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Tailgatin': POCONO
1-800-RACEWAY (1-800-722-3929)
           KUHENBEAKER RD/PA-4001. Long Pond, PA. 18334-0500 

Motor Racing Network will provide coverage of Qualifying and NASCAR Sprint Cup Races. Tune into 93.7 WSJR and 95.1 WZZO.

Getting there 2015

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 41o03’30.116”N Longitude: -75o29’58.614”S

From I-80 East: Take Interstate 80 West to Exit 284 for PA-115 towards Blakeslee. Make left onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.2 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-80 West: Take I-80 East to Exit 284 for PA-115 toward Blakeslee. Make right onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.4 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-81 North: Take I-81 North to I-380 South. Take I-380 South to Exit 3, PA-940 towards Pocono Pines/Mt. Pocono. Take PA-940 West for 9.4 miles and turn left onto Stoney Hallow Road. Take Stoney Hallow Road for 3.4 miles and turn right onto Long Pond Road. Take Long Pond Road for approximately 0.5 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-81 South: Take I-81 South to exit 151A to merge onto I-80 East. Take I-80 East for 23.8 miles to Exit 284 for PA-115 towards Blakeslee. Make right onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.2 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-476 North: Take I-486 N to Exit 95 to merge onto I-80 East. Take I-80 East for 23.8 miles to Exit 284 for PA-115 towards Blakeslee. Make right onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.2 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-476 South: Take I-486 S to Exit 95 to merge onto I-80 East. Take I-80 East for 23.8 miles to Exit 284 for PA-115 towards Blakeslee. Make right onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.2 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-78 East: Take I-78 East to Route I-476/PA-309 N/PA Turnpike. Take I-486 N to Exit 95 to merge onto I-80 East. Take I-80 East for 23.8 miles to Exit 284 for PA-115 towards Blakeslee. Make right onto PA-115 South. Take PA-115 South for 3.2 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

From I-78 West: Take I-78 West to Exit 71 to merge onto PA-33 North towards US-22/Stroudsburg. Take PA-33 North for 22.6 miles to the US-209 North towards Lehighton Exit. Take US-209 North for 5.7 miles. Make slight right onto PA-115 North. Take PA-115 North for 12.1 miles to arrive at Pocono Raceway.

UPDATE: From Interstate 78 West, take the last exit in NJ for Route 22. Stay on 22 and go through Easton, PA.  Go 33 North, and take that for about 25 minutes to Route 209 South (Sciota, PA).  Route 209 takes you to 115 North, which leads you right to the track on the right.

FROM Steve: This was the 1st time I ever stayed till the end of the race. I had a hotel room 1hr away from the track & it took me longer to get back to my hotel than it took me to get down there( I live in Vermont). The traffic cops, of which I only saw 3 or 4, seemed more interested in yelling at people & calling them idiots because they seemed content to just stand there instead of being helpful. Pocono Raceway needs to look at the traffic flow problem. 5 hours to get an hour away. I was in my car & in line to get out at about 7:00p.m. Traffic was backed up all the way from 940 back to the track. Literally bumper to bumper. I also did notice not very many out of state cars, mostly N.Y. , N.J. & PA.             

Try the road over by infield parking. It's long but avoids the large majority of traffic. It'll take ya to Rt. 380.

About Pocono Raceway....

When we did Pocono, we did the infield.  From all accounts that I have heard, it is extremely difficult to see the track from the grandstands when people stand in front of you due to the angle the stands are built.  It must be true because the entire time we were there they kept coming over the PA system to ask fans to sit down because they were blocking other's view of the race.  In fact, if we had a dollar for every time we heard that, we could have paid for at least 1 infield admission for the week end!  We paid attention to those fans we had met at the tracks we go to who told us to do the infield.  Hence, always ask other fans that you meet at the track what they can tell you about seating, parking etc. at a track you are going to for the first time.  Then send them to us so we can help out other fans.

Pit passes are great here because the fans have very close access to the drivers. 

