see driving directions for Green Zone) 

Free Handicap Parking:
Available in Lots E, H, T (please see driving directions for Orange Zone)
Unreserved Lot across from Gate 18 at the backstretch (please see driving directions for Green Zone)

I-85 and exit 49 (Speedway Blvd.) is usually the most congested on event days. If possible, try to avoid exit 49 and Speedway Blvd. Good alternates are Hwy 29 from both the North and the South and Hwy 49 to Morehead Road. 
The North Carolina Department of Transportation and will have various traffic patterns in place for incoming and outgoing traffic. Please follow their directions. Sometimes you'll have to "turn right to go left!" All traffic patterns will eventually lead you back to I-85, I-77 and other major highways. Use maps to make yourself familiar with local roads and alternate routes.
 TIPS FROM US:  AVOID Speedway Blvd/Bruton Smith Parkway at all cost!!!!  There are ways to come from the north, south, east and west that will steer you clean of it!

Traffic cameras/alerts for Charlotte area:


New Reserved Tailgating Zone Gets the Fun Started Early Charlotte Motor Speedway is offering fans a chance make memories before they even walk through the gates with the addition of a new reserved tailgating zone. Located outside of the track between Turns 1 and 2, the tailgating zone includes reserved spaces that measure 50 feet by 25 feet to accommodate even the biggest tailgating extravaganza. The reserved tailgating lot area will open at 7 a.m. on Oct. 15 before the Bank of America 500. Fans can reserve a space for just $50 by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267). Spots are limited.


If you have ever read any of my columns before a race in Charlotte, you know that Humpy’s House is our favorite track. It is the most fan friendly track on the circuit. The staff is knowledgeable & there are BIG signs everywhere telling you where you are & how to get to where you need to go. A gazillion bathrooms and just in case those are full; a gazillion luxury port o potties with running water & hand towels on & off Speedway property! Tickets are reasonable andconcessions prices not to bad.

The fans surrounding the speedway, both new ones & ole timers, are the best you will ever meet. There are no strangers in the parking lots at Humpy’s House; just friends you haven’t met yet. Make sure you go over & meet some while you are tailgating. 

Also, the Bubba Olympics are in full tilt at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Parking Lots.

Below is seating preview and a few things to do while in Concord for the race.
Trust me there is soooo much to do you won't get it all in!


We have sat in all the grandstands at this speedway (including Suite seats) & even some that are no longer there.  In fact MANY that are no longer there.  No bad seat in the house.  I am listing them in the order that I think has the best view for the best price.

Ford Grandstand or in the GN Tower
One of my personal favorite places to sit at Charlotte is in Chicken Bone Alley between the start finish line & turn 1, in either the Ford Grandstand or in the GN Tower.  Those cars freight train out of the dog leg & you can feel it in your entire body.  You can see all 4 turns, the entire front stretch, the drag race out of the pits and most of the back stretch.  Ford Grandstands all have individual seating with a good bit of room underneath.  One thing there are 35 seats in a row!

Ford Upper Terrace  These seats recently become some of my favorites.  They have ticket deals here and you can see the pits and the whole track.  the wind is pretty good up there so it is cooler for the 600.  Bathrooms pretty new too.

Chrysler Tower
Next seating I like is in the Chrysler Tower coming out of turn 4.  You can see all 4 turns, all the front stretch or all the back stretch depending on what section you are in, part of the front or back stretch depending on what section you are in, some of the pits & victory lane.  Lots of good passing happens coming out of three & four going on to the front stretch. chrysler the seats are fold up seats down to row 20, bleacher seats down to row 11, 

GN Tower, Grand National, General Motors, 4th Turn Tower 
The other grandstands on the front stretch are good.  The GN Tower, Grand National Grandstand & General Motors grandstand are excellent for viewing the pits, the turns, start finish line & victory circle.  The 4th Turn Tower from section A-F and South Turn Tower Sections R-T are good because they are more situated on the front stretch even though they are in the turns.  The 4th Turn is where Gordon took Bobby & Rusty 3 wide late in the 600 the year he ran out of gas in the Winston to win.  The South Turn enables you to see who wins the race out of the pits along with most of the track if you are up high enough.

