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PREVIEW - Martinsville Speedway
Speedway Road, Ridgeway, Virginia 24148  Highway 220 South Tickets: (540) 956-3151.
Including driver's appearances, best seats, ticket prices, schedule, facility & more
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Martinsville Speedway’s carry-in policy has changed to allow one soft side bag or cooler, no larger than 14 x 14 x14. Also one lightweight backpack, similar to a daypack carried by school students, roughly 17 inches in length is now allowed.

In-Stadium Texting Service To Help Martinsville Fans Texting instructions will be placed prominently throughout each facility via static signage and will be regularly broadcast through audio and video public announcements.

FROM ERIC: TV Broadcast Stations: 44 WMDV Danville & 47 WGSR Reidsville Have great local race programing on race weekends.  99.9FM WZBB Martinsville is a local MRN affiliate.


We went to Martinsville Speedway the first time on a whim.  We knew rain was coming and the race would be postponed until Monday.  We left Charleston Sunday night & arrived in Martinsville Monday morning around 6:00A.M.  We got a DEAL on tickets in the Richard Petty Tower at the start finish line.  No matter where you sit you can see the whole track because it is small and flat.

The smallest track I had been to on the NASCAR circuit was Rockingham which is 1.17 miles.  When I saw Martinsville, I couldn't believe how short it was. I felt like I was at my local track.  Lots of great fender bangin', wheel rubbin', bumper bashin', paint tradin', sparks flyin', door to door, good ole fashioned racin'. REAL RACIN' .  The thing I noticed most was the cars sounded so different on the concrete than they do on the asphalt.

I like Martinsville better than Bristol because the straight aways are longer and the drivers have a better handle on their cars.  At Bristol it seemed like there were more cautions for drivers hitting each other just because of poor handling where at Martinsville you could tell if there was banging going on it was VERY intentional.  

The fans at Martinsville were great!  Good ole Bubbas & Bubbates from the old days.  I think this is where all the Wilkesboro fans came after they closed that great track.  


From the North (Roanoke, VA)• US 220 S/US 220 Bypass S to US 58 East • Take Left onto US 58 East • Take Right onto US 220 Business S• Turn Left onto Industrial Park Dr FREE SPEEDWAY PARKING LOCATED ON RIGHT

From the South (Greensboro, NC)• US 220 N to Martinsville• Continue on US 220 Business N/Greensboro Rd• Turn Right onto Old Sand Rd FREE SPEEDWAY PARKING LOCATED ON LEFT

From the East (Danville, VA)• 58 West • Take Right onto US 58 W to 220.  Once you are close to the Speedway there is an exit (that is only open on Sunday of Race Weekend) directly off of the 58 Bypass that will bring you to Speedway Property-Virginia State Police will direct you.FREE SPEEDWAY PARKING LOCATED ON LEFT

From the West (Stuart, Hillsville, VA)• 58 E to Martinsville• Turn Right onto US 220 Business South• Turn Left onto Industrial Park Dr FREE SPEEDWAY PARKING LOCATED ON RIGHT.  Where you park on Speedway Property is determined from which direction you enter Speedway Property.


Hundreds of acres of free parking at Martinsville Speedway. Cars may not be left in the lots overnight and camping is not allowed in the parking areas.
FROM US: Beware they hold you up after the race for hours

FROM TODD B. : The key to level parking is up next to the road.  If you get down into the flat valleys, you may have trouble getting out of there. Where I would recommend is coming into the street that runs right up to the main gate of the track, and seeing about parking in one of the yards very close to the track.  About 3 houses from the end on the left is a flat side yard that leads right down to the souvenir haulers, and they charge 10 bucks a day (I think).  You will know it's the right yard because there are headstones in the back of the house, and where you park you will butt right up to them. Todd Berger from