The infield was "different".  I'll leave it at that.  Saw a few cool things.  The Adam Petty Garage.  The Christmas in July crowd complete with a decorated tree, Santa & slide from the top of the motor home to the ground. 

We saw something we have never seen before or since at the races.  Especially in an infield.  Guys on top of their motor home, during the race, playing CHESS!  That's right CHESS!  Don't think I'm being a snob or opposed to those intellectual, wine drinkin', cheese eatin' games.  Heck, it even made the Bubba Olympics!  Whatever gets you through the night!  That's what we love about tailgating at the track....anything goes as long as you're not bothering the majority of your neighbors too greatly.  If so, watch out! 

They don't let you park in the turns where you can see the Long Pond Straightaway until sometime Sunday Morning.  Not sure of the time but a lot of regulars came in Saturday afternoon and didn't unload anything.  They told us that they wanted to be first to get to the section in the first & second turn.  

FROM KATHY, CA.,:  We sat in the grandstands at Pocono, and we were in the Terrace Vista section RIGHT on the start/finish line.  Sadly, I bought my tickets BEFORE going to your website, because what you said about seeing from those grandstands is true....if people are standing, and EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM DOES,
then you can't see anything on the straightaway or in either turns 3 and 1!  Believe it or not, my boyfriend actually got all the people around us to sit, but it was still nearly impossible to see the cars on the frontstretch because they hug the wall, and the wall is real close to the grandstands. The angle just doesn't work.

The pit area was terrific for Happy Hour on Saturday, and we decided to stay for the afternoon ARCA race.  Next year, we plan to be there on Friday for the qualifying sessions. I  loved not having to wait in line for the bathrooms on either day, and I thought the prices were within reason. 
UPDATE FROM THE TRACK: the Grandstand area, many will find upgraded seating in the form of “bucket seats” that have been retrofitted to the existing Grandstand bench seats. The new “bucket seats” are designed with contoured seat bottoms and back rests that will add additional comfort for fans. The “bucket seats” are located in the center portions of Pocono’s massive Grandstand and consist of the Terrace Platinum and Concourse Gold seating areas.

FROM GINO, ALLENTOWN PA.:...if you camp infield at Pocono the new deal ( 4 years now ) is you must pay to get to the other side of the fence, $35 to go through the tunnel (or to get an autograph) to get to the merchandise trailers at the track........
they have also started this for 2004, to reserve all along the fence spots infield.....used to be just a few select fence camp spots were reserved but now it seems all in the camping area have been made reserved spots.......oh and get there early on Friday as it seems Friday night your scrambling for a place to camp inside there....its been selling out in the fenced in camping area

FROM AL G.,Camping on Speedway property.  No one is allowed in until 10 AM Thursday.  Security is not very friendly and they certainly aren't helpful.  When I arrived in 2003 on a Wednesday afternoon I was told the campgrounds were not open.  I drove around the area looking for a place to spend the night, ending up in a private campground.  Thursday morning I again drove around, waiting for 10 am to roll around.  Wherever I stopped on the outskirts of the track to pass the time, security would drive up and tell me that I could not park there.  They never gave me
instructions or advice.  Finally a fan told me about a field where RVs were being lined up before the gates open.  I went there, got in line, and when my turn came I got in. Thanks to the fan and no thanks to security.  That field is on your left as you head towards the campground entrance.

They have rules which MUST be followed.  No pets,not even a canary in a cage.  No firewood.  No fireworks.  As you enter the gates, a security guard actually boards your RV and looks through it for illegal items and for non-ticketed people.  Some security wears sidearms.  They have showers and toilets which have attendants.  It seems to be the practice to tip these individuals.

Even though they boast the longest straightaway in NASCAR, you can't see it from the stands unless you stand on your seat.

