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1301 Harry Byrd Hwy, Darlington, SC 29532 Tickets & general info: (843) 395-8499

Or as we like to call it:

Including driver's appearances, seating, stuff to do, schedule, speedway info & more.

Did you see the closest finish in NASCAR history? 
It gave me goosebumps that day in the grandstands and still does...See it on you tube

Here's another classic Darlington finish: you tube

Another cool video on you tube about my beloved Darlington

track news:  Larger Cooler Size – Fans will now be permitted to bring in coolers measuring 14x14x14 (2,700 cubic inches) – six times larger than the size previously permitted. These coolers can typically hold up to 36 cans of Coca-Cola or other beverages. Coolers must be soft-sided and be free of wheels or telescoping handles but may have removable plastic liners.


Darlington is a driver’s track in its purest form.  Darlington is all about patience; all about driver skill.  Darlington is all about the driver, separating the good from the great.  Darlington is all about perseverance, for the crew chief, pit crew and driver.  Darlington is all about tires, knowing when to save them and knowing when to use them.  Darlington is all about racing the track not the other drivers.  When a driver wins at Darlington, he knows he is part of an elite group.  All drivers want to win one at the Lady in Black.  

Darlington attacks your senses.  During the race you can see the driver's sawing on the wheel to stay off the wall.  You can smell the tire rubber burning.  You can hear the cars making the ERRRRRR noise as they go thru the turns on the edge. 

Race fans see the pilgrimage to Darlington Raceway as a must.  Darlington is all about history and tradition. It all began at Darlington Raceway. She is the Motherland.
Football has Lambeau Field, Baseball has Fenway Park, Golf has Augusta National and NASCAR has Darlington Raceway.

For over 65 years, the greatest and not so greatest of our sport's drivers strapped on their helmets and have raced at Darlington Raceway. 
Before there was a California Speedway, there was Darlington Raceway. 
Before there was a Bristol Motor Speedway, there was Darlington Raceway. 
Before there was a Daytona International Speedway, there was Darlington Raceway.  And there should always be NASCAR racing at Darlington Raceway.

Other Useful Websites

Getting there

Directions from I-95, I-20, Highway 151
From I-95, take exit 164 and proceed north on Highway 52, until 52 Bypass (look for the Pizza Hut and McDonald’s). Follow the blue directional signs to your specific grandstand.

From I-20, take exit 131 and travel north on Highway 401. As you approach the
track, follow the blue directional signs to your specific grandstand.


From I-20, take exit 137 and travel north on Highway 340. Take a left on Rogers
Road and follow blue directional signs to your specific grandstand.

Traveling east on Highway 151, grandstand parking is available at Gate 40, for all

LAIDBACK RACING TIP:  If you are leaving after the is better to go west on 52 away from the track then cut back up north or south to hit I95



MULTIPLE PICKUP SPOTS at hotels on Hwy 52 & the Florence Civic Center. call for more info 866-459-7223 MORE

Parking 2014


Parking at Darlington Raceway is now as convenient as parking in your own driveway. Our reserved Pole Position parking area, located directly behind the Tyler Tower inside the gates, is available, while they last. Your Pole Position parking pass is valid May 11 through May 12. Quantities are limited. Cost for two days is $175. MORE

All general day parking on Darlington Raceway property is FREE.
Overnight parking is not allowed in general day parking lots.
Tailgating is not permitted in the hospitality parking lot.
Fans with Colvin Grandstand or Pearson Tower tickets should park at Gate 40 off
of Highway 151.
Fans with Tyler Tower, Wallace Grandstand or Brasington Tower tickets should park
at Gate 34 off of Indian Branch Road.
Guests with a hospitality parking pass should park at Gate 39B off of Highway 151.

More on Parking:
Like all older tracks, Darlington is in the middle of a residential area.  There are tens of thousands of camping spots/parking with in walking distance to Darlington Raceway. 

The back stretch private camping/parking is closer to most grandstands then most of the front stretch camping on Indian Branch Rd.  The speedway owns a big portion of the land on the front stretch and that is where they park cars (it is also the reason they flipped-flopped the frontstretch and backstretch).  Where we camp on the back stretch, it is closer to Pearson and Tyler Towers than almost all of the front stretch camping.  On the back stretch there is West Smith and Blackwell Circle with camping and parking. There is also camping/parking all along Harry Byrd Hwy across from the museum. 

