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PREVIEW - Richmond International Raceway
The Action Track
602 E. Laburnum Avenue,  Richmond, VA 23222
Phone: 804-228-7500 Tickets: 804-345-7223 (RACE)

For traffic congestion updates go to


Directions and Traffic Info 2015
raceday traffic 1140 AM

As I always suggest have a detailed map of area.  There are many streets around the raceway. Many of them cut thru to interstates & main highways. 
UPDATE FROM US:  DETAILED MAP, DETAILED MAP AND DETAILED MAP!  This place has a million roads that zig zag away from the track.  It is smack dab in the middle of a residential area.  Make sure you have one.  Traffic was bad when we arrived and if not for Recon Mama Bubbate they would have funneled us completely around the speedway from Laburnum to Carolina for us to get to a road 1 block off Laburnum.  Around our elbows to get to our assholes instead we zoomed into the McDonalds parking lot and got onto Meadowbrook which enabled us to go straight on Richmond - Henrico. 

FROM ROB L: I found the easiest way of getting to the track is find one of the many satilite parking lots that the city buses from.  They drop you off at the front gate, which is still close to a mile walk, but the bus traffic is quick, easy and fast.

UPDATE FROM AL N: Do NOT use Meadowbridge exit on Cup raceday.  This can back up mies and miles from the track.  Meadowbridge can be a parking lot as early as 8:30 AM in my experience.  - If you want to park on the backstretch and it is before say 10 you have a shot - get off 295 to 95 S and then off 95 S  on Chamberlyne and then to azalea.  this can backup quite a bit but much more passable being two lanes in each direction. - if you come later - say 11, noon, maybe 1, 1:30 would the latest I have had any success there - and then only in September (May tends to be slightly busier) - you might get some parking near the front stretch traffic gate 4.  They shut this down I think sometime in the AM to let the parking situation settle a bit, but several times when I went "late" I was able to get in this gate, one time last September we had to park on the asphault area by the warehouse buildings just outside the track gate - not that much extra walk , and there was a Go Kart track in operation besides!  lots of fun but more tiring than you might think!  to get to gate 4 - DO NOT come up Laburnum from 95 or 64.. Come at it from 360, take 295 to 360 and go around - it is several miles out of your way but the traffic at least moves.

***IMPORTANT TRAFFIC UPDATE***: For the upcoming NASCAR races at Richmond International Raceway, all races fans should be aware that there will be no RV parking or parking of any kind in the warehouse parking lots and IRS building along Carolina Avenue, near the race track. Carolina Avenue is a short road on the northeast side of the race track that connects Meadowbridge Road to Laburnum Avenue. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that any fans who do not hold a reserved space for their RVs, or who are accustomed to parking their cars in one of these lots, please access the Richmond International Raceway property via Meadowbridge Road to park their vehicles.

From the North:
Travel I-95 to Exit 82, take Chamberlayne Avenue (301), turn left at third traffic light onto Azalea Avenue, follow signs (2.5 miles). OR Travel I-95 to Exit 84A onto I-295 South. Follow I-295 to Exit 38-B - Meadowbridge Road. Travel Meadowbridge Road approximately five miles; the entrances will be on the left.

From the South:
Travel I-95 to Exit 82 (DO NOT TAKE FAIRGROUND EXIT 76-A), at end of exit ramp turn right on Chamberlayne Avenue (301), at a second traffic light turn left onto Azalea Avenue, follow signs (2.5 miles). OR Travel I-95 to Exit 45 onto I-295 North. Follow I-295 to Exit 38-B - Meadowbridge Road. Travel Meadowbridge Road approximately five miles; the entrances will be on the left.

From the West:
Travel I-64 east to Exit 186, turn left at end of exit ramp onto Laburnum Avenue, follow Laburnum about 2 miles to Richmond Raceway Complex. OR Travel I-64 to Exit 177 onto I-295. Follow I-296 to Exit 38-B - Meadowbridge Road. Travel Meadowbridge Road approximately five miles; the entrances will be on the left.

From the East:
Travel I-64 west to Exit 195, turn right at end of exit ramp onto Laburnum Avenue, about five miles to Richmond Raceway Complex. OR Travel I-64 West to Exit 200 onto I-295 North. Follow I-295 to Exit 38-B - Meadowbridge Road. Travel Meadowbridge Road approximately five miles; the entrances will be on the left.