FROM STEPHEN G: The infield at Pocono is about the only way to see the race live.  From the grandstands you don’t see very much for very long.  If you find yourself in the right position on the infield, you can see almost 2/3 of the racetrack.  If you decide to arrive at the staging area Saturday night, any vehicle is allowed in (car, pickup, etc.)  The infield has a few port-o-johns, but no showers.  The crowds here are not typical NASCAR folks.  NASCAR folks seem to travel far and wide to see their favorite races. I think most of Pocono’s attendees are Pennsylvania locals who only attend the Pocono race twice a year.  The rest of the fans are frustrated New York and New Jersey NASCAR fans who don’t have a decent local track to call their own.  If the track wasn’t an hour from my house, I wouldn’t go at all.  Personally having attended several Pocono races, I say the race is better watched on television.  Save your money and drive to Richmond or Dover.

Look for Joe and the Keystone Jukebox crew on paved road in the infield about 19 to 12 spots up from entry road...they're the ones with the big crowd!

FROM GINO, OUR NORTHERN RECON OFFICER: Pocono Raceway has all it's information listed on the infield admission papers. No admission until 12 PM. Thursday, although they have been letting motorhome's staging inside before 10 am the last 2 years.

Pocono infield has no showers. No water. No dump stations. No electric. No firerings. Its just you and your crew. Take everything along you will need for the whole weekend as there is no store inside or anywhere near the track and there are no passes out of the infield. If you must leave, you must repay for admission.

Security is as helpful at Pocono as they are at any other raceway. Not very. They wear sidearms? Thank God there is some kind of protection in line there. The weather seems to be playing a MAJOR factor at Pocono in recent years. Bring covers for everything you have outside that cannot withstand a direct flood. July 2004 was the worst of any storms that has ever gone through the track in its 26 year history!

Pocono allows firewood, providing you have a fireplace that does not sit directly on the grass. No fire rings are allowed. Ive seen people use a charcoal grill for this purpose! Access to the outside vendors (drivers merchandise trailers) on Pocono property is done via the infield tunnel. You must now PAY (since 2001) to have this
privledge. The armband pit pass thingy is $35. Autograph alley is no more at Pocono. The $35 gains you access to the tunnel and about 10 garage door openings for signings. I feel so privileged to pay and pay and pay while I am here for these races. Dr. Mattiolli laughs all the way to the bank. Those tunnel fees paid for his daughter's mansion directly across from the track. If you have ever driven tunnel road you more then likely have seen this shoebox of a home behind the 10 foot decorative brick walls. I believe us Bubba's call it "living rough"

....Fireworks are a definite no-no. I've seen fights break out over lit fuses dropping from fireworks, landing on someone's awning, thus burning a fuse looking hole right through it.

Fuel prices around this area are way out of line, always. They do not increase race
weekends. They are always high on top of the mountain in the middle of no-wheres-ville. Rain and mud are the issues that will disappoint even the most hardcore Na$car fan, like myself, so be very prepared for a deluge of clouds sometime during your stay infield. The mini- tornado Sunday night, midnight, in July 2004 was just what I was hoping would happen. What a treat that was! I am surprised they did not come around and ask for more money for the "extra" entertainment!

If this raceway was not really close to me here, 45 minutes away, I would never go to see a Na$car race at Pocono. ISC isn't anything compared to the greed at this track.

The middle of no-where is where you are here and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN: U MUST DEAL WITH IT! No one is going to hold your hand and direct you as to what to do here. Either you're self-sufficant or you need a maid, but, the maid stayed home cause she knew what the infield at Pocono is all about!
Reason: Your maid failed exposed breastisis 101.......

Ahh the romantic Pocono mountains...The honeymoon capitol of the world...Could be the problem, maybe..

It's Pennsyltucky at its finest!