On the front stretch on Indian Branch Road, Race Track Road (runs beside Turns 1 and 2 from Indian Brach Road all the way to Harry Byrd Highway), Sunset Drive and Tunnel Road there are people parking and camping fans in their yards. 

Please beware.  The front stretch goes right thru a neighbor hood that is a 2 lane road.  Horrible traffic!  The back stretch is on a 4 lane highway.   Go To Race Recon to see more

LAIDBACK RACING TIP:  If you are leaving after the is better to go west on 52 away from the track then cut back up north or south to hit I95


The seats in Pearson Tower coming out of turn 4 are spectacular.  When the track is hot and slick those boys dirt track the cars out of the turn 4.  I get a whole new respect for many drivers when I sit in Pearson and see the cars sideways out of turn 4.  These are the best seats on the front stretch.  You can see the pits, victory lane and the whole race track.  The best part of this Tower is seeing the cars slide out of turn 4.  You can see the really good cars go up and barely scrape the wall if you are in the right section.  They then get a great run off the turn.  It is amazing that you can tell the difference between the cars who are scraping the wall to get a good run and the ones that are scraping it because they are out of control.  The seats are built steep and are high to climb.  We sat in Pearson for the 2004 spring race for the first time in years.  They have added the seats with a back on top of the bench seating. 

Colvin Grandstands on the back stretch are our favorite place to sit as long as you get up high enough.  Row 15 and above you can pretty much see the whole track.  We camp on the back stretch and these seats are less than 1 block from our site. Plenty of action as you watch the cars come out of turn 2 and spread out 3 & 4 wide on the back stretch before they get back in line for turn 3, which can cause melee. Also, these are the old metal individual seats with high backs.  They are bigger, sturdier, roomer and not as steep as Tyler making the whole track visible and the climb is not too bad. You have more room in front of you & under your seat than you do in the 2 newer towers.

The new Brasington Grandstand are as good as the old Brasington Grandstands.  We sat there for the Busch race.  I didn't think I would see a view as good as the old Brasington Grandstand but I was surprised. Man it was great to see the cars diving into one and you could tell which drivers were sawing the wheel coming into 1 and you knew which ones wouldn’t get in under control by turn 2. Then sure enough they would lose it and slap the wall in turn 2. Great view of many of the pits and the battle off pit road.
They are made from grandstands relocated from Nazareth Speedway.  Plastic individual seats (kinda short though) wide aisles and what great bathrooms.  The women's room had over 60 stalls.  The sinks were the big half rounds with the touchless nozzles...probably 10 on each sink.   Bathrooms were top notch! 
Wallace Grandstands are next.  If we are seating in Wallace we get somewhere from the start finsh line to Pearson in turn 4 so we can see Victory Lane, the pits and pretty much the whole race track. Great view but get up as high as possible; top 5 rows. The seats in this section are like the ones in Colvin so they to are more comfortable than Tyler.

The least favorite place for me to seat is Tyler Tower.  They are the highest priced and just not worth the extra cost to me.  Just because a ticket cost the most doesn't make it the best seat in the house.  The angle they are built is so steep you can not see the cars when they are on the front stretch right in front of you.  For the highest priced seats, I want to see everything. 


Lots of concessions with the standard high prices that are at most tracks.   Front stretch has more than back stretch.
Reduced price on regular all-beef hot dog Hot dog and fry combo meal 
Cheeseburger and fry combo meal Kids Value Meal with peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cookie, fruit roll-up and half pint of milk
Reduced price on Dasani bottled water


When you come up the main entrance in Tyler on either side is a rest room with 52 stalls and 37 sinks in each.  This is on different levels also.  The new Brasington Tower
women's room had over 60 stalls.  The sinks were the big half rounds with the touchless nozzles...probably 10 on each sink.   Bathrooms were top notch! 

Back stretch bathrooms aren't as plentiful and they suck!