FROM DON D.: Leave early Sunday morning to get to the track. We left at 9:30 and waited 1 hour to get in the track. I would suggest parking in the private/Pop (Odom's)places as you are coming in. Once on 58, leaving the park, get in the right lane and stay there. The Va. patrol was passing out tickets to line breakers Sunday morning. Make sure to park in the free track parking Saturday. This parking area is adjacent to the drivers motorhome area. You can walk by the fence (around the drivers motorhome area) after the truck race and you might get a drivers attention and autograph. I saw one girl get Ricky Rudd's. You can make out some of the drivers standing around and some are grilling supper, pretty neat. You probably know that the drivers leave the track through the new tunnel in route to the motorhome area. This is also a way to get autographs. I am thinking about skipping part of a truck (or modified) race just to wait for the drivers coming through that area.

FROM ERIC: I have been to a Martinsville cup race every year since John Andretti won for the King. By far in my opinion the best place to free park is coming through the back gate off the 58/220 BYPASS on the east side of US 220. While this may be a long walk of a mile (lil less if you take the trails through the woods), this beats the heck out of haggling with 220 Business.If you can find an alternate 3 or more mi. north or 3.5 mi. south of the speedway to get you to the bypass I would take it.

BUS TRIPS to Martinsville Speedway from ROANOKE VA and GREENSBORO NC

Package includes 1 ticket in the Sprint Tower (rows 13-48) for the STP 500 and 1 round trip bus ride from Roanoke, VA to Martinsville Speedway on Sunday, March 30,

Package includes 1 ticket in the Sprint Tower (rows 13-48) for the STP 500 & 1 round trip bus ride from Greensboro, NC to Martinsville Speedway on Sunday, March 30,


In the old days we used to say: THE HIGH THE SEAT THE BETTER THE VIEW.  That was when the grandstands went up maybe to row 30 and there were no towers above that.  However this is simply not true anymore with grandstands & towers that go up 5 to 10 stories.  Heck at Bristol the tallest grandstand goes up 20 stories!  You only need to sit high enough to see the whole track.  After that it is a waste of money, energy & time because you are getting further away from the track.  What does that mean?  The cars are further away!  I have been on the top row of some towers and could not tell whose car was whose.  I went down to the lower grandstand and sat where I could see the whole track and the view was a helluva lot better! 

You can see the entire track from about row 9 and up because of Martinsville being so flat and short.  So why would I want to hike up to the top row in the high dollar tower where I am further away than a seat that's $30.00 cheaper? 

UPDATE FROM MIKE K:   At Martinsville, I sat right across from the pit road exit about half way up and it was great. You could see the whole track from there and some great pit action.

Martinsville has the aluminum bench seating like most tracks with one GREAT BIG difference.  There is a ton of room underneath your seats for your stuff.  Also the angle in the stands I surveyed weren't built on the same angle as other speedways so there was more room in between the rows.  Maybe because the track is flat.  Didn't have to walk sideways to get to my seat.  Also, they didn't get rid of the old cement bleacher seats when they built the new ones on top of them so row 10 and down has even more room!

One thing I liked that Martinsville had (the only other track I have seen it is at the Rock) was the name of the grandstand in big letters on the outside so you could see them as you were walking up to the track.  All speedway ought to do that and have the section letter or number painted there too.                                       
Let's get real it's a can of spray paint!

Something else I noticed at Martinsville, this tiny track had 20 gates leading into and out of the speedway.  I like that.  You don't feel so much like cattle being led to market.


You must have a Martinsville Hot Dog.  These dogs are as famous as South Boston's Bologna Burgers!  The problem I had while there was the line was always so long.

Also, the speedway vendors selling event shirts and hats had lower prices than the independent vendors.  Hats were $10.00 (embroidered & good looking) and event shirts started at $10.00.


As with most of your tracks in rural areas the staff was extremely friendly & helpful.  Like I've said in these small towns the Cup Race is a BIG deal to the local townspeople and the surrounding communities.  They treat the race fans good.


Martinsville Speedway’s carry-in policy has changed to allow one soft side bag or cooler, no larger than 14 x 14 x14. Also one lightweight backpack, similar to a daypack carried by school students, roughly 17 inches in length is now allowed.