Practice: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series @ 11:00 am – 12:25 pm
Practice: ARCA Racing Series @ 12:30 pm – 1:55 pm
Practice: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series @ 2:00 pm – 4:25 pm
Qualifying: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series @ 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Qualifying: ARCA Racing Series @ 6:00 pm

Practice: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series @ 9:00 am – 9:50 am
Qualifying: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series @ 10:00 am
Final Practice: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series  @ 11:35 am – 12:25 pm
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Intros @ 12:30 pm – 12:55 pm
Pocono Mountains 150 NASCAR Camping World Series Race 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Modspace 125 ARCA Series Driver Introductions  3:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Modspace 125 ARCA Series Race  @ 3:15 pm
Go Pink Track Walk  @ 6:00 pm

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver Introductions 1:00 pm
Windows 10 400, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race 2 @ 1:30 pm


100 Level ($22.50-$55)
200 Level ($37.50-$85)
300 Level ($150)

All Kids, ages 12 and under, receive FREE ADMISSION on Fridays & Saturdays during our race weekends (they must be accompanied by a paying adult)?
SUNDAY 50% Off Select Tickets for Kids

Jimmie Johnson - NASA Rockets 2 Racecars Q & A

Please pick from the following events or items:
Select a Family 4 Pack for $48, or an Individual Pass for $20. These access passes will provide exclusive entry to the Jimmie Johnson Q & A and NASA Rockets 2 Racecars STEM Program tentatively scehduled for 9:30 am - June 7, 2015 behind the Grandstand in Chalet Village. Regular fees and charges apply. ***A Sunday Grandstand Gate Admission Ticket is still required for regular Gate Admission***
Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 9:30 am

MILITARY DISCOUNT Pocono Raceway proudly salutes our US Military Servicemen and Women. In recognition of your service to our country, we are happy to extend special ticket pricing as a benefit to you and your family.

August $98 Tricky Track Pack BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! Plus, this year we are going to save you an EXTRA buck. Four Concourse tickets, four hot dogs and four 12oz sodas for $98!! Please note, regular fees and delivery charges apply. We can't wait to see you back at the TRICKY TRIANGLE this summer!

Pre-Race Pit/Paddock Pass - 2015

50.00 ALL WEEKEND To enter the Cold Pre-Race Pit Area on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, shirts and pants; dresses; and/or skirts and blouses are required. Shoes are required. The following are permitted: shorts, short sleeve or sleeve-less shirts and blouses, and open-toed shoes. • The Pre-Race pit area opens at 8:00 am on Friday & Saturday and 9:00 am Sunday. A Pre-Race Pit Pass credential is valid for entry to the Pit area. The Pit area will close approximately one hour before the race begins or when deemed necessary by the sanctioning body or track officials (subject to changes without notice.)

FROM Dennis: I wanted to let pass along a great way that I was able to get nearly two dozen autographs at Pocono between this past June and August's races. I bought pit passes with some friends as part of the ticket package and waited in Autograph Alley for the driver's to show up. Yeah, they did raise the price to $50.00, I had to pay for qualifying tickets and wait while the drivers made their runs; but I was rewarded as nearly every driver signed things. Most did so prior to and/or after their qualifying runs depending on how well they did. I know that it's not the best place to see a race, but it's one of the best I've been to to get autographs. I was even able to get Dale Jr., Smoke, Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty and Smoke's autographs.

Hospitality 2015

Tricky Triangle Club $99.00 per person
Matt Kenseth  at 10:00 AM Trevor Bayne at 10:20 AM. Kyle Busch at 10:35

Bud Light Halftime Party Don’t miss the Original Halftime Party at Pocono Raceway this summer for just $19!!!

If you’re 21 and over, join us between lap 60 and lap 120 of our NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. The party will be held inside our Chalet Village, located behind the Grandstand near Gate 8.

Access to the party includes food, soft drinks, two beer tickets, live music and entertainment, bar games, a big screen to watch the race and more!


Small coolers (12"x12") are permitted in the facilty. Backpacks, fanny packs and plastic bags are also premitted. All coolers and bags are subject to search at time of entry into any Pocono Raceway gate. No glass containers of any kind are permitted.


Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)

Reed tries to visit his souvenir trailer at the race track each weekend to sign autographs.  Be sure to stop by the trailer and check for times

Friday, Jul 31
Kevin Harvick Appearance  @ 8:45 am Fanatics’ Trackside Superstore unveiling inside Fan Fair.