Most of the staff is extremely helpful.  Many of them having been going to Darlington for races since they were small chillins.  As with most SE tracks that are in rural areas...THE NASCAR EVENTS ARE A BIG DEAL TO THEM.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Darlington Car Hauler Parade
4:00 PM Race Fest begins at the Florence Civic Center
7:00 PM Haulers Depart the Florence Civic Center for Darlington, Parade Begins

Thursday, April 10, 2014
12:30 PM Gates Open
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Practice
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Final Practice

Friday, April 11, 2014
11:00 AM Gates Open
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Practice
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Final Practice
4:05 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying
6:05 PM NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Qualifying
7:30 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver Intros
8:00 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Race VFW Sport Clips Help A Hero 200

Saturday, April 12, 2014
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Darlington Raceway Track Walk
Renewal Customers Only - Must Have Track Walk Ticket
9:35 AM - 12:30 PM Richard Petty Driving Experience Ride Along Program
5:00 PM Jon Pardi Pre-Race Concert
Wristband Required For Access To Pre-Race Concert
5:55 PM NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver Intros
6:30 PM NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race Bojangles' Southern 500


FROM MATT & TONYA WIZORCK:  Darlington has special ticket prices on Friday for SC firemen.  If you are from some where else, ask when you call if they will give you the same deal.  Matt paid $20.00 a ticket in Pearson or the new Brasington Grandstand for the Busch race.  If I worked as a policeman or EMT I would ask about a deal for me too!  Navy Paul gets this deal for being in the military too. 

17.00-99.00 ORDER

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Fans wishing to participate in this program can do so by presenting their active duty or retired military ID at the Darlington Raceway Ticket Office or by visiting their local MWR/ITT office located on base.  These specially priced tickets are currently available for the Bojangles' Southern 500 and the VFW Sport Clips Help A Hero 200. For pricing information please call the Darlington Raceway Ticket Office at 843-395-8802 or contact your MWR/ITT office.

YOUTH TICKET Half-Price Youth Tickets
Tickets for youth age 12 and under will be HALF-PRICE in all reserved grandstands and FREE in the general admission grandstands! To order your half-price youth tickets, call 866-459-7223 or 843-395-8802.
Family sections will now be available on both straight-aways at Darlington Raceway. Wallace grandstand section V on the frontstretch and Colvin grandstand section X on the backstretch will be designated family sections. Each family section will be designated as a non-smoking, non-drinking seating option geared towards families.

JEFF GORDON DRIVE TO END HUNGER OFFER includes a Pearson Tower ticket to the Bojangles' Southern 500, a scanner rental, 15 minute Q&A with Jeff Gordon and a $10 donation to AARP Foundation's Drive To End Hunger campaign. This package is available in a very limited quantity for ONLY $89 per person.  this special offer online.

JIMMIE JOHNSON PACKAGE The package, which starts at an affordable $48, will feature a question and answer session with six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson in the Darlington Stock Car Museum on race day. It also includes an adult ticket in the Colvin Grandstand and scanner rental. Children’s tickets can also be purchased for $22 each.

Family Four Pack includes four (4) tickets in Colvin Grandstand for the Bojangles' Southern 500, 4 hot dogs and 4 Cokes for ONLY $99. Hurry! Quantities are limited.

2 others with not much info:
Coca-Cola, the official soft drink of the track Too Tough To Tame, has a special offer available exclusively to our fans! Visit your local Coke retailer for more information on this special offer and to find out how you can order tickets to the 2014 Bojangles' Southern 500.
VISIT YOUR LOCAL BOJANGLES' FOR AN EXCLUSIVE IN-STORE OFFER This offer is so top-secret that you will need to visit your local Bojangles' restaurant for details. For participating locations visit


Darlington Stripe Zone  Located in the Wachovia Hospitality Village outside Turn 3, the Darlington Stripe Zone Stripe Zone admission is limited in number and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 140.00 PER PERSON Call 1-866-459-RACE price $140.00 Admission includes: Pre-Race Pit Pass (from 2:00pm – 5:45pm – times are tentative and subject to change) for self-guided tours, catered hot meals and snacks in a specially designated chalet tent; a Darlington Raceway commemorative event souvenir; beverages; prizes and give aways. 
James Buescher and Ty Dillon are scheduled to appear in the Stripe Zone hospitality area at Darlington Raceway for a Q&A on Friday, April 11

Coca-Cola Racing Family members Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, and Ryan Newman are all scheduled for 15-minute question and answer sessions in the popular fan hospitality area on Saturday, April 12 prior to the Bojangles’ Southern 500.