***Laidback Racing Tip #1:  BEWARE while rows 42 & up are covered on the front stretch, which is great to keep the sun & rain off of you BUT there are poles obstructing the view.

***Laidback Racing Tip #2:  Be careful when looking for your seat because the grandstand sections don't all run from A-Z.  The Ford Tower for instance runs from AA - K. This is because when they expanded they didn't do away with entire grandstands they did away with only what they needed of them.

I've sat in the turns but don't like them as much.  I would rather sit on the bottom row in Chicken Bone Alley than on the top row in one of the turns.  

Diamond Tower/Jewel Tower
Diamond Tower/Jewel Tower has good points; newer tower so real up to date.  Great view of the banking in turns 1 & 2. Good view as they spread out down the back stretch. Real comfy seats for a reasonable price.  Usually you can find ticket deals from the track in Diamond Tower.  

Veranda Terrace
Veranda Terrace is covered & has TV located in the rafters.  WARNING: There are poles that hold up the roof so they are in the way in some seats.  Also if your seats are closer to the GN Tower (turn 1) there is an opening that allows the wind to WHIP thru and it will chill you to the bone even during the May race.  

Speedway Club Suite
Speedway Club Suite seats are not worth the cost if it is the May race.  (Of course, ours were a gift from Kevin Gissell & Parks Auto Parts so hey no skin off my nose.)  When they turn on the AC it fogs up the windows facing the track!  So they don’t turn it on that much.  We were up there for the Busch race during Memorial Day weekend and it was so warm in there we were sweating.  When I asked some one about why the AC wasn’t on, I was told about the “fog problem”.  Also, 5 minutes after the race ended, they were chasing you out so they could clean up!  Once again, I talked to some one who worked there and asked how long she would be working to clean up and she replied “oh, only another hour tops, we are almost thru.”  This really irritated those high society fans who had reservations in the speedway restaurant but were told to go walk around until their reservation time!  Of course they wanted to know why the fans sitting in the grandstands didn’t have to leave but they did.  HMMMMMM. Staff in the blue blazers up there were the least knowledgeable of all the staff on Speedway property.

Charlotte Motor Speedway 2018 Speedweeks Schedule

Thursday, May 24  Spectrum Pole Night-ARCA General Tire 150
11:30AGate 5A open for early spectator entry
2:05PMonster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice
3:00PFan Zone Open & Trackside Live! stage activities (Fan Zone)
4:05PNASCAR Xfinity Series practice
5:00PSpectator gates open - ARCA Qualifying
7:15PMonster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Spectrum Pole Night
9:10PARCA General Tire 150 

Outlaw Showdown  Friday, May 25
1:00PDirt Track pit gates open and pit pass sales begin
3:00PLilly Diabetes #DriveYourHealth Track Walk (oval)
4:00PDirt Track spectator gates open
4:30PDirt Track autograph session (main concourse)
6:00PSECA Late Model Hot Laps/Qualifying
7:40POpening Ceremonies

Alsco 300  Saturday, May 26
9:00AFan Zone open 
Trackside Live! stage activities(Fan Zone)
9:00AGate 5A open for early spectator entry
9:00AMonster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice
11:00ASpectator gates and suites open
11:05AMonster Energy NASCAR Cup Series  final practice
12:30PPre-race and opening ceremonies
1:00PNASCAR Xfinity Series Alsco 300  200 laps 300 miles

Coca-Cola 600  Sunday, May 27
10:00AFan Zone open& Trackside Live! stage activities (Fan Zone)
1:00PSpectator gates and suites open
2:30PTrackside Live Show with Almirola, McMurry, Stenhouse Jr.(fan zone)
3:30PEli Young Band infield pre-race concert; accessible to those with pre-race track passes (pit road stage by scoring tower)
5:20PPre-race and opening ceremonies
6:00PMonster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coca-Cola 600; 400 laps, 600 miles



CHRYSLER - No Alcohol: Section K (Rows 27-51) 
TOYOTA 4TH TURN - Alcohol Free Family Section: Sections AA-GG  KIDS TICKETS 13 and under 10.00 SECTIONS X-GG  MORE

What to do while there - Racin' Stuff first then other stuff
(Cigarette prices are cheap in NC for all you smokers.) 