11:15 am Ray Black Jr. will make an appearance at the Chevy Stage at the Chevy Display in Fan Fair!

12:00 pm John Hunter Nemechek will make an appearance on the Chevy Stage at the Chevy Display in Fan Fair.

12:15 pm Daniel Hemric will be making an appearance on the Chevy Stage at the Chevy Display in Fan Fair.

12:30 pm – 1:15 pm Stars from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will be signing autographs at the Fan Fair Stage (this is a ticketed area).

These appearances are exclusive to the first 150 people in attendance. Wristband distribution will begin at 8 am at the Flag Pole (this is not a ticketed area).  Drivers Attending:
1. Jennifer Jo Cobb 2. John Hunter Nemechek 3. John Wes Townley 4. Korbin Forrister 5. Kyle Martel 6. Mason Mingus 7. Ray Black Jr. 8. Ryan Ellis 9. Spencer Gallagher 10. Tyler Reddick 11. Tyler Young

3:00 pm Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson and David Gilliland will be signing autographs to fans on the Infield Block Party Stage!  These appearances are only open to camping guests ages 14 and under. One parent per child must attend wristband distribution with child and autograph session. Wristband distribution will begin at 12:00 noon at the Infield Fan Center. This event is limited to the first 125 people in attendance.

8:45 am Spencer Gallagher will make an appearance at the Chevy Stage at the Chevy Display in Fan Fair!

11:00 am
Grant Enfinger will make an appearance on the Chevy Stage at the Chevy Display in Fan Fair!
Sunday, August 2, 2015
Kyle Larson will be making an appearance at the Team Chevy stage.  10:00

Jamie McMurray will be making an appearance at the Team Chevy stage. 9:45



Located on Tunnel Road in our infield, it is home to a live concert stage, the Barley Creek Wiffle Ball Field, kids activities, food, beverages and so much more!

The Infield Block Party is the place to be when the sun goes down at Pocono Raceway. Located on Tunnel Road in our infield, it is home to a live concert stage, the Barley Creek Wiffle Ball Field, kids activities, food, beverages and so much more! Each night the Infield Block Party is open, live bands will play from 6pm to midnight.
This area is open to all Camping (Grandstand, Trackside, and Infield) guests, FREE of charge on Friday and Saturday evening from 5pm to midnight (times are tentative).

*The public is also invited to attend the Infield Block Party on Saturday evenings of our race weekend. For a small donation, fans can enter through our Gate 1 Tunnel.*

Go Pink Track Walk Aug 1

6:00 pm *Note: This begins 30 minutes following the ARCA Race

Bill Martel Racing (BMR) is planning to burn up Pocono Raceway with both tires and sneakers. BMR has committed to racing in the “Pocono Mountains 150” on August 1st – then walking the famed “Tricky Triangle” track for charity.

Fans interested in “Go Pink @ Pocono 4” must pre-register at the Bill Martel Racing Tent located at the Start/Finish Line under the Main Grandstand on Friday, July 31st from NOON to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday, August 1st from 8:00 a.m. until walk. The donation to walk is $10.00 per person & $5.00 for kids 2 to 8. (under 2 free!) A $20.00 donation includes the walk and commemorative tee-shirt, while supplies last. All walkers must sign a waiver. No pets, please.


Fan Fair
Fan Fair is located behind the Grandstands and is FREE to attend. It is open daily, during our respective race weekends, and features our Kids Zone, interactive sponsor display areas, Pocono and driver merchandise haulers and so much more!

Fan Fair opens at 8 am on Fridays, 7 am on Saturdays and 7 am on Sundays, during our race weekends.

Camping Guests can access Fan Fair by taking a shuttle bus (located at our Infield Fan Center off Tunnel Road or Gate 3 for Trackside camping guests) starting daily on race weekends at 8 am and ending approximately one hour after on-track activities.

More information, including display areas and merchandise haulers at each event, will be provided approximately one-to-two weeks before each of our race weekends.