Legends Suites
Enjoy an excellent view of the track from these suites nestled atop the Colvin Grandstands, located on the backstretch between Turns Two and Three. Having once been the control tower of the front stretch, these private suites have been revamped to capitalize on the history and tradition that is Darlington Raceway, while providing you one of the best views of the entire facility. MORE

Carolina Place
Located in the perimeter of turn two, this private infield hospitality area is the perfect place for trackside entertainment. With a private chalet, parking, restrooms and grandstand, Carolina Place provides a comfortable area for you and your guests to enjoy a distinctive blend of NASCAR thrills and Southern charm. Carolina Place is designed for a group of 100 to 300.
For pricing, information, or reservations, please contact Darlington Raceway Marketing at (843) 395-8877.  MORE

The Champions Club, The Champions Club, housed in the former President’s Suite in turn 3 of the Darlington infield, provides an all-inclusive experience for fans.

Each Champions Club package consists of one VIP access pass, COLD garage access (Saturday only), a pass to attend pre-race driver introductions (Saturday only), catered meal and snacks, unlimited non-alcoholic Coke beverages and water, cash bar including beer, wine and mixed beverages, a souvenir program, Darlington Raceway branded gift and a lanyard. One Champions Club parking pass will also be provided for package orders of four or more.

The Champions Club hospitality package is available for $110 per person on Friday or $185 per person on Saturday.

Infield Suite
Darlington Raceway's infield suites, located between turns one and two, gets you as close to the action as you can get without jumping behind the wheel yourself. From the private suite, you and your guest will have a birds-eye view of the race cars as they thunder through the turns at 150 mph. MORE

Locker Rental

Stow-n-Go’s mobile locker system ensures convenient and secure storage while you are at the track. Each of our trailer units has 3 different sizes of lockers to accommodate items both large and small. Our locker system allows you to store your backpacks, collectibles, cameras, clothing, or a myriad of other trackapproved items so that you can enjoy your day at the track without having to carry those items around. There will be two trailers on-site for the event weekend, one located near Gate 10 and the other near Gate 16.

Pit Passes

The only way to get a pit pass is by buying a hospitality package....


Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)

April 11, 2014 – South Carolina
Regan Smith & Chase Elliott will be signing autographs at the JR Motorsports Merchanside Hauler 2:15 pm

James Buescher is scheduled to appear the Toyota PitPass display at Darlington Raceway on Friday, April 11 at 11:00 AM.

Ty Dillon and Cale Conley will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display. 12:30

Paul Menard will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display. 4:00 pm

Ty Dillon is scheduled to appear in the fan midway with MRN Radio at Darlington Raceway on Friday, April 11 at 6:45 PM.

Chase Elliott will be doing a Q&A at the Sprint Experience. 2:45 pm

Eric McClure, along with other NNS drivers, will be doing an autograph session at the Coca-Cola stage in the Fan Midway. A limited number of wristbands will be distributed beginning at 10am.  1:00 pm

Kurt Busch will be signing autographs at his Souvenir Hauler 3:30 pm – 4:00pm

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. will be signing autographs at his Merchandise Hauler 2:45

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. will be doing a Q&A at the Nationwide display

Jamie McMurray is scheduled to appear at the Team Chevy stage at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 2:30 PM.

Michael Arnett is scheduled to appear the Sprint Experience at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 2:30 PM. Miss Sprint Cup will conduct a Q&A.

Brian Vickers is scheduled to appear the Toyota PitPass display at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:00 PM.

Kyle Larson is scheduled to appear at the Team Chevy stage at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:00 PM.

Casey Mears is scheduled to appear at the Geico display at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:00 PM.

Danica Patrick is scheduled to appear the Sprint Experience at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:10 PM. Miss Sprint Cup will conduct a Q&A.

Parker Kilgerman and Cole Whitt are scheduled to appear the Sprint Experience at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:30 PM. Miss Sprint Cup will conduct a Q&A.