There is so much to do at the Charlotte Motor Speedway you can’t get it all in.  More Independent Vendors are located together at Charlotte than any other Speedway: great prices & great selection.  Location is on our Race Recon Page.  It can take you an entire afternoon to walk thru all the corporate exhibitions & independent vendors.  Go do it; like I said great deals on souvenirs and the exhibits have free stuff especially for the fall race with the season winding down.

Driver's Appearances
Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday)



Fan Day at Roush Fenway Racing on May 24, 2018

Roush Fenway Racing has released the schedule for its special ‘Homecoming’ edition of Fan Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 24. Roush Fenway Legends Mark Martin, Jeff Burton and Greg Biffle will join Matt Kenseth and legendary team owner and 2019 NASCAR Hall of Fame nominee Jack Roush and his current stable of NASCAR drivers including Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Trevor Bayne for the annual event at Roush’s World Headquarters in Concord, N.C.

Legends Martin, Burton, and Biffle will all be on hand for autograph sessions and other special activities, including a ‘fireside’ fan chat and media interviews. Current Roush Fenway drivers Matt Kenseth, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Trevor Bayne, Ryan Reed, Chase Briscoe, Austin Cindric and Ty Majeski will also host autograph sessions at the event. Tickets for all autograph sessions will be distributed individually starting at 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the 24th.

Roush Fenway invites fans to take part in a special group ‘Homecoming’ photo at 12 noon around the iconic Roush Fenway Fountain with Jack Roush and all of the former and current drivers.

SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s mid-day Crew with Jim Noble and Chocolate Myers will broadcast live from the event, which will also feature a challenge of area Mascots, Roush Fenway partner displays, food and other events.

JR Motorsports Fan Day May 24-25 2018

JR Motorsports’ annual Fan Days gathering at the Mooresville campus is set for May 24-25, and as usual, it will be a jam-packed affair featuring JR Motorsports drivers, including team owner Dale Earnhardt Jr., many of the team’s sponsors and thousands of members of JR Nation.

The annual fan celebration begins on Thursday, May 24. JR Nation retail and JRM partner displays and activation locations will be open both days from 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m., and four free shop tours are set for Thursday at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. On Friday, tours are scheduled for 10:30 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. The first 25 shoppers in the JR Nation retail store on Thursday and Friday will get a free goody bag

The annual autograph session is set for 2 p.m. on Friday, and will be held in the truck bay at the team shop. Drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr, Elliott Sadler, Michael Annett, Justin Allgaier, Tyler Reddick, Josh Berry and Sam Mayer will all be in attendance, and wristbands may be obtained in the following ways during the week leading up to the event: more

Coca-Cola Speed Street Festival May 24-26

Coca-Cola Speed Street presented by Chevrolet transforms the streets of Uptown Charlotte into one of the largest consumer events in the Southeast. With live musical entertainment, appearances by top NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers and celebrities, dynamic exhibits for all ages and an amazing assembly of NASCAR show cars and simulators, Coca-Cola Speed Street presented by Chevrolet is an event attended by more than 400,000 attendees annually.

This multiday, free consumer event will be taking place May 21-23, 2015. The festival is open from noon to 11 p.m. each day. APPEARANCES, MUSIC SCHEDULE & MORE

 NASCAR Hall of Fame Tour

$49 per person; $39 for children ages 3 - 9.


Race Shop Tour From Track


Get ready for the Eli Young Band to turn up the excitement prior to the 59th running of the legendary Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, May 27! The platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated country music superstars will amp up the most patriotic Memorial Day weekend event in sports, with the Coca-Cola 600 Pre-Race Concert electrifying a spectacular salute to the troops at America's Home for Racing! It's a Memorial Day weekend party you won’t want to miss!

NASCAR Hall of Fame 

400 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 654-4400 
Opening May 11, 2010 in uptown Charlotte, N.C., the 150,000-square-foot NASCAR Hall of Fame is an interactive, entertainment attraction honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR. The high-tech venue, designed to educate and entertain race fans and non-fans alike, includes artifacts, interactive exhibits, 275-person state-of-the-art theater, Hall of Honor, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, NASCAR Hall of Fame Gear Shop and NASCAR Media Group-operated broadcast studio. The five-acre site also includes a privately developed 19-story office tower and 102,000-square-foot expansion to the Charlotte Convention Center, highlighted by a 40,000 square-foot ballroom. fOR TICKETS AND DATES & TIMES AVAILABLE PLEASE CLICK


You have to do a race at the Dirt Track while you are here.  It is the cleanest Dirt Track EVER.