Kid’s Zone
Located in Fan Fair behind the Grandstands.  FREE to all guests and dedicated to our newest fans.  Interactive entertainment that in the past has included NASA, PGA Tour, PNC Bank, Bounce Houses, Face Painting, Jousting and Tricycle Racing.  CHILD ID WRISTBANDS – Visit us for FREE ID wristbands! Safety 1st!

Tunnel Road Midway
Located in the infield on Tunnel Road. Entertainment includes: Friday & Saturday Night Concerts, SPEED Stage, Food, Shopping, Bar, Interactive Displays & the SATURDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS SHOW.

Race Tracks

3.5 Lehigh Valley Quarter Midget Racing Club Long Pond, PA 18334 (570) 646-2298
9.1 Pocono Raceway Pocono Lake, PA 18347 (570) 646-2300
10.3 Borger's Speedway Route 115, Saylorsburg, PA 18353 (570) 992-8131
11.7 Snydersville Raceway 1297 Kroucher Rd, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 619-8452
12.2 Snydersville Raceway Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 424-2373
19.2 Downs at East Stroudsburg 6 Eagles Glenn Mall, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 (570) 426-1818
22.1 Hamlin Speedway Moscow, PA 18444 (570) 689-4177
27.3 Precision Preparation 805 Nazrth Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18017 (610) 614-0747
29.4 Lake Moc-A-Tek Speedway Mocatek Rd, Paupack, PA (570) 226-5602 CAMPING
32.6 Hidden Valley Speedway Mann Road, Pittston, PA 18643 (814) 768-7223
32.6 Downs at Pocono Route 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18701 (570) 825-6681

Mountain Speedway St. Johns, PA Track Phone: (570) 788-7544  Office Phone: (570) 384-3215 Route 924 Humboldt, Hazleton, P.A. 18201

Mahoning Valley Speedway Lehighton, PA Located on Route 443 just south of Lehighton, Track Telephone - (570) 386-4900 Business Phone (570) 386-1225

Greenwood Valley Action Track R.R.#1, Millville, PA 17859 voice: (570) 458-5142
I-80 Exit 34, north on SR 42 to Millville. Right on Hwy 254 east for 4 miles to Oriole Rd. Right on Oriole to the stop sign. Turn right and track is there. CAMPING

Numidia Raceway Catawissa, PA 570.799.0480
I-80 Exit 34. The track is 10 miles south on SR 42, just north of Numidia.

Wall Speedway  -
732-681-6400, 1803 State Route 34, Wall, NJ 07719-9109


The Speed Stage will be set up on the infield at Pocono. Come through the main tunnel.

Amusements and other stuff to do

7.5 miles Camelback Ski Resort Camelback Rd Tannersville PA (570) 629-1661
14.4 Little Coney Island Amuse 1080 W Main St Ste A Stroudsburg PA (570) 420-8240
18.7 Pocono Play Park 11 Shawnee Ave East Stroudsburg PA (570) 688-1448
18.7 John Reiss Amusements Incorporated 1096 Main Rd Lehighton PA (610) 377-2130

Pocono has one of the most accessible pit areas for getting autographs from your favorite drivers. Please remember if you are going into the pits, it is mandatory to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.

The Pocono Mountains are famous for the resorts, natural scenic beauty, 150 lakes including Lake Wallenpaupack, and the quaint, historical towns. Go for a drive and enjoy the beauty.

Lake Wallenpaupack is a man-made lake built in 1927 for hydroelectric power. The lake has huge dimensions -- 5,700 acres, 13 miles long with 52 miles of shoreline. The lake has six recreation areas featuring hundreds of acres of forest lands, wildlife, walking trails, campsites and boat slips.

