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Tailgating Games

While tailgating you need games to play.  Below are the instructions for building and rules for playing a few of our favorite games.


They call it redneck horseshoes BUT I have my own idea where this game came from.  Some Bubba in the Talladega infield forgot to bring the horseshoes.  His buddies were giving him hell.  Since it isn’t a race weekend for some people unless they are playing horse shoes, this smart ole Bubba improvised.  He had plywood left over from his platform he built to see the race.  Of course he had the drill, saw, nails, screws and washers he needed with him.  You see, you have to fit under the tunnel to get in the infield, so he had to build his race platform after he got inside the track. Added some astro-turf so the washers would grip better and Viola Redneck Horse shoes!

I received an E-Mail from Mark R.  He was building a washers set and wanted to let me know something.  Here's his story:

I was talking with my Dad on fathers day morning before the race, he asked what I was doing.  So I told him.  I had just finished off my Washers game/set/course (what the heck do you call the thing) and was brushing off the saw dust and decided to give him his call for the day.  He whipped back with"where the heck did you hear about playing washers?"  So I told him it was a very popular NASCAR fan's game and that there was even talk that it was invented by a forlorn NASCAR fan who forget the horseshoes at a race...... "Nope, no way, no how" he shot back.  "I used to play that game as a kid in the mining camp where I was born" was his next statement.  My jaw about hit the floor.  I just had to quiz him, as all good sons do, so I asked how he played it.  Short of the
scoring system and the size of the washers, his version was identical.  I was dumb founded and at the same time humbled.

However this game originated, all who see it want to play.  We have found over the last few years that rules vary a little from camp site to camp sites.  I think it is like house rules for pool at the local bar.  

To Build:

To setup the board.
Simply place the boards the length on the rope apart on level ground.
(In case it ever comes undone, the distance is ten feet.)

For 2-4 Players
2 players = toss from the same end
4 players = teammates toss from opposite ends (2 teams of 2)
Each player must throw their respective washers with both feet on the washer board

How to Determine Who Throws First:  Previous winner goes first, or flip a coin if it's the first game of the day.

Basic Rules: 3 tosses per player, per turn. First player throws all three washers and then next player throws all three.
The closest hole to the rope is worth one (1) point, the middle hole is worth three (3) points, and the furthest hole is worth five (5) points. Washers must drop into the hole completely to score. A thrown washer from either player can knock washers on the board in a hole. It is important to remember whose washers are on the board in case of a knock-in throw. (Using a permanent marker write an A on both sides of 3 washers.  Then write a B on both sides of 3 washers.  This way you will know which ones belongs to who after you throw them.  If you are race fans use the driver’s car numbers!) The owner of the knocked-in washer receives the applicable score for the hole into which it was knocked.

The first team that reaches the score of exactly 21 without going over wins the game. * If you go over 21 points, you must subtract points from your last turn (score). For example, if you have 17 points and score 6 points, you'll have 11 points (17-6=11).

Canceling Points
After a player has thrown three washers for their turn, the other player has the opportunity to cancel out the opponent's score.

For example, if Player A throws a washer in the first hole for 1 point, the middle hole for 3 points, and then misses the third shot, the score would be 4 points for Player A. However, the opposition, Player B, has a chance to cancel points from Player A's total during this round. If Player B throws a washer in the first hole for 1 point and the last hole for 5 points, and then misses the third shot, the score of the first round would be 5 to 3 in favor of Player B because the washers that landed in the first hole for one point cancelled each other out.

The cancel rule is counted only for turns in the same round. Both players must throw all their washers for a complete round.

Throwing Tip: Throw the washer so it slides along the board.  That way it is less like to bounce off.

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