One clear plastic bag, no larger than 18 x 18 x 4 inches to accommodate samples received and purchases made after fans have parked their cars. This one clear bag may be carried in any manner, i.e. by handle, with shoulder straps, etc. Clear plastic bags may not contain ice.

Note: Fans are allowed to bring in one each of the bags described above. Binoculars, scanners, headsets, cameras, not in a bag, worn separately over the neck or on the belt and seat cushions carried separately are also allowed.  Seat cushions with compartments will be reviewed on an individual basis.  All items brought through the grandstand gate will be inspected.

FROM JAMIE IN RALEIGH: Heres the advise I would like to offer about something that bothered me at martinsville last fall that Ive been meaning to send your way.  After the race we were exiting the gates to go back to our campsite and we saw a lot of people climbing in a huge dumpster.  It turns out that all of the oversized coolers chairs etc. left along the fence (where people leave wagons and such to hall stuff back and forth to the track) had been thrown in the dumpster by track officials.  There were fans coming out to find their belonging gone and were dissapointed saying that they had never had this problem before and had been coming there for years.  They literally threw everything in this trailer sized dumpster if it was left unattended.  The worst of it all was, instead of throwing a whole booksack or bag in the trash they were all opened up and gone thru and it was obvious whoever did it went through the items keeping what they wanted first.  They even threw the baby strollers in the dumpster with the wagons.  Luckily race fans looked out for each other and the fellows in the dumpster looking for their own belongings would find the strollers for the women and wagons and bags and stuff for people who were not physically able to climb into the dumpster to retrieve all of their things.  I just wanted to give a heads up to future atendees that even if they ask you to leave items behind like hard coolers and such and if you are used to leaving your belongings along the fence, the staff did throw all of these away and it ruined a good day for alot of people who came out to find their 30 dollar cooler or wagon had been thrown away.  From what some of the race veterans at the scene had said this seemed to be a new occurance and had not happened to them before so I dont know if this is an isolated incident or a new policy but I wouldnt want anyone to lose their belongings. 


Thursday, October 29
10 a.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series haulers enter infield
11 a.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garage opens
2:30 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series haulers exit infield
4:00 p.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup haulers enter infield

Friday, October 30
6:30 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series garage opens
9:00 a.m.: Fan gates open
11:00 a.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garage and registration opens
11:30 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice
1:00 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice
2:30 p.m.: Final NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice
4:15 p.m.: Virginia Lottery Pole Day for the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup race

Saturday, October 31
6:30 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup garage opens
7:30 a.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garage opens
9:00 a.m.: Fan gates open
9:00 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice
10:15 a.m.: Qualifying for the Kroger 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race
11:45 a.m. : Kroger 200 drivers’ meeting in Goodyear Tent
12:00 p.m.: Final NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice
1:00 p.m.: Driver introduction for Kroger 200
1:30 p.m.: Kroger 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race

Sunday, November 1
7:00 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series garage opens
9:00 a.m.: Fan gates open
11:15 a.m.: Drivers’ Meeting
12:45 p.m.: Driver introductions for the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500
1:15 p.m.: Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race

*Schedule is tentative. Changes could be made before race date..


TICKETS  45.00 - 85.00 MORE

CHILDREN PRICING Youth ages 12 and under are admitted free on Fridayin the unreserved grandstands if they are accompanied by a paying adult.
Youth ages 12  are admitted free on Saturdays In the unreserved grandstands if they are accompanied by a paying adult.
Everyone(regardless of age)must have a reserved seat ticket in order to sit in the reserved grandstands on Sunday. We do have Youth 12 and under and Teen 13-17 prices available in select areas

We offer youth and teen pricing in the Clay Earles Tower (Rows 15-52):
Youth 12 and Under:          $10
Teens 13 - 17:$25

The Military Offer is for tickets in the Clay Earles Tower Rows 15-52.
This Offer is valid through Sunday, November 1 or while supplies last.