Kyle Busch is scheduled to appear the Toyota PitPass display at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:40 PM.

Brad Keselowski is scheduled to appear at the Ford display at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:55 PM.

Slugger Labbe is scheduled to appear at the #27 CertainTeed/Menards pit box at Darlington Raceway on Saturday, April 12 at 3:30 PM to answer fan questions.

For more appearances near Darlington Raceway Click Here


The fun will begin at the Florence Civic Center at 4 p.m. with entertainment and live music. Kids play all afternoon for FREE on the KidsZone inflatable rides, games, climbing wall and bungee jump. The GameTruck® will bring a wide selection of games for Xbox360, Wii and PS3, and can accommodate up to 16 players at one time!

There will be refreshments for purchase,.

At 7 p.m., the parade of NASCAR haulers will leave the Florence Civic Center and make the 12-mile drive to Darlington RaceFest on the Darlington Square, where there will be added entertainment, food, a car show and fireworks. The transporters will continue through Darlington until they reach the track "Too Tough to Tame”

UPDATE: Last year the transporter came down West Smith Street then turned left onto Harry Byrd Highway after the festival to get to the infield.  We got to see them all with out having to leave the general track location.

JON PARDI To Perform Bojangles' Southern 500 Concert

Capitol Records recording artist Jon Pardi will perform a pre-race concert before the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bojangles’ Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway on April 12.


While you are on the back stretch go to the museum and the National Motorsports Press Association Stock Car Hall of Fame.  Just some of the things you will see; Jim Reed's 1959 Chevy-Southern 500 Winner at a record setting speed of 111.836 mph, Cale Yarborough's 1980 Olds-winner of 6 races with an additional 19 top 5 and 22 top 10 finishes in one season, 1956 Ford Convertible of CurtisTurner-25 wins in one season-most in NASCAR History and David Pearson's 71 Mercury-11 wins in 18 starts.  This museum is not only a history of the Darlington raceway but also a look into the early days of NASCAR.  For the long time race fan it is a look at cars & memorabilia that will stir their memories.  For the new fan, it is a look into the roots and history of what has made NASCAR what it is today.   It has cars, of course you expect to see the 1991 Chevy Lumina that Darrell Waltrip flipped 8 times in the Pepsi 400.  But you also get off the wall stuff like Fonty Flock's Bermuda shorts that he raced in.

The Weatherly Museum, NMPA Hall of Fame and Darlington Raceway gift shop are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Museum admission is $5 for adults, and free for kids under the age of 12.

  Darlington Legends Walk

Monuments honoring the careers of Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip have been added to the Darlington Legends Walk behind the Tyler tower grandstand behind the frontstretch.  They are joining Darlington legend david peason in this honor.


At Darlington Raceway, the SPEED Stage is located behind the main grandstand (Tyler Tower.)  If coming up the main entrance it is to the right near turn 1. 


Darlington International Raceway is near a hot spot for all ages.  Myrtle Beach S.C.  Golf Courses, Fast Paced Night Life, Beautiful Beaches, Shopping, Great Restaurants, tons of accommodations and more.  Myrtle Beach has it all.  While there go to
Myrtle Beach Speedway and the NASCAR Cafe.

In a little over an hour's drive you can have a family vacation and go to the races all in the same weekend.  In fact, Myrtle Beach is as close to Darlington as Los Angeles is to Fontana!  What a great Mother's Day weekend.  Here are some resources to help, if this is the direction you want your Darlington Race Weekend to take.  These links have a wealth of info in the way of hotels, cabins, cottages, golf courses, resorts, the beaches, shopping outlets and more.  Everything you need for a great vacation! 

Myrtle Beach Mayfest Myrtle Beach in May is where you want to be! Participate in a host of exciting events all month long that celebrate arts and film, food and wine, music and much more.

Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 
Welcome to Myrtle Beach!
Discover Myrtle Beach, SC
Myrtle Beach Condos & Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Houses
Myrtle Beach Live
Myrtle Beach Golf
Myrtle Beach navi-gator
North Myrtle Beach
A Vacation Guide to Myrtle Beach
Travel Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Key Attractions
Myrtle Beach on the Net

Racing at Florence Motor Speedway

For more information, call (843) 346-7711 or go to

Racing at Darlington Dragway

For more information, call (843) 383-0008.



