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Chicagoland Speedway Ticket Ofc 3200 South Chicago Street Joliet, IL  60436
815-722-5500    815-727-7223


To go to area Chambers of Commerce, click here.

Go to  Heritage Corridor and Visitors Bureau.  This site really caters to fans in the Joliet area.  This has the most recent and updated list of fan friendly and accommodating hotels, campgrounds and bed and breakfasts in the area.


The “Red Line” Northwest Corridor
• The Red Line Northwest Corridor should be used by Guests traveling generally from the area west of I-355 and north of I-80. Guests traveling east on I-80 should use the IL Rt. 53/Chicago St. south exit (13A) in Joliet. Guests traveling southbound on I-55 should stay on I-55 until I-80 east (exit 250A), then continue east on I-80 approximately 6 miles to IL  Rt. 53/Chicago St. south (exit 132A).
• From southbound IL Rt. 53/Chicago St. Guests should turn left on Laraway Road, then right into Gate 4. Parking Lot B will be loaded first. When Parking Lot B is approximately two-thirds full, or as necessary to meet inbound traffic volume, Parking Lots A and B will be loaded imultaneously.
• When Parking Lots A and B are filled, Guests will be redirected to another Parking Lot. NOTE: The Parking Lot to which you are redirected may have a different outbound pattern than that on hich you arrived!
• Outbound traffic from Parking Lots A and the north portion of Lot B will empty to West Road, then directed north on West Road to Laraway Road. Traffic will be directed West on Laraway Road, then north on IL Rt. 53/Chicago St. to I-80. The south portion of Lot B will be directed south on West Rd. to Gate 1, then west on Schweitzer Rd. At IL Rt. 53, may then turn north on IL Rt. 53 to I-80.
• The right lane of IL Rt. 53/Chicago Street north feeds to the westbound I-80 ramp. The left lane of IL Rt. 53/Chicago St. north feeds to the eastbound I-80 ramp.

The “Yellow Line” Southwest Corridor
• The Yellow Line Southwest Corridor should be used by Guests coming from the south and west on northbound IL Rt. 53 or I-55. Guests traveling on northbound I-55 should exit on Arsenal Rd. (exit 245) then travel east to intercept northbound IL Rt. 53. From northbound IL 53 Guests should turn right onto the two eastbound lanes of Schweitzer Rd.
• Guests in the left lane on eastbound Schweitzer Rd. will be directed left into Gate 1, then into Parking Lot C. Guests in the right land will continue east on Schweitzer Rd and be directed into Parking Lot D.
• When Parking Lots C or D are filled, Guests will be redirected to another arking Lot. Note: The Parking Lot to which you are redirected may have a different outbound pattern than that on which you arrived
• Outbound traffic from Lot C will be directed south on West Rd, then right onto westbound Schweitzer Rd. Westbound lanes of Schweitzer Rd will be directed south onto IL 53. Outbound traffic from Lot D will be directed west on Schweitzer Rd.
• Note: Depending on congestion at the IL Rt. 53/Schweitzer Intersection,
Guests traveling in the left lane of westbound Schweitzer Rd. may be directed through the Rt. 66 Raceway to property to utilize an extended merge lane onto southbound IL Rt. 53 at Gate 11. If utilized, priority on this access way will be given to Guests exiting the Preferred Parking Lot.
• From southbound IL Rt. 53, Guests may turn right on Arsenal Rd. to reach I-55.

Preferred Parking Lots
Guests with a Preferred Parking Lot (“P-Lot”) vehicle credential must follow the Inbound Preferred Route to ensure access to the P-Lot. bound
• Guests travelling the Red Line (Northwest Corridor) and Green Line  Northeast Corridor) may use IL Rt 53/Chicago St. South (exit 132A).
Guests should stay in the right lane past Schweitzer Rd., then merge to the left lane to turn into Route 66 Raceway Gate 11.
• Guests travelling the Blue Line (Southeast Corridor) should follow US 52 north to Manhattan-Arsenal Rd. in Manhattan then turn left (west).
Guests should continue west on Manhattan-Arsenal Rd. to IL Rt. 53, then turn right (north) and travel to Route 66 Raceway Gate 11.
• Guests travelling the Yellow Line (Southwest Corridor)should travel north on IL Rt. 53, then turn right into Route 66 Raceway Gate 11. Only vehicles displaying a P-Lot Vehicle Credential will be allowed through the Gate 11 Preferred Parking access way through Route 66 Raceway.
Guests with P-Lot Vehicle Credentials not using the designated Inbound pattern will be directed to the Parking Lot for the corridor used.
• Guests exiting the Preferred Parking Lots will be directed through the Route 66 Raceway facility, then directed south at Gate 11 onto IL Rt. 53.
• Guests seeking to return to the Blue Line (Southeast Corridor) and Yellow Line (Southwest Corridor) may essentially reverse the inbound patterns described above.
• Guests seeking to return to the Green Line (Northeast Corridor) should travel south on IL Rt. 53 to Manhattan-Arsenal Rd., then travel east to US 52 in Manhattan, IL. At US 52, Guests should turn north, returning to I-80 on Briggs St.
• Guests seeking to return to the Red Line (Northwest Corridor) should travel south on IL Rt. 53 to Manhattan-Arsenal Rd., then turn right (west) on Arsenal Rd. to I-55 North.