ADD ON 4 HOT DOGS & 4 PEPSI'S  For $20 add on 4 Martinsville Speedway Hot Dogs and 4 20 oz. Pepsi Products to any order!

JIMMIE JOHNSON MARTINSVILLE TICKET PACKAGE 1 GRANDSTAND TICKET in the Bill France tower  to the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 on November 1, 2015  And 1 Admission to the STEM Program with Jimmie Johnson- with Q&A session and NASA Rockets 2 Racecars activity
Parents watch as children participate.

JEFF GORDON PAKAGE $124 Jeff Gordon Package includes:
1 Blue Ridge Tower (Rows 18-66) ticket for the Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500 on November 1& 1 Admission to the Green Flag Experience
and 1 Jeff Gordon price codes for the sizes you need.

Offer valid while supplies last and this offer not valid on previously ordered tickets or combined with other promotions.

2 DAY PKG $75.00 - $115.00 -  Reserved grandstand ticket to the STP 500 on March 29, and 1 General admission ticket to the Kroger 250 on March 28, 2015

3 DAY PKG $90.00 - $130.00  3 Day Pakcage includes:
1  Reserved Grandstand Ticket  to the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500  on November 1
1 General Admission Ticket to the Kroger 200 on October 31
1 General Admission Ticket to Pole Day on October 30

$110 FAMILY 4 PK   2 Adult tickets and 2 Youth 12 and under tickets
$150 Family 4 Pack 2 Adult and 2 Youth 12 and under tickets

$200 ADULT 4 PACK  November 1, 2015
Adult 4 Pack includes:  4 tickets in the South Annex Rows 1-5 to the Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500 on November 1
4 Martinsville Speedway Famous Hot Dogs and 4 20 oz Pepsi Products

The Pre-Race Track Pass 2015

ALL ACCESS GOLD PASS visit the frontstretch pit area from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday of race weekend with the All Access Gold Pass.  You must be 18 or older for pit admission.  There is no access to garage area with this pass. You also have the chance to go onto the frontstretch of the race track and watch driver introductions and awards.  This pass does not guarantee autographs or photographs.



Green Flag Experience 50.00 The Green Flag Experience which opens at 8:00 a.m.  Plan on getting to the track to watch Driver Introductions (NEW)
Danish, Doughnuts, Coffee and Juice (NEW)

  Champions' Overlook Offers Unique View Of Martinsville Speedway

RV sites in the Champions' Overlook will sit just above the third-turn and backstretch seats and will allow fans a close-up view of the entire racing surface from the comfort of their RV or their site.  MORE


Appearances are posted a week before up until a few days before race day.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)


“Kids Zone” 

One section of Martinsville Speedway’s display area has again been declared a “Kids Zone” for the TUMS Fast Relief 500 weekend with games, souvenirs and food aimed at the younger crowd.

The concession items in the Kids Zone will not only be kid favorites, but kid priced. There will be chicken nuggets, hot dogs, cotton candy, chips, fruit cups and Capri Sun juice boxes. Nothing will be over $2.

There will be an inflatable bouncy house for the youngsters to play in and there will also be plenty of youth oriented souvenirs.

And on Sunday, there will be a second inflatable bouncy house, this one inside the track, above the second-turn, next to the Clay Earles Tower.



The SpeedTV with Trackside is setup outside of turn 4.


(Located behind the Bill France Tower and in main campground across from the bath houses)

If you are there for the weekend there are great local tracks close by. Many times, the racing we've seen at the local short track on Saturday night was better than what we got to see on Sunday at various NASCAR tracks.  Almost all NASCAR tracks have these local tracks close by.  Do yourself a favor and go see a race at these tracks while you are in town for the Cup race.  You may be seeing the next great NASCAR driver because that is where they all begin. 