Steamtown National Historic Site preserves a portion of the steam railroading. You can relive that era at the Steamtown Site. Steamtown National Historic Site is located at the site of the former DL&W main rail yard in downtown Scranton, PA

While in Scranton, visit the Claws and Paws Wild Animal Park. They have animal shows, petting zoos, Dino Digs, and giraffe and parrot feedings. Located Route 590, four miles East of Hamlin

My son, Matt's favorite beer is Yuengling. Visit Yuengling Brewery for a tour. It is the oldest brewery in the U.S. -- family-owned and operated since 1829 in nearby Pottsville.

Into Magic?  Go visit the Houdini Museum in nearby Scranton.   There you will see shows by nationally known magicians Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo. The acts feature live animals and audience participation. While there go on the tour of incredible Houdini collection. 

While in Scranton go to Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour.  Imagine descending 300 feet below the earth's surface to explore abandoned tunnels of rock and coal while learning about life and hard coal times in the Shifting Shanty.  Adjacent to the Coal Mine is the Anthracite Heritage Museum.  The museum tells the story of the people who came from Europe to work in the anthracite mining and textiles industries

If you are interested in nature like I am, in nearby Stroudsburg is Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania's highest waterfall at 165 feet.  Since you are into nature you need to go to Grey Towers, the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the US Forest Service and twice Governor of Pennsylvania.  If it wasn’t for Gifford Pinchot we would not enjoy many of the National Forest that we now have in our country.  House and garden tours are offered every day from Memorial Day weekend through October 31.

How about a day trip to Philadelphia?  So much to see like The Betsy Ross House. This historic house and gravesite of the famous Pennsylvanian woman who made the American flag offers much more than a self guided walking tour; it is educational and entertaining.  There are many museums in Philly like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the third largest art museum in the United States and one of the greatest museums of the world, this museum showcase over 2,000 years of human creativity.  No trip to Philly would be complete without a trip to 9th street, home of the “Cheese Steak Subs.”  Located at the base of the Italian Market in South Philadelphia are Pat's King of Steaks and Geno's Steaks, both which were featured on the Food Network.  I can testify to the greatness of Pat’s Steak Sandwiches.  After eating the Best Steak Sandwich in the world wander thru the Italian Market.  It is great fun.

Pocono is roughly 4 hours from New York City…one of the most exciting cities in the world.  On a day trip you can see the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Yankee Stadium, home of my husband’s beloved Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park and world famous museums like Guggenheim Museum. WHEW…I can see why New York is the city that never sleeps!  A day trip would never cover what you can do while in New York City


Guest Information Booths are strategically located for your convenience under the Grandstands
and in the Paddock Area. Security is located at each of these Booths to offer assistance concerning Raceway activities, guest amenities, access to disabled assistance carts and directions to various areas of the Raceway. Event Staff wear colored vests with numbers. For assistance, contact these individuals.• For ticket, seating or ticket problem questions proceed to the Main Ticket Booth at Gate #8.• Gate #8 Ticket Booth is open Friday and Saturday at 8 am and Sunday at 9 am. • The Raceway’s Main Office is located on Long Pond Road.

FIRST AID - First Aid Stations are located through out the Raceway. The Main First Aid Center is located inside the Paddock Area. A First Aid Center on the Grandstand side is located at Gate #11 and the Infield First Aid Center is on Tunnel Road at the Infield Fan Center. See map on Page 34-35 for First Aid Center locations or stop by the nearest Guest Information Booth for directions.

Lost And Found/Party Separation Report the lost item to one of the Guest Information Booths. If the item is not returned to you on Race Day, contact the Track Services Department at 570-643-7118. If a guest has lost a member of his/her party, they may contact a Raceway Representative or call 570-643-7184 and efforts will be made to rejoin them.