The water truck comes out after every heat and waters down the track, the pits and directly in front of the fans.  This is a state of the art Dirt track!  High Tech Redneck at it's best!  Reserved seats available at (800) 455-FANS or Parking FREE in designated LMS lots.

Laidback Racing Tip: At WOO events before the last heat (A or B main) of the night, the ticket salespeople get to leave their stations and go watch the race.  If you only want to try it to see if you like it, go Friday night and see one heat for free then decide if you want tickets for Saturday. 
The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame 
NCAR       704-663-5331 for more information

The museum, dedicated to all types of racing, features over 35+ race cars on display. You can relive racing's greatest moments in the Goodyear Mini-Theater now featuring "NASCAR's Greatest Drivers".  The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame has driver uniforms and helmet displays and exhibits of unique racing engines.  Also located there is the T. Wayne Robertson Electronic Library.  It is located off Interstate 77 on Knob Hill Road, just a short distance north of the Charlotte Speedway.  

Sam Bass Gallery

6104 Performance Drive SW, Concord, NC 28027 Located outside of turn 2 across the street  (704) 455-6915 or (800) 556-5464  E-mail
Open To The Public  Admission Is Free

Richard Petty Driving Experience Offers High-Speed Ride-Alongs 

Each Ride-Along participant will receive three laps in a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup-style stock car at speeds approaching 160 mph. 
For information or to secure a seat for one of the Ride-Along
sessions, contact the Richard Petty Driving Experience at 1-800-BE-PETTY.

number in front of name is distance from Lowe's

4.5 World Karting Ass. (704) 455-1606 6041 Victory Lane S.W., Harrisburg, NC 28075 
11.0 Concord Motorsport Park (704) 782-4221 7940 US Hwy. 601 South, Concord, NC 
Indian Land Kartway  (803) 547-2711, 499 Charles Pettus Road, Fort Mill, SC 29708 
12.2 Zito's Mobile Mascarr Inc. (704) 857-6269 412 East Blume Street, Landis, NC 
27.7 East Lincoln Motor Speedway (704) 263-5347, 1873 Mariposa Road, Stanley, NC 
37.6 Farmington Drag Way  (336) 998-3443 Mocksville, NC 27028 
39.9 Carolina Motor Speedway  (704) 869-0313, Union Road, Gastonia, NC 28052 
40.2 Lexington Moto-Cross  (336) 238-2110, 224 Berrier Avenue, Lexington, NC 
44.5 Farmington Dragway  (336) 998-3443, 2992 Nc Highway 801 North, Mocksville, NC 27028

Race shops addresses

600 Racing, Inc. (Legends Cars) 

5245 Hwy. 49 Harrisburg, NC 28075 Phone: 704-455-3896. 

Nascar Silicon Motor Speedway

(704) 979-race Racing simulators.

Nascar Speed Park


At Lowe's Motor Speedway, the SPEED Stage is located outside the track, behind the main grandstand, in between Turn 3 & Turn 4. 

Concord Mills Mall 

Concord Mills Information Booth Phone: (704) 979-3300 Toll Free: 877-nc-mills
USUALLY DRIVERS ARE SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS HERE DURING SPEEDWEEKS. Straight up the road from the Speedway entrance, on your left. I don't think you'll miss it.  There are usually drivers signing autographs there during Speed Weeks. 
I-85 exit 49. Second largest mall in North Carolina. With a nod towards race fans in it's design.

Other Stuff To Do

The Charlotte Nature Museum is an urban science center that exhibits the animals and plants of the Piedmont including an ever-changing Butterfly Garden. The Nature Museum is located adjacent to Freedom Park, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mint Museum of Art and the Mint Museum of Craft and DesignAfro-American Cultural CenterCharlotte Museum of History and Levine Museum of the New South are all located in Charlotte.