(At one of our local tracks, Myrtle Beach Speedway, we got to see something that many people wished they could have witnessed. 3 Earnhardt's in the same race. Not Dad, Jr. & Kerry but Jr., Kerry and Kelley.  Let me tell you she out drove those two boys!)
South Boston Speedway
1188 James D. Hagood Hwy  South Boston, VA  24592 Ticket  877-440-1540 or 800-955-5566 &    Tickets 15.00 to 25.00

Directions:  From 58 West, take 360 East toward Richmond. Go approximately two miles and track is on the right.  From 501 North, take 58 East, then 360 East. Track is approximately two miles on the right.

A four-tenths mile oval.  Zowie!!! Smaller than Martinsville.
With the addition of fan-friendly amenities including a swimming pool, playground, hospitality area and closed-circuit televisions in the concession stands, it is clear South Boston is on the right path to becoming the nation's first "Super Short Track." There are currently plans for adding even more special features to make each fan's visit to the Speedway enjoyable.
Hey race fans, A POOL!!

You must eat a South Boston's bologna burger, made famous by NASCAR Winston Cup Series star Elliott Sadler. (Who ate a whopping 16 bologna burgers in one night!)

Henry County's Oak Level Raceway
Home for "Dirt Kickin' Excitement"!  Collinsville, VA  276-340-7886 or 540-489-9555
Dirt track racing is the backbone of American motor sports. Many of today's Winston Cup drivers made their names at local dirt tracks across America.  Boys, when they are at a hot, slick track you can tell the drivers that used to "dirt track"!

Drivers, such as Kenny Schrader and Tony Stewart, still crave the challenge and excitement of dirt track racing and often return to their roots to compete in dirt track events. It is only appropriate that Virginia's Racing Region includes the home of "Dirt Kickin' Excitement" - Oak Level Raceway.

Every Friday night, from April through October, fans pack the Oak Level Raceway grandstands. Young, up and coming drivers prepare to challenge the grizzly veterans of years of dirt track battles.  Many fans arrive early to watch their hometown heroes unload their cars and ready them for action. As race time nears, the air crackles with excitement and the sound of highly tuned race engines being prepared for the evening's events. And then, GREEN FLAG!, the night's racing action is underway, leaving fans of all ages gripping to the edge of their seats, cheering for their favorite drivers.

Oak Level Raceway (OLR) has been the home for dirt track action in the region for over 30 years. Prior to the 2002 season, the track was reconstructed into a modern 3/8 mile, high banked, red clay oval with a unique tri-oval configuration. Six classes of race cars compete every Friday night, featuring the high powered Late Model division. Frequent special events add to the excitement, including appearances by the Virginia Sprint Series and the Virginia Old Timers Vintage Racing Club.

Lake Sugar Tree Motor Sport Park 
400 Movie Movers East  Axton, VA  276-650-3788(276) 650-1158
Located half way between Martinsville and Danville, VA, off US 58 at St. Rt. 617, the complex is one of the most complete racing facilities in the area. The 1.4 mile track circles the lake, presenting the ultimate challenge to racers. A new 2-story concession stand contains offices, a complete kitchen, and rest rooms with showers and changing areas. In addition to the best in motocross excitement, there are attractions for the whole family such as horseshoes, shaded picnic areas, and nature trails. Camping facilities are available.

Reynolds Homestead CEC
463 Homestead Ln.  Critz, VA  276-694-7131
The birthplace and boyhood home of R. J. Reynolds who founded the tobacco company bearing his name. The 19th century restored home is a national and Virginia historic landmark. The Reynolds Homestead Learning Center and Reynolds Homestead Research Center are located at the site and are extensions of Virginia Tech. The Reynolds Homestead also offers a variety of performances and art exhibits throughout the year. Allow 25 minutes to reach from Martinsville. Located off Highway 58 west in Critz, VA.