he “Green Line” Northeast Corridor
• The Green Line Northeast Corridor should be used by Guests using I-355 south and I-80 west. From I-80 west, Guests should exit at Briggs St. (exit 134) in Joliet, then turn left on southbound Briggs St. I-355 south terminates at I-80. Guests should take I-80 west, then use the Briggs St. exit as described above.
• Guests should travel south on Briggs (which turns into U.S. 52/Manhattan Rd.) approximately two miles, then turn right on Laraway Rd.Guests will be directed to Parking Lot H, adjacent to one of Chicagoland Speedway’s new Shuttle Stops. The Shuttle System takes Guests to the Infield (proper pass required), Champions Park, and the main turnstiles.
• When Parking Lot H is filled, Guests will be redirected to another Parking Lot. Note: The Parking Lot to which you are redirected may have a different outbound pattern than that on which you arrived!
• Outbound traffic from Parking Lot H will empty onto two lanes, of astbound Laraway Road. Guests utilizing the left eastbound lane will be directed north on U.S. 52/Manhattan Rd. (turns into north Briggs St.) to I-80. Guests utilizing the right lane will be directed to continue east on Laraway one mile to Gougar Rd., which will lead north to I-80; or Guests may continue east on Laraway Rd. to US 45 or I-57.

“No Choice” Intersections
At most intersections when leaving, you will not have a choice of turning right or left, regardless of what your GPS system instructs you to do. All outbound traffic patterns lead to an interstate highway and from there to your ultimate destination. If the outbound pattern for a Parking Lot is not the way you want to leave the facility, you should plan your inbound route so you park in a Parking Lot that aligns with your preferred egress route!

The “Blue Line” Southeast Corridor
• The Blue Line Southeast Corridor should be used by Guests coming from the south and east on northbound I-57, US 45 or US 52. Guests traveling northbound on U.S. 52 (marked as “West U.S. 52”), should continue approximately 3 miles north of Manhattan, IL, then turn left onto westbound Schweitzer Rd. From northbound I-57 (Exit 335) or US 45, Guests should take westbound Manhattan-Monee Road to intercept northbound US 52, then turn left on Schweitzer Rd. as described above.
• From westbound Schweitzer Rd., Guests should travel approximately 2 miles, and will then be directed into Parking Lot E, adjacent to one of Chicagoland Speedway’s new Shuttle Stops. The Shuttle System takes Guests to the Infield (proper pass required), Champions Park, and the

LOT D FROM THE SOUTHEAST - If parking in Lot D on the southwest side of the Facility, be aware that during EGRESS, you will be directed through the Route 66 Raceway property, which will exit to south bound Illinois 53. This is done to reduce the congestion at Schweitzer Rd. and Illinois 53, and is controlled by Joliet Police Department at its discretion. If this is not a desired route for you, do NOT park in Lot D. Lot D will only be allowed to exit eastbound on Schweitzer Rd. when the Preferred Lot has been cleared. If you are coming from the southeast, Lot E will be open, and at egress, you will be allowed to exit east on Schweitzer Rd.
NO CHOICE INTERSECTIONS - At most intersections you will not have a choice of turning right or left, regardless of what your GPS system instructs you to do. All outbound traffic patterns lead to an interstate highway and from there to your ultimate destination. If the outbound pattern for a Parking Lot is not the way you want to leave the facility, you should plan your inbound route so you park in a Parking Lot that aligns with your preferred egress route!