Raceway Main Ticket Office Open Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Open weekends prior to each race from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM Tickets are available Race Weekend at Gate #8 Main Ticket Booth beginning 8 am

WILL CALL WINDOWS - Will Call is for pick up of all pre-paid tickets not received or shipped prior to Race Day. Will Call is open daily Monday through Saturday of Race Week at 8:30 am at the Main Ticket Office on Long Pond Road outside the Raceway near Gate #1 Earnhardt Road. On Sunday of Race Week, Will Call is located at the Ticket Booth at Gate #8. • The account holder will be required to show a photo ID in order to pick-up their tickets. If the account holder is unable to pick them up, they will need to submit a permission letter giving someone else the authority to pick up their tickets. That person must show their photo ID and a photo copy of the account holder’s photo ID to pick up the tickets and sign for their tickets. A signature will be required to pick up all Will Call tickets.•

GATE OPENING TIMES - All Grandstand Gates open at 8 am on Friday and Saturday
and 9 am Sunday of Race Weekend (subject to change without notice).

Guests with Disabilities

If you have any questions about the disabilities services or other fan amenities that the Raceway provides, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff, visit our Guest Information Booths located throughout Raceway property during events or call our office at 1-800-RACEWAY (1-800-722-3929 or 1-570-646-2300).
WHEELCHAIRS Guests may bring their own wheelchairs and ECV’s for personal use while visiting the Raceway. Please use Wheelchair Access Areas with Wheelchair Seating ticket.
TICKETS FOR GUESTS WITH DISABILITIES Accessible seating with companion seating is available at Pocono Raceway. Wheelchair patrons must use Wheelchair Access Areas. Please contact the Pocono Raceway Ticket Office for Ticket Information.
DISABLED ACCESSIBLE PARKING INFORMATION • An authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate is required to park in designated Disabled Accessible Areas. The person to/for whom the pass was issued must be in the vehicle.
• Special Enforcement Advisory: In Pennsylvania any person who fraudulently obtains or unlawfully displays a Disabled Parking Pass Permit that belongs to another person, while the owner of the permit is not being transported in the vehicle or who uses an unauthorized replica of a Disabled Parking Permit with intent to deceive, is in violation of PA Vehicle Code 3354E. Persons found guilty may be punishable with a fine up to $200.00. Please be advised that this law will be enforced.
• Please note that Reserved Wheelchair Parking is located directly behind the Main Grandstands. It is the only guaranteed Reserved Wheelchair Parking at the facility. The Reserved Wheelchair Parking spaces are guaranteed reserved parking spaces that are available at no charge for guests who purchase accessible wheelchair seating in the Grandstands. Placard and Plate Accessible spaces, located behind the Main Grandstands are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Disabled Raceway guests without Reserved Disabled Parking Passes will be directed
to park in the Disabled Accessible section of the Disabled Parking Lot. If at any time the Parking Lot attendants are directing you away from the Disabled Parking Lot, please inform them that you need to be directed to the Disabled Parking Lot. • Disabled Accessible (Plate or Placard) Parking Areas are designated for car and light truck (i.e. pickups) vehicles. Oversize vehicles, i.e., RV’s will be directed to alternate areas.
• The size of the Raceway and the Race Day traffic patterns may impact your parking location. All of the Raceway’s parking areas are free of charge. Raceway parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.
• Disabled Accessible Parking Areas fill quickly. Raceway guests with disabilities are advised to arrive extremely early on Race days.
DISABILITIES ASSISTANCE CARTS• Golf carts are available in the Disabled Parking Area to transport Disabled guests to the Grandstand area. Golf Carts can be accessed through the Guest Information Booths by contacting one of our Track Security members, who are outfitted in colored vests with numbers or any radio equipped Raceway Staff member.• Guests should expect delays during peak times.
• To service all guests in need of this free service in a timely manner, use of these carts is restricted to the disabled guest and one companion or family member at peak times.For more information about the Raceway’s Disabilities Services, contact a Raceway Staff member by calling our Ticket Office at 1-800-RACEWAY (1-800-722-3929) or 1-570-646-2300 or visit the Guest Information Booths located throughout the Raceway.
We understand that some guests have issues with stamina and are limited in the distance they can walk. Since the Raceway covers several hundred acres and has plenty of activities to experience, we suggest that these guests bring a wheelchair or walker, if needed. Due to insurance reasons, our Golf Carts are not permitted into the general parking lot once the race is over and the traffic is outbound.

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