Discovery Place, located in the heart of Charlotte, is a cutting edge science center featuring interactive displays from the frontiers of space to the depths of the sea.  Some of the exhibits include:   
PuppetPlace - A professional theatre offers an opportunity for children to learn about a variety of topics during fun musical shows.  
Our Living Planet – Reach out and touch a simulated tornado, check out the weather or view our gem collection while exploring video presentations and hands-on exhibits.

Also features an Aquarium, a Rain Forest and much more.


Did your vehicle get towed because you parked in the wrong place? Or had no sticker? Call 704-455-3220. 

Special Assistance Needs

Wheelchair accessible seating areas are available in the Ford Upper Terrace, Ford Grandstand, Diamond Tower Terrace and the Toyota Fourth Turn Terrace. Accompanying individuals will be provided companion seats near the designated wheelchair seating areas.

Reserved handicap parking is also available for those who have purchased wheelchair seating. Parking areas coordinate with your seating location. Please call the ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS with questions regarding Reserved Handicap Parking passes.

Unreserved handicap parking is located behind the Diamond Tower Terrace in Turn 2. Please enter at Entrance P off of Morehead Road. We also have unreserved handicap parking at Entrance T off of Bruton Smith Boulevard and Entrance H off of Highway 29. All vehicles parking in the unreserved lots must have a handicap placard issued by the state in which they live and the person that the placard or tag is registered to must be in the car with a photo ID for the parking lot attendant to view prior to admission into the lot. Trams will be operating from the Diamond Tower lot taking fans to their gates.

A golf cart shuttle service is offered from the parking lots to the grandstand areas for those needing assistance. Please call (704) 454-6411 to request a golf cart to your location. This phone line is staffed only on event days. If you park in the parking lot at Entrances W, Y, or Z, you will need to cross Bruton Smith Boulevard as our golf carts are prevented from crossing the main roads. Be aware that shuttles operate in an as timely fashion as possible, but that time delays will happen. Please plan on arriving early. When entering your parking area, note the entrance letter and general area; this needs to be communicated with the shuttle service so they can locate you faster. To avoid waiting, please park in the Diamond Tower Unreserved Handicap parking lot if qualified. The trams and golf carts will be running from this location all day without the need to call for assistance.


Tickets can be picked up at the speedway's ticket office until the day of the event. The will-call window is located at Gate 4 on Event Days.


CLICK HERE you will need this!


Humpy's concession prices are high BUT it is your own fault if you have to buy something from him because he lets you bring what you want into the bring plenty of snacks and beer!

BLACK FLAG FROM US: The track charges $10.00 for a "margarita" Well I bartended for over 20 years and a margarita has tequila in it and the track's doesn't on Sundays. We got this info from a police officer who is in the loop. Skip the Bloody Mary's too. 

BUT you gotta have a fried Twinkie or a fried oreo while you are at Humpy's.  As PR man Steve would say, "Fried Twinkies are all that"  
Gotta love Southerns...we will fry anything!  


Plenty of rest rooms at Humpy's House.  But just in case he has luxury port o potties (Bubba suites) with running water, paper towels and soap!


Interestingly enough, the staff in the grandstand area are alot more knowledgeable than the ones in the suites.  Maybe because they are bubbas from the old days like us.


Bus Shuttles
The Speedway operates 3 types of bus shuttle service on LMS property:
1. Morehead Farms, Peninsula, and Rock City Campgrounds to and from the shower houses, ticket office, and souvenir row area from 7 am - 12 noon starting on the Monday of each race week.
2. Morehead Farms, Peninsula, and Rock City Campgrounds to and from the track from 12 noon - 12 midnite on race and pole days.
3. Morehead Farms, Peninsula, and Rock City Campgrounds to and from the Dirt Track during race weeks two hours before the event until two hours after the event. 

Tram service is provided by Nationwide Insurance at a number of tram stops throughout the facility including Gates 2, 3, 4, 7/8, 12, 18, 26, and 30 and run in a clockwise direction. These trams operate on race and qualifying days from 12 noon - until These trams will operate after an event.

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Number and Street:
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Need a place to camp or Park at Charlotte?  Hudspeth Family Campground 
call Chrissy @ 704-773-0657 
The Official Charlotte Campground of Laidback Racing 
RACE DAY PARKING ALSO AVAILABLE. Easy walk to turns 1 & 2.