THE TRAIN TO Joilet 2015

The Train-to-Track program encompasses both Amtrak and Metra providers, and the service will supply shuttle transportation to those fans arriving to Joliet Union Station in downtown Joliet. Metra Rock Island riders will depart Chicago’s LaSalle Street Station, and stations along the route, while Amtrak riders have access to service from St. Louis and various locations along the way throughout Southern Illinois.  Tickets for the shuttle transportation between Joliet Union Station and Chicagoland Speedway are $5 per person each way ($10 round trip) and must be purchased in advance at or by calling Chicagoland Speedway’s administrative offices at 815-722-5500 (during regular business hours).  Train tickets must be purchased separately through Amtrak or Metra. MORE

Green Flag from Scott: The Metra train from downtown Chicago to Joliet is very easy to use.  The buses that transfer you from the train to the track drop you off right in front of the main gate.  Our wait to get to the track and out of the track was very minimal.  What they don’t tell you is that the train station at Joliet has a bar in it!  This year, you had to wait for the last train back to Chicago, but you had something to pass the time.  The other thing they don’t tell you is that you can not have alcohol (in a container, cooler, grocery bag – any kind) on the train.  It does make tailgating somewhat difficult since you can’t bring it with you.


Tune in to US*99.5FM for updates on major traffic issues leading up to qualifying on Thursday afternoon and the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races on Friday and Saturday afternoons.


Chicagoland Speedway has approximately 500 acres of parkable land adjacent to our facility. Day parking on Chicagoland Speedway is always FREE. If you are paying to park, you are not on Chicagoland Speedway property.

General Parking
Can't copy & paste it so go HERE

Motorcycle Parking
A special motorcycle parking lot is located off of Schweitzer Road in Lot P. It is accessed from the Yellow Line or the Blue Line. Please enter through Gate 2 on Schweitzer Road.

Overnight RV Parking
Event-only RV Parking is available behind our backstretch on Chicagoland Speedway property. RV Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Speedway Ridge; Chicagoland Speedway Infield RV; Lower Ridge and Lakeside Campgrounds are the only areas at Chicagoland Speedway at which overnight camping is permitted.


Friday, September 18
8 a.m. Parking Lots Open
9 a.m. Gates, Infield Fan Zone, Champions Park and Box Office open
9 a.m. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Final Practice
11:30 a.m. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Practice
1:00 p.m. NASCAR XFINITY Series Final Practice
3:45 p.m.   NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying
5:45 p.m.   NASCAR Sprint Cup I-Cash Pole Qualifying
7 p.m.          Driver Intros
7:30 p.m.      NASCAR CWTS American Ethanol e15 225

Saturday, September 19
9 a.m. Parking Lots and Box Office Open
10 a.m. Gates, Infield Fan Zone and Champions Park open
12:30 p.m. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Practice
1:45 p.m. NASCAR XFINITY Series Qualifying
3:30 p.m. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Final Practice
4:30 p.m. Driver Introductions
5:00 PM                      NASCAR XFINITY Series FURIOUS 7 300

Sunday, September 20
6 a.m. Early Bird Parking Lots (Lot D & Gate 4) open
7 a.m. Parking lots open
8 a.m. Champions Park and Box Office open
9 a.m. Gates & Infield Fan Zone open
Noon Brett Eldredge Pre-Race Concert
1:30 p.m. Driver Introductions
2:00 PM             NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 400 by Janssen
Post-Race Concert in Champions Park featuring Hairbangers Ball

Phone: 815-727-RACE OR Visit the Chicagoland Speedway Box Office located at 500 Speedway Blvd Joliet, IL 60433   By Fax: 815-727-7895

BUY TICKETS     55.00-180.00 youth 25.00 off adult price

US99.5 and Bub City ticket package   NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race ticket, admission to country music star Brett Eldredge’ s pre-race concert along with a Fan Zone Pit Pass, which puts fans in close proximity to the concert and provides access to driver introductions, a red carpet walk and the Infield Fan Zone. Also included are $10 in Bub City Bucks to be used in the US99.5 tailgate party located in Champions Park.

This package includes one Grandstand admission to the September 20th NASCAR race at Chicagoland Speedway as well as one Fan Zone Pit Pass for upclose viewing of the Brett Eldredge prerace concert

Get front row spot to Brett Eldredge’s Pre-Race Concert, as well as access to driver introductions and the red-carpet walk to the Drivers Meeting in the Infield Fan Zone!  All this for just $99!

Military Discount Chicagoland Speedway is proud to welcome those who serve our country. Active duty and retired military members and their families will receive a 25% discount on Chicagoland Speedway’s 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event on September 20.