Check out the Richard Petty Museum if you have time. 
Where: 142 W. Academy Street, Randleman, NC (Take Randleman Exit off of 220-By Pass and follow directional signs).
Info:(336) 495-1143
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm


"Bike MHC" is a FREE bike loan program that gives everyone the opportunity to ride the picturesque 5.1 mile Dick & Willie Passage Rail Trail meandering through
Martinsville. Individuals ages 5 and up may participate in the bike loan program. Those
under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Feel free to bring your own bike if you have one.
Doyle Street Trail Head, 220 Doyle St Martinsville, VA 24112 (276) 403-5087
Hours:[For Free Loan Program only; may ride your bike anytime(
M-F to 3PM-7PM for the fall.
Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 1 PM - 6P

The Flying Dutchman Lounge located in The Dutch Inn Hotel is arguably the most active Bar in the area race weekend. Drivers frequent this establishment every
race weekend. Denny Hamlin, Michael Waltrip, Kurt Busch Kasey Kahne, and others have been seen here. 2360 Virginia Ave. Business 220 North Collinsville, VA 24078

Bull Mountain Arts Gallery 340 Patrick Ave. Stuart, VA  540-694-7883 
A cooperative of local artisans and crafters. Juried members display and sell their work. Paintings and prints, pottery, quilts, jewelry, photography, stained glass, hand woven goods and decorative arts.

Historic Henry County Courthouse  Main Street  Martinsville, VA  540-632-6401
Located on the square in Uptown Martinsville, the courthouse was reconstructed around 1824 after the original, built in 1792, was destroyed by fire.  

Mabry Mill Blue Ridge Parkway  Floyd County, VA 
Mabry Mill, a working grist mill built in 1910 has been called the most photographed spot in America. The National Park Service operates a restaurant there that specializes in buckwheat cakes and country ham.

Piedmont Arts Association  215 Starling Ave.  Martinsville, VA  276-632-3221
Located at 215 Starling Avenue, Piedmont Arts offers varied performing arts series that have included such variety as the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, and Tennessee Children's Dance Ensemble. State of the art galleries displays exhibits from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, regional and local artists. For additional information call 540-632-5498

Smith River Bassett, VA 
The Smith River runs from northern Henry Co. through Fairy Stone State Park and Philpott Lake. It offers some of the best Native Brown Trout fishing in the state. Truly a fisherman's paradise!

Virginia Museum of Natural History  1001 Douglas Ave.  Martinsville, VA.  276- 666-8600  The official museum of natural history in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it houses fascinating displays of dinosaurs, Virginia animals, fossils, archaeology, rocks and shell life. Permanent exhibits include the Age of Reptiles Hall featuring an animatronic triceratops replica, Nature Nook with hands-on activities for youngsters, Rock Hall of Fame exhibiting Virginia's geologic treasures, and Virginia Mammal Hall featuring a giant sloth replica. Open Mon-Sat 10 am - 5 pm; Sundays 1 pm - 5 pm. Adults, $4.00; seniors and ages 12-18, $3.00; ages 3-11, $2.00; Group rates by request

Into fishing?  Go try your luck on Dan River. It can provide you an exciting and challenging fishing opportunity.   The river begins north of U.S. Highway 58 in the mountainous Patrick County.

Staying in nearby Danville? Go visit the American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum where you can see military. The most extensive international collection of Tank and Cavalry artifacts, dating from 1509 to the present, to be found in the world can be found at this museum.  Estelle H. Womack Museum of Natural, an excellent collection of mounted animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, as well as Indian artifacts, fossils, and minerals, are housed at this 5,000 square foot museum which also contains twelve dioramas housing part of the bird collection in their natural habitat.

Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, a 1857 Italian Villa house which is best known as the Last Capitol of The Confederacy. It is the place where Jefferson Davis resided during the final week of the Civil War. It was here that Davis and his Confederate government received word that Lee had surrendered at nearby Appomattox. This house museum now offers historical displays and revolving art exhibits.