NOTE: If you are traveling on race day, your route may be re-directed as you get closer to track due to the race day traffic pattern.

See the map here

Park and Ride from the Richmond Coliseum FREE SHUTTLE 2015

The Richmond Coliseum parking area at North 7th Street in downtown Richmond will be open and offering free shuttle rides to fans beginning at 1:00pm on NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race days. The shuttle service back to the Coliseum parking area resumes immediately after the conclusion of the Sprint Cup Series race from the track's main entrance at the corner of Laburnum Avenue and Richmond-Henrico Turnpike. The shuttle is free but a $6 parking fee applies at the Coliseum lot, which is conveniently located less than five minutes from the intersections of I-95 and I-64.

Richmond International Raceway Parking Info

Automobile parking is FREE at Richmond International Raceway.  Parking lot gates open at 7 a.m. on race days. Trams operate continuously from Lot H and Lot J on Friday and Saturday of race weekend starting at approximately 9:00 a.m.

Vehicles remaining in the RIR parking lots three hours after the conclusion of on-track activities on Friday nights will be towed at the owner's expense.  Overnight automobile parking on RIR property is prohibited prior to and including Friday of race week.  The only exceptions are designated paid overnight parking areas for oversized vehicles, RVs and motorcoaches.

If you do not mind paying, park on a lawn in the neighborhood outside of Gate 9. Many of the residents who live on the roads that run off Henrico Richmond Turnpike: Oronoco Avenue, Greenbrier Avenue, Engleside Drive and Alba Street -- allow parking and camping in their yards. There are places right on Richmond-Henrico Turnpike, but those are higher priced.  Off Laburnum Avenue, there are a couple of streets that have camping and parking too: Florida, Walnut and Carolina.  Prices range from $25 to $45 for parking and $100 and up for camping.

From Lisa: If you are going to Richmond- you should know that there is NO shuttle from Lot G.  At all.  You will have to walk a long way down a steep hill and then all the way back up the other side of the fence to get a shuttle bus.  This was a really really long hot walk.  It is the only lot without a bus as far as I know (because it's the only one I ever parked in!)

FROM GINO, ALLENTOWN PA: Parking-we arrived at the track at 12 noon on saturday.....The race is at 7pm and there was NO place to park anywhere near this facility! You will sit in traffic for hours trying to get parked and they send you on a never ending loop around this track! If you do not mind paying $$ ($25 to $45) to park on a neighbors lawn then its ok to sit in the traffic. If not - DO NOT approach this raceway on any of the major roads leading to it as there is NO PLACE TO PARK INSIDE! They led us on a loop that was 2 miles away and then they park you in a field, fully expecting you to hike to this raceway and back again after the race! The roads leading to it are dangerous to walk on as there is no place to walk other then on the street. Traffic is a nighmare! Paying the neighbors really is the only way to go. If you arrive at a normal human time...around 4 or 5 pm.... for this night race, you will NOT have that to fall back on as all the neighbors parking places nearby will be gone! Park where they tell you too at that point.


In a continuing effort to improve the event experience for all of our fans who park on Richmond International Raceway property, tailgating for our NASCAR Winston Cup events will be limited to the area directly in front of or behind each vehicle and must not take up any additional parking spaces. The Henrico County Police will assist Richmond International Raceway with monitoring this plan on all NASCAR Winston Cup Series race days. In addition, tailgating is not allowed in Lots A, B or the Club VIP Parking.

RV and Vehicles-with-Tow-Behind-Trailers Parking Policy

The following DOES NOT apply to guests in the Main and Laburnum campgrounds or those guests in the Specialty Vehicle Lot.

Note: To improve traffic flow beginning with the upcoming Chevy Rock & Roll 400 weekend (September 9-11) all RV parking and parking for any vehicles with tow behind trailers will be permitted in LOT J ONLY (Thursday-Saturday). Lot J can be accessed off of Meadowbridge Road (see Map section on, then view Area Map for exact location of Lot J).

No RV's or vehicles with tow behind trailers will be permitted to park in Lots A, B, C, D, F, G or H. Please also note that the following overnight parking policy will be enforced in all lots including Lot J (vehicles remaining in the parking lots 2 (two) hours after the conclusion of on-track activities on Thursday and Friday night will be towed at the owner's expense).

For quick entry into the lot, please hang your handicapped parking permit on your rearview mirror before you arrive at RIR.