Pre-race hospitality located in the Nationwide Series Garage
Open 9:30 am - 1 pm
Cash bar, 1 meal (Chicago style hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, potato salad, soda, water, cookies)
Fan Zone Pit Pass ($50 value)
Sprint Cup Garage Tour
Nascar Hauler Walk-Through
Driver Appearances
* Race admission required



September Weekend Pit and Infield Passes Pricing
Weekend Pass (All Days) $75
Saturday, September 19, fans with a Fan Zone Pit Pass, and accompanying grandstand or infield camping admission, will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the NASCAR XFINITY Series garages, From 10:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., official Chicagoland Speedway tour guides will escort groups for a behind-the-scenes encounter through designated areas within the XFINITY Series garages. Registration for tours will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday and will continue until all available passes are filled. Multiple tours will occur simultaneously with each tour accommodating 15 people and lasting for approximately 15 minutes.

No Smoking Policy

In accordance with a new Illinois state law that went into effect on January 1, 2008, all grandstand, suite, hospitality and restroom areas at Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway are now non-smoking. This new policy goes into effect at both facilities beginning on Saturday, May 24, 2008.

What is allowed into the grandstands:

Guests may enter the grandstand with the following:
·         One soft-sided bag or cooler, no larger than 6 x 6 x 12 inches
        - May contain ice, food & beverages – NO GLASS ALLOWED
·         Fanny packs, purses, backpacks, camera bags and other small bags, no larger than 18x18x4 inches, are also permitted, but are subject to search at any time
·         Cell phones
·         Scanners and head-sets
·         Cameras
·         Binoculars
·         Seat cushions
·         Pagers

Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)


CHASE FEST on Thursday, Sept. 17.

Weed Street, between Fremont and Kingsbury in Chicago, will be the place to be Thursday evening as the week long series of events leading up to Chase Fest culminate with a free weekend kick-off party. Be sure to join the battle as all 16 Challengers for the Chase gather for a massive street take-over unlike any other in the industry. The party will take place between 2 and 9 p.m. and will feature food, giveaways and live outdoor entertainment from Grammy-nominated band, 3 Doors Down.  Danica Patrick is scheduled to appear at the Studio XFINITY at the Chase Fest in Chicago, IL on Thursday, September 17, from 5:30 to 6:15 PM.
Need a ride to the city from the Chicagoland Speedway campgrounds or the Joliet area?

Parking on-site - Enter Lot H from Laraway Rd. and park near Shuttle Plaza 3. Plus all* fans riding the bus will receive a wristband to attend one of the autograph sessions at NASCAR Chase Fest

1:30 p.m.Bus Departure to Chase Fest (Pickups at Tram Station in Lakeside and Infield)
6:30 p.m.First Bus Return Run
9:10 p.m.Final Bus Return Run
Transportation is FREE but reservations are REQUIRED

*While supplies last

Thursday, Sept. 17. Joliet’s Race Fan Rally

4 to 10 pmRace Fan Rally will feature the Sprint Cup on display and appearances by XFINITY Series drivers David Starr and Eric McClure. The fun continues with a race, show and classic car cruise-in, a public safety zone, vendors and live music by the Hairbangers Ball. The evening will conclude with a firework display. Fans can visit for further details. Q&A with Kevin Harvick, Derrike Cope, Eric McClure and David Starr.  BUS SCHEDULE

3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.     Continuous Shuttle Service CLS Campgrounds to/from Joliet Race Fan Rally


Brett Eldredge, to perform the pre-race concert for the first race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup on Sunday, Sept. 20.

Champions Park

Recognized as one of the most impressive and fan-interactive display areas on the motorsports circuit, Champions Park provides a park-like setting right next to the grandstands.  Monuments have been erected in honor of each of the NASCAR
Sprint Cup and IndyCar® Series winners at Chicagoland Speedway since our first race in 2001. In the hours leading up to the race, Champions Park is where the fans are!