Danville Science Center where you can discover the secrets of how things work and explore the impact of science on your life while at this hands-on science center that offers many activities such as building a crystal, making music in the outdoor sound exhibit, enjoying interactive exhibits in light, vision, and earth science, and visiting exhibits on topics including biology, ecology, and natural history


The ride was fun. A beautiful part of our country. We went by Harry Steaks, owned by the Original Skoal Bandit, Harry Gant.  When Harry would win on Sunday he would give free steaks on Monday at his Steak house. We went pass Level Cross and Randleman, homeland of the Petty's. 

REAL RACE FANS. When we were at Martinsville in 1998, I noticed a large group of fans congregating by the only gate that leaves the infield. I asked a woman next to me what was going on. Her reply, "Richard Petty and some other drivers are trying to leave & fans are there to get autographs".  Richard Petty retired in 1992 and in 1998 it is still "Richard Petty & some other drivers".  Her reply signified how people in that part of the country feel about Petty. 

The driver's motor coach area is in between turns 3 & 4. and they have places where you can stand to get autographs. It is in between the Bill France Tower & The Richard Petty Tower.  In turn 4 is the display area.
UPDATE FROM JIMPCON:  they have installed new fencing that prevents you from cutting under the Bill France tower to get to the display/exhibit area outside of turn 4. You now need a ticket and if not you need to walk all the way around. Lots of complaints about that!!
On the other side were the drivers would come out of the tunnel and you could get autographs, they have put up more fencing. They have completely blocked that area off and its off limits. Its really a shame because that was one track where the fan had a good chance of getting close to the drivers. In the few times i have been there i have never seen a fan prevent a driver from getting into the drivers motorcoach area. That was one of the things about Martinsville that made it more personal and now its gone.

Also, the helipad is located outside of turns 1&2.  Well to get the driver to the helipad they walk him thru the grandstands after the race.  Sit and wait awhile and you will see drivers.  We got to crack a joke with Jr. when we went and were in this area.  And saw Joe Gibbs Climb the fence from the track to get to it without going thru the crowd

A plethora of independent vendors surrounding the track. SEE RACE RECON

As it is the tradition of our great older tracks, people park and camp fans in their yards.  I noticed many "Pop Odom's" in Martinsville.  SEE RACE RECON


Pay phones are located across from the main ticket office, inside the gates between turns one and two, in the campground and in the souvenir area.


ATMs are located inside the grandstand on the front stretch behind Section I. A mobile ATM is located in the souvenir area. See Race Recon for ATM's within walking distance of speedway


Martinsville Speedway welcomes its guests with disabilities and Martinsville Speedway provides numerous accessible features. If you have any questions about the disabilities services or other fan amenities that the Speedway provides, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff or call our office at (276) 956-3151 ext 224, or 866-ISC-TRAK (472-8725) TDD Hearing Impaired.

TICKETS• Accessible seating (with companion seating) is available at Martinsville Speedway.

• All accessible spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
• An authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate is required to park in designated accessible areas. (The person to/for whom the pass was issued must be in the vehicle.)The size of the Speedway crowds and the Race day traffic patterns may impact your parking location. All of the Speedway’s parking areas are free of charge. Please see facility map on pages 20 & 21 for parking lot locations.Accessible parking areas fill quickly. Speedway guests with disabilities are advised to arrive early on race days.We make every effort to provide a convenient means for any disabled individual to receive assistance in getting to their seats. The Speedway provides free transportation from our parking areas via shuttles to the grandstand area.
• Guests should expect delays during peak times.For more information about the Speedway’s disabilities services, contact a Speedway staff member, call our Ticket Office at (877) 722-3849, or visit the Information Booths located throughout the Speedway property. We understand that some guests have issues with stamina and are limited in the distance they can walk. Since the Speedway covers several hundred acres and has plenty of activities to experience, we suggest that these guests bring a wheelchair or walker, if needed.

Post-race carts transport from the following signed, dedicated locations to Disabled Guests Parking lots:• Turn 1 Gate • Turn 2 Gate• Turn 3 Gate • Turn 4 Gate

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Bubbate's Tips For Race Mamas:Click here

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