Please clearly display your handicapped parking permit.
Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis at Gates 2, 4, 6, and the Service Gate.
Preferred Routes:
Laburnum Avenue West via 360: turn right into Gate 2.
Laburnum Avenue East: turn left into Gate 2.
Laburnum Avenue West via 360: turn right into Gate 4.
Laburnum Avenue East: turn left into Gate 4.
From 295: Meadowbridge Road, turn left on Carolina Avenue, turn right into Gate 6.   From Laburnum Avenue via 360: turn right on Carolina Avenue, turn left into Gate 6.
Laburnum Avenue West via 360: turn right onto Richmond-Henrico Tpk then right into the Service Gate.
Laburnum Avenue East: turn left onto Richmond-Henrico Tpk then right into the Service Gate.
From 295: Meadowbridge Road/Richmond-Henrico Tpk, turn left into the Service Gate.
If you park in an ADA lot, you are only allowed to occupy one space for your use.
Depending on your time of arrival, you may be directed to an alternate handicapped parking in one of our satellite lots if the parking lots closest to the track become full.

Guests CANNOT use a handicapped parking permit unless the person to whom it is issued is the driver of or passenger in your vehicle.
A valid photo ID will be required for entry into the ADA lots.
Please call the ticket office at 866-455-RACE with any questions.


I have been to four races at Richmond and have yet to be able to sit in the seat number on my ticket.  There are bench seats and there is a HUGE problem with extra people sitting in a row they do not have a ticket for.  Many people emailed me about this problem long before I ever went to RIR.  AND THEY ARE RIGHT! Forget trying to get some one to help you that works there.  This is such a bad problem that our buddy Navy Paul brings a tape measure to ensure he gets his 18 inches of seating space!  You simply have to get to your seat EARLY to make sure you get your seat.  Even getting there 45 minutes before green flag one year, I could not even see the number of my seat. The guy next to me moved over about 2 inches but the entire row wouldn't move.  I had a seat cushion and could not put it in the space I was supposed to sit!  Thank God there were 3 empty seats above our row which I sat in...the guy next to me in that row told me they were his buddies and they weren't coming so I could sit there.

Something else I HATE at RIR that I have NEVER experienced at any other track....a waterfall through the grandstands.  BEFORE THE RACE EVEN BEGINS!!!!!  Make sure you keep an eye above you when walking underneath the bleachers.  These are cheaply constructed grandstands and it is like some one is dumping out a 5 gallon bucket of water! 

There is a serious lack of restrooms on the backstretch.  The ones I went into on the frontstretch were a joke.  My local track had better rest rooms.


4:05 PMNASCAR K&N Pro Series East Qualifying
6:40 PM      UNOH 100 K&N Pro Series East Race (100 laps, 75 miles)

10:00 AM  NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Practice
1:00 PM    NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Final Practice
3:45 PM    NBC 12 NASCAR XFINITY Series Pole Qualifying
5:45 PM    Depart of Veterans Affairs NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pole Qualifying
7:30 PM    Virginia529 College Savings 250 XFINITY Race (250 laps, 187.5 miles)

7:00 PM      Driver Introduction Passes allowed on track
7:30 PMFederated Auto Parts 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race
(400 laps, 300 miles)
11:30 PM     Post Race Party presented by Outback

TICKETS, Deals & Packages 2015

Advance tickets start at $35  Click here
Kids  12 & younger feel the thrill and excitement of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at $25 off the adult ticket price in EVERY grandstand!
Kids 12 & younger are admitted FREE with a ticketed adult in general admission seats on Friday nights.

$65 FanVision Ticket Package*:
     - Ticket in the Sprint or Commonwealth section (Rows 1-5)
     - FanVision Controller and headset rental

$95 Outback Steakhouse Ticket Package*:
     - Two tickets in the Henrico section (Rows 11-25)
     - $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card

$169 Papa John's 4-Pack*:
     - Four tickets in the Old Dominion section
     - Four large slices of Papa John's pizza
     - Four Coca-Cola beverages (soda or water)

SEPT RIR 2-DAY SAME SEAT PKG September 11-12, 2015
$120.00 - $145.00 Premier seating in the Commonwealth Tower Grandstand with the same seat for both the Xfinity and Cup events.  Individual seats with armrests.  Kid's pricing is available.

2015 SEPT RIR TICKET AND SCANNER PKG September 12, 2015
$50.00 - $50.00 This package consists of a reserved grandstand seat for the September 12, 2015 FEDERATED AUTO PARTS 400 NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES and rental of one scanner with headset from Racing Electronics.  Grandstand seating options for this package are in the Veranda Grandstand (turn 1), Rows A-10 and the  Dogwood Grandstand (turn 2), Rows 1-10.  This package is good for Saturday, September 12th only.

2015 SEPT RIR 2 FOR $89 TICKET PACKAGE September 12, 2015
$89.00 - $89.00 This package contains two tickets for the FEDERATED AUTO PARTS 400 NSCS on Saturday, September 12, 2015.   Tickets are located in Rows 1 thru 5 of either the Sprint or Commonwealth Grandstands on the frontstretch.  Package is valued at $120.

$24.00 - $48.00 Package consists of the following:
Ticket to the Federated Auto Parts 400 on September 12th in the Commonwealth Grandstand, Rows 1 - 5.
15-minute Q and A appearance by Jimmie Johnson on race day   ( Richmond Room, level 2 of Main Expo Hall)
NASA Rockets 2 Racecars STEM Education hands-on activities geared toward youth attendees
12-page youth activity booklet  (while supplies last)

Student Special  MORE
NEW for 2015 kick your weekend off right with the Virginia529 College Savings 250 and watch the series where legends are born for only $10.

Buy THREE (3) student tickets at $19 each and get ONE for free! That’s a total package of FOUR tickets* for just $57!
*Race tickets are in the Henrico Grandstand, rows 11 through 25

MILITARY DEAL Purchase a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ticket and get:
Complimentary Military Appreciation Pre-Race Pit Pass*.
Complimentary Access to the Military Appreciation Hospitality Area
NASCAR XFINITY Series Offer:  $10 General Admission ticket MORE



FRIDAY: Pre-Race Pit Passes $50.00

Fan Hospitality 2015


Appearances are posted from a week before race day up until a few days before.  Many times there isn't advanced notice, go by the souvenir haulers and look for the signs. (Go on Friday if possible)

5:05 PM Join the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East field for the NASCAR K&N Series Autograph Session outside of Gate 40*

1:35 PM Bubba Wallace Q&A in TORQUE Club *

2:00 PM  Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, Ty Dillon, Daniel Suarez, Regan Smith, and Ryan Reed at the NASCAR XFINITY Series Autograph Session in the Amphitheater **

Jeff Gordon will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.  4:00

Martin Truex, Jr will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.  3:15

Ty Dillon will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.  1:40 pm

2:15 PM  Joey Logano Q&A in the Driver's Meeting Tent*
4:00 PM   Michael McDowell Q&A and Autographs in Virginia529 Kids Zone

4:10 PM    Ryan Newman Q&A in 3-Wide Fan Hospitality *

4:45 PM    Jimmie Johnson Q&A in Richmond Room *

TBD  Richard Childress Q&A in 3-Wide Fan Hospitality *

TBD Kurt Busch Q&A in TORQUE Club *

TBD Kurt Busch Q&A in Pit Stop Club *

Kurt Busch & Justin Allgaier will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.
3:30 pm

Danica Patrick & Tony Stewart will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.
4:40 pm

Denny Hamlin will be doing a Q&A at the Toyota Pitpass display  4:10

Dale Jr & Kasey Kahne will be doing a Q&A at the Team Chevy display.  5:00

Joey Logano Q&A at the LASIK Vision in the Midway display 4:05


Race Day Ride Alongs

DATE:Saturday, September 12, 2015
WHEN:8:30 am -11:00 am
*Race Tickets are required to enter the infield for Race Day Rides
*All Participants need to be 18 years old or older. 16 and 17 years old need to be accompanied by a parent

Turn 3 Fun Zone 2015

The Gwaltney Turn 3 Fun Zone will again be open during race weekend featuring games and prizes, exclusive Gwaltney concessions, and a 47-foot tall Ferris wheel located right next to the 3/4-mile “Action Track.” The Ferris wheel will be FREE to all ticketholders, although optional donations from riders will be accepted. All proceeds from these donations will benefit Victory Junction, a camp for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses in North Carolina founded by the Petty family.

Other Stuff to do:

Popular destinations are the Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom historic areas where you'll find restaurants, items of cultural interest, historic architecture, shopping, dining and entertainment on cobblestone paved streets between 12th and 14th street by the river.

Many of the museums located on or near the Boulevard in the Region's Fan District are within walking distance of each other. Walk through 400 years of history at the Virginia Historical Society. For the young at heart, follow your shadow at the Children's Museum of Richmond or go to the neighboring Science Museum of Virginia.

Even if you're not a Civil War buff, a visit to the Richmond Region wouldn't be complete without a tour of the Museum and White House of the Confederacy.  The American Civil War Center interweaves the Union, Confederate and African American stories of the Civil War in a national context.


An Exciting Ministry To Racing Fans!
Serving fans at two sites:
1) Guest Services Site outside Gate 50 on way to Lot F
2) Guest Services Site outside Gate 40
Weekend events include:
• Daily concerts
• Clowns and puppet shows
• Cup of cold water
• Homemade cookies
• Driver collector cards
• Race cars on display
• Matchbox derby race for kids
• Games for all ages
• Race trivia and other literature
• Worship services for all fans
Chaplain Encouragers are on duty each race day. For information call 804-306-1604.


Fans may enter Richmond International Raceway with:
Fans may continue to bring their own food and beverage inside the gates at Richmond International Raceway. The new maximum allowed cooler size is 14x14x14 inches – large enough for 36 12-oz beverages.  
·         Backpack Policy Guests may carry in their items in backpacks or daypacks similar to those used by school kids. Each guest is allowed to carry in one backpack.   
• This one bag may be carried in any manner, i.e. by handle, with shoulder straps, on a belt, etc.
• The soft side insulated cooler may contain ice.
• One clear plastic bag, no larger than 18 x 18 x 4 inches.
• Clear plastic bags may not contain ice.


From the general parking area outside Gate 60 to the infield and return. (Requires infield access credentials.)
• From Lots H and J to the tram station located just outside Gate 60. (Post-race this tram will operate starting 60 minutes after the end of the race.)
• Bus shuttle from Lot G to the Main Entrance of Richmond International Raceway, at the corner of Laburnum Avenue and Richmond-Henrico Turnpike.

Guest Information Booth locations

Here is where they are located BUT these were the most useless people I have ever met.  I had my own map and 2 of them could not even tell me the grandstand we were in front of.

• Outside Grandstand Gate 40.
• Outside Grandstand Gate 70 (near handicap parking).
• Outside Gate 60, near the tram plaza.
• Outside the Main Ticket Office.
•Between the Cintas Pit Stop Club and Fan Fest presented by Chevrolet.
• Between parking Gate 4 and the vendor display area.
• Commonwealth Mall area (adjacent to amphitheater).
• Commonwealth Tower area.

Will Call
Race Weekend Will Call is located at the ticket windows at the entrance to the Commonwealth Mall on race weekends, which is adjacent to Lot D and the amphitheater.


• ADA/handicapped parking is available in 3 parking lots on a first come, first serve basis. (Please see map on pages 30-31 for exact locations.) These lots may be accessed by using roadway gates 2, 4, 6 and the service gate.
• A state issued disabled license plate or windshield hanging credential must be displayed to access ADA/handicapped parking areas. (The person to whom the pass is issued must be present in the car and ID will be required.)
• Depending on your time of arrival, you may be directed to alternate handicapped parking in one of our satellite lots, as all lots are available on a first come, first serve basis until they are full.
• Please see the following “Transportation” section for information on assistance available from our parking areas upon your arrival.

Pre-race-disabled assistance carts transport from the following locations to the nearest ticket admissions gate or to locations near souvenir trailers  and vendor displays:
• Guest Information Booths
- Outside Grandstand Gate 70 (near handicapped parking).
- Outside Gate 60.
- Outside .Grandstand .Gate .40.
- Between parking Gate 4 and the vendor display area.
- Outside the Main Ticket Office.
- Between the Cintas Pit Stop Club & Fan Fest presented by Chevrolet.
- Commonwealth Mall Area (adjacent to amphitheater).
• Pick Up Bench Locations
-Inside Gate 2.
-Inside Gate 4.

Post-race-disabled assistance carts transport from the following signed, dedicated locations to parking lots A, B, C, D & F:
• Gate 30 • Gate 40 • Gate 80
• Gate 60 • Gate 70

• Accessible restroom locations equipped for handicapped access are located throughout the grandstands and facility grounds.
• Family unisex restrooms are located in the Dogwood Tower and Veranda grandstands.


The Speed Stage at Richmond International Raceway is outside the track...behind the Main Grandstand, next to the Amphitheater, behind the FOX TV compound.

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