Tram Service Boarding locations for trams are at the following:
Gate 6 (behind the Turn 3 Security Building)
The west end of Tyler Tower (near Gate 12)
Between Brasington Tower and the east end of Tyler Tower (near Gate 27)
This free service operates on Friday only, providing transportation between the
frontstretch and backstretch. The museum is closest to the Gate 6 stop.

Will Call

Will Call pickup for paid tickets is located in the Frontstretch Ticket Booth for Tyler, Wallace and Pearson ticket holders and in the Main Ticket Office at Gate 3(next to museum) for Colvin ticket holders.

Lost and Found

Located at the Main Security Building at Gate 6 (Turn 3 Crossover).

Information Centers

• Gate 3 (Backstretch/Main Ticket Office)
• Gate 6 (Security Office/Outside Turn 3)
• Gate 10 (Outside Turn 4/Pearson Tower)
• Gate 16 (Frontstretch Display Plaza/Souvenir Area)
• Petty Blvd. (Main Parking Walkway/Upper Display Plaza)

ATM machines are located near the museum, display area, souvenir row, and infield restrooms.

Medical First Aid

Located in various parts of the concourse area.
Colvin Grandstand - on the concourse at Section J.
Wallace/Tyler Tower - on the concourse at Section I.
Pearson Tower - on the concourse at Section D.
Brasington Tower - on the concourse. Section to be determined.
Infield Care Center - near President’s Suite. Can be accessed from the west end
of the backstretch pit road or infield.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles can park on the cement pad located on Highway 151 at Gate 1 (next to
the Warehouse). Space is limited.

Disabled Assistance

Ticketing• Accessible seating is available. Please contact our ticket office for ordering information.
UPDATE: Real good seats at the top of Wallace Grandstand underneath Tyler....

Parking• ADA/Handicapped parking is available in each parking lot. An authorized state issued vehicle license or windshield tag is required. The person to whom it was issued must be present in the vehicle.

Transportation/Trams• On Friday, trams depart from Gate 6 on the backstretch, providing transportation to the frontstretch. The museum is a short walk from Gate 6.

Disabilities Assistance Carts Darlington Raceway has instituted a fleet of disabilities assistance golf carts to assist our guests with disabilities with transportation within the immediate Raceway property. Operated by our ushers, this fleet may be accessed by contacting one of our carts operating from:
Pre-race dedicated pick-up points at:
• Information Center locations listed above.
• Handicapped parking lots adjacent to the track.

Post-race dedicated pick-up points at the above plus:
• East End of Tyler Tower, Beneath Section A Sign
• Ground Level of the Pearson Tower at the Elevator
• Bottom of ramp in Colvin Grandstand
• Bottom of ramp in Brasington Grandstand
Please be advised that delays may occur during volume times immediately before and after the race. Transports will occur in the order of the guests’ arrival. This is a FREE service courtesy of Darlington Raceway. (No tipping of drivers is permitted.)


1. One clear plastic bag no larger than 18 x 18 x 4 inches such as those used to accommodate samples received and purchases made after fans have parked their cars. Clear plastic bags may not contain ice. Each fan is allowed to bring in one soft-sided bag and one clear bag, totaling two bags per fan.

Larger Cooler Size – Fans will now be permitted to bring in coolers measuring 14x14x14 (2,700 cubic inches) – six times larger than the size previously permitted. These coolers can typically hold up to 36 cans of Coca-Cola or other beverages. Coolers must be soft-sided and be free of wheels or telescoping handles but may have removable plastic liners.
3. Cell phones or scanners clipped to the belt.

4. If you have been issued a credential, it should be worn in a visible location and must be accompanied by a photo ID.5. Binoculars, cameras, headsets, etc. worn separately (without a bag) around the neck or belt are also allowed. Seat cushion bags with compartments will be reviewed on an individual basis. Fans are asked to please be aware that all items brought through grandstand gates are subject to inspection.
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Bubbate's Tips For Race Mamas: Click here

A good source for overall info including ticket, pit passes, track tips, suggestions, vendor info for all tracks. 

Want to see how we graded Darlington?

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