Route 66 Raceway  815.722.5500
12.0 Joliet Moto Sports Park 27950 Kelly Road, Wilmington, IL 60481 (815) 476-7433
13.3 Joliet Memorial Stadium Joliet, IL    1/4 mi Asphalt Flat Oval 630.253.8876
The track is located 1.5 miles east of I-55 on HWY 52. The is 35 miles Southeast of downtown Chicago IL. From Indiana or Iowa take I-80 to I-55 north 2.4 miles exit east on HWY 52 (Jefferson St) go 1.5 miles the track in on the south side of the road.
15.0 Jules Raceway Wilmington, IL    1/8 mi Clay Low Banked Oval  10 -  Kart classes
Phone: 815.476.GOKART Web Site:
Directions: I-55 south 5 miles from I-80 to Arsenal Road, Take frontage road south to Blogett Rd turn West go 2 mile track is on south side of road.
31.0 Kankakee Motor Speedway 3886 South Us Highway 45 # 52, Kankakee, IL 
(815) 929-9105  Web Site:
32.5 Hawthorne Race Course 3501 Laramie Avenue, Berwyn, IL  (708) 780-3700
34.1 Chicago Motor Speedway 3301 South Laramie Avenue, Cicero, IL 60804
(708) 652-2812 Web Site:
37.2 Kankakee Thunder Valley Speedway  213 West 4000 South,
Momence, IL 60954 (815) 472-4565
39.3 Speedway 630 Joliet Street, Dyer, IN 46311 (219) 865-3602
42.5 Speedway 8150 Indianapolis Boulevard, Highland, IN 46322 (219) 923-6405
42.0 Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL  1/3 mi Asphalt High Banked Oval  815.942.5043
Friday Racing from APR  Late Models, Sportsman, Street Stocks
Phone: 815.942.5043  Web Site:
Directions: I-80 Exit 112B north on SR 47 1 mile. Located at the Grundy County Fairgrounds 
43.2 Speedway 8430 Kennedy Avenue, Highland, IN 46322 (219) 838-4193


The Richard Petty Driving Experience, featuring over 40 days of on-track racing experiences, is Chicagoland Speedway's preferred driving experience. 

Call 1-800-BE-PETTY or visit for more information.
(Note: All arrangements must be made through the Richard Petty Driving Experience.)

Ride-Along Program - Ride shotgun in a two-seat stock car driven by a professional instructor for a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series style Qualifying Run. The Ride-Along Program begins one hour after the start of each driving experience.
Rookie Experience - Your hands are on the wheel and you're in the driver's seat for eight laps around the track. The program lasts three hours, the memories last a lifetime.
King's Experience - Satisfy your need for speed while trying to tame the speedway in this high-thrill, 18-lap program. The King's Experience will last approximately five hours.
Experience of a Lifetime - Think you can handle 30 laps of white-knuckled, heart-pounding speed? Improve your driving line, increase your speed and consider a career change.


The Mario Andretti Racing School is your source for a unique and technically advanced open wheel racing experience

Call 1-877-ANDRETTI or visit for more information.
(Note: All arrangements must be made through the Mario Andretti Racing School.)

Qualifier: 6 laps, reaching speeds up to 145 mph
Checkered Flag: 2 on-track sessions (14 laps), reaching a top speed of 155 mph
Winner's Circle: 3 on-track sessions (24 laps), reaching speeds up to 165 mph.
Victory Lane: 4 on-track sessions (34 laps), reaching speeds up to 170 mph.
World Champion: 6 on-track sessions (66 laps), reaching speeds up to 180 mph.
Pace Car Ride: 6 laps as a passenger in an instructor car, reaching speeds up to 145 mph.
Champ Ride: Experience a qualifying run as a passenger, with speeds reaching 180 mph.

MRO at the Track

Windy City Raceway Ministries Team Locations:
Main Tent - Next to Loop Road, just trackside of Parking lot C,outside the main gate.

Lakeside Campground - East of Loop Road, next to Lakeside Campground Convenience Center.

Raceview Farms - Inside the main gate, next to the vendors.


No need to go into Chicago for something to do.  Downtown Joliet has it all. The Rialto Square Theatre.  This theatre was opened on May 24, 1926.  Showbiz legends like Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers and Al Jolson once performed in the "vaudeville movie palace".  Intensive restoration began in 1980 to restore it to the elegance that made it so special.  The architecture is modeled after some of the best known palaces in the world.  The inner lobby is designed after the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles near Paris, France.

Into History?  Go see the Joliet Area Historical Museum where you can stroll down a turn-of-the-century street past store fronts showcasing fashions of yesteryear or take a virtual ride on a replica trolley.  Along the way, meet life-size models, interact with touch-screen visuals, view audio-visuals and learn how the past shaped the world you now enjoy.

Into adrenalin rushes?  Then the place for you is Challenge Park Xtreme. Paintball, BMX racing, Skateboarding, In-line and Mountain Biking...150 acres of pure adrenalin fun.

Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory was constructed in the early 1900's in the Italian Renaissance-style.  It is located at the edge of downtown Joliet.  Year-round attractions are offered with a tropical house, cacti room and show house.

There are also many restaurants located in downtown Joliet’s historic Union Station if you get hungry from all the site seeing. 

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