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How came to be

Whenever we would return from a race, the first thing I would hear is "tell us the stories". Even my friends who have no clue what banking, drafting, qualifying or race ready means wanted to hear race fan stories.  If you are a real race fan, you know what I mean by race fan stories.  We all have them and tell them over and over, year after year, while we are tailgating around the track.  They are as interwoven in our weekends as much as the race itself.  Some stories are older then members of your group. Some were born on the trip to the track on the same weekend you tell the story.  Some stories are about people you have been racing with for over 20 years. Some are about people you don't know and will never see again.  The common element is they are all about the fans.

One day a friend of my suggested that I write a book about all the race fan stories that we tell or have heard over the years.  After being laid off from my job of three years, I had the time on my hands to begin this endeavor.  LAIDBACKRACING.COM is the result.  While we started out to simply collect stories and recipes for a book, the website took on a life of it's own.  We realized that much of the information we have obtained from our years of chasin' racin' was invaluable to the new race fan and even for the long time fan going to a track for the first time. 

I started the site right before the 2003 season.  We started with 5 pages and have grown to over 300 pages with many more added every week.  This site is all about the most important part of motor sports...THE RACE FAN. 

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Our sport's history is extremely colorful & important.  The "suits" would like to sweep it under the carpet but we won't let them.  To see a story from the Ole Days click The Ole Days.


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You have to know what you are in for when you are going to spend the whole weekend at the track. What are the camping conditions, weather, directions?  Where are the local tracks, golf courses, bars?  During race season, Race Recon is where you need to click for this information, as well as track information including seating, best seat, ticket packages, concession review and more.  When the series is at a track that we have been to, we will give you our viewpoint of the track.  Please email Race Mama JoAnn here if  you would like to give us your opinions & information about tracks that you frequent.  What will we need to be comfortable, happy and have fun at the track? Click Race Ready which is invaluable source for what you need to do even before you go to the track.  We have been to 12 of the tracks so far and are working on the rest.  

As you see by our mission statement at the top of the page; 
We attend between 8 and 10 races a year.  No we are not rich.  We give up other activities so we can go to the races.  We only upgraded from tents to a motor home a few years ago.  I love our Race Wagon and would not trade it.  HOWEVER if you look for us at the track, look for us either in the oldest & smallest Tioga Arrow or  "Da Small Bus".  We will be the ones having all the fun.  UPDATE 2006:  The racin' gods have smiled on us and we are now the proud owners of a much bigger, newer and nicer RV but we are still just a bunch of bubbas!

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Jo Ann & Jimmy Hlavac & Frankie Meadows
AKA Queen Bubbate & Both Bubbas     
Laidback Racing has over 87 combined years of tailgating experience at